Tuesday, 26 January 2010

If You Love Your Children...

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What are YOU doing to protect your kids against Islam?

If you love your children, spare a couple of minutes to read this and help prevent them living in a nightmare future.

If current trends continue, Britain and most of continental Europe will be dominated by Islam within 40 years. Those of us who are middle-aged or older may not be around to experience it, but our unfortunate children and grandchildren will have to suffer the horrors of being a minority in a Muslim-majority country.

Islamic pedophile child abduction and gang-rape is a tactic of sexual jihad and is being increasing used against infidel children in Western countries.

Muslim population explosion double whammy
Muslims are immigrating at all-time record rates, and are having huge families, typically 8 to 12 children, as against two for the average European. This is causing massive problems in already overcrowded countries such as Britain. There are severe housing shortages for native Britons (Muslims get priority for public housing because of their enormous families) and services such as health and education are deteriorating under the strain. The countryside is being concreted over at an alarming rate, resulting in a general loss of quality of life and national heritage.

No peace with Islam
Muslims have made it quite clear that they are breeding with the intention of taking over the country. Islam pretends to be a religion, but is actually a criminal organisation. Mohammed told Muslims that the world belongs to them, and murdering, robbing and raping non-Muslims is OK if done for the benefit of Islam.

Hatred of non-Muslims is an essential part of Islam. Muslim children are taught from infancy that non-Muslims are 'najis kafirs', which means filthy infidels. Consequently, when Muslims get the upper hand they persecute, humiliate, rape and murder the non-Muslims. This is happening in Muslim-majority Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt where Christians are being burned alive and their children raped with impunity, and it is also beginning to happen in our own inner cities where there are no-go areas for non-Muslims. Remember, Egypt and Iraq were once predominantly Christian countries.

Low level jihad
Where Muslims are in the majority in European cities they are already giving us a taste of what is to come. Wherever possible they try to dominate public space to mark their newly conquered territory.

Attacks by adult Muslims on 'kuffar' (non-Muslim) children are becoming commonplace. Boys are attacked by feral packs of Muslim youths and men, often with horrific sadism such as castration and burning alive. Girls are being intimidated into having sex with organised gangs of Muslim pedophiles.

Islam can never change.
Muslims believe that the Koran is the unchangeable and unchallengeable word of God. It is a hate-filled rant which instructs Muslims to kill, enslave and humiliate non-Muslims. There is no possibility of reforming Islam or producing a moderate form of Islam, because large passages of the Koran would have to be erased. Tampering with the Koran is blasphemy and Muslims punish it with death. The instructions to murder and rape infidels are just as valid now as the day they were written.

Since Islam cannot be modernised, the Muslims are attempting to Islamise modernity. This requires spreading Islam in the West and simultaneously preventing any criticism of the cult by intimidation and PC legislation to curtail freedom of expression.

Giving into their demands won't save us
Muslims believe that the Earth and everything on it belongs to them, and non-Muslims should only possess property with the permission of Muslims. Consequently, all their ever-growing demands are just taking what is rightfully theirs in the first place, and the infidels can expect no thanks for giving it to them.

Living with Islam is about give and take - we give, they take.

Moral equivalence is moral cowardice.
Those people who use the 'moral equivalence argument' to compare Islam with other religions need to examine their own subconscious psychological motives. They are not only attempting to delude others, but are in deep denial and trying to delude themselves.

The conscious part of the argument takes the form "Christians and Jews have committed atrocities such as the McVeigh, Breivik and King David Hotel bombings, so Christianity and Judaism are just the same as Islam. Therefore Islam poses no special threat."

The fallacies are obvious: Christian and Jewish acts of terrorism are rare and infrequent; they are rejected by the majority of followers of the religions, go against the core teachings of the religions, and are committed by a few isolated loonies. In contrast, Islamic acts of terrorism are commonplace, are encouraged by the Koran and are supported, if not actually carried out, by a substantial proportion of Muslims.

The unconscious and self-deluding part of the moral equivalence argument is the refusal to face the fact that Islam is an intrisically violent totalitarian ideology that has infiltrated our civilization, and is bent on our conversion, subjugation or elimination. To acknowlege this would be deeply disturbing and well outside the comfort zone of most people (remember the popular enthusiasm for appeasement of Hitler and 'Peace in Our Time'?) . So we reassure ourselves, by the moral equivalence argument, that Islam is just like other religions.

It's far easier to stay in denial and regard Islam as being no more threat to our lives and culture than the Quakers or Lubavitcher Hasidim. That way we don't have to worry about the looming global clash of civizations, or think about the unpleasant courses of action that may be necessary to reduce the threat. We can leave that for our children to sort out.

Our children are already being softened up for Islamisation.

Muslims are commanded to lie to non-Muslims about the true nature and intentions of Islam. They are continually producing propaganda portraying Islam as the 'Religion of Peace' and threatening to kill anyone who tells the truth about this evil cult.

This propaganda process is especially active in schools, where children are being brainwashed into accepting Islam as the dominant religion of the future. No-one dares criticise this Islamisation for fear of being denounced as a 'racist'.

Now or never

If we don't stop the Islamic takeover soon, we will have gone beyond the point of no return, and our enslaved, dispossessed and persecuted descendants will curse our generation for not stopping it while we could.

The Muslim world is seething with a thousand and one real and imagined grievances and resentments against the West. They feel humiliated by the West's accomplishments compared with their own inbred backwardness. They want revenge for the Crusades, colonialism, cartoons, Israel, ice-cream wrappers, Salman Rushdie, science, piggy banks and all the other humiliations that they believe in their paranoid state that the kuffars have deliberately inflicted on them.

So beware the coming Islamageddon. Once Muslims can take on the West there'll be an orgy of rape, murder, torture and mutilation that will make the two previous world wars seem like a family squabble. It may not happen in our lifetimes, but it will certainly happen in our children's or grandchildren's lifetimes.

What you can do

Most politicians have a very short-term view and seldom think beyond winning the next election, so they can continue to leech off the taxpayers. Consequently, the state of the country in twenty years time is of no concern to them whatsoever.
  • So use your vote wisely. Vote for a party that is pledged to provide your children with an Islam-free future.
  • Spread the word about the Islamic menace to other parents.
  • Boycott Jihadist businesses.

Can the advance of Islam be stopped?

If not now, when? If not here, where? If not us, who?


Everything you need to know about Islam


Anonymous said...

Leftist Parties in western countries get all the immigrant votes- so the leaders there will
keep letting in immigrants in massive numbers
- all western countries need
leaders like Greet Weilders of Netherland
to to effectively remove the menace of Islam
from their countries.

Anonymous said...

Geert Wilders is a Zionist Jew. The so-called 'menace of Islam' is just a cheap political tool for them to rally support for Israel. This is so obvious that I cannot believe blogs like this are even taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

"Geert Wilders is a Zionist Jew."

The Stormfront forum is obviously closed today.

Ben said...

Now! Right here! Us!! A growing number of web warriors are crusading, refuting Islamic lies, exposing kitman and advancing the march of truth.

Our motto must be: "Each one teach two.". Since Pakistan banned one of my blogs, it has enjoyed a great spike in page views, introducing many more people to the fatal facts of Islam.

http://www.crusadersarmory.co.cc/ makes available the Islamic source documents necessary to start a Crusader's blog.

A major part of that library has also been exposed in the Resources thread at a new Facebook group: "Come now, and let us reason together".

denelian said...


look - you *do* know that "Christian" men do the same things, right? i don't mean "lone pedophiles masquerading as Christians", i mean GROUPS OF CHRISTIAN MEN IN PARTS OF AFRICA, AUSTRALIA AND CENTRAL ASIA ROAM AROUND AND RAPE, ABUSE AND *WORSE* "NON-CHRISTIAN" WOMEN AND CHILDREN!

not to mention *OTHER* atrocities that are committed daily - young Christian women raped by Christian "elders" of churches, and then accused of "seducing" said elder, because of course he wouldn't have raped her, couldn't have raped her, because she wore X item. or did X thing. or was at X local.

you DO KNOW THIS, right?

that the PROBLEM you are DOCUMENTING is *NOT* a problem of a specific religion or culture, but rather it's a GLOBAL PROBLEM that causes *ANYONE* who is female or feminine to be considered NOT A PERSON and good for nothing but the horrors you list above - women, girls, gay men, young boys who "look pretty" [pretty=feminine]. it's not *ISLAM*, it's PATRIARCHY, in ALMOST *ALL* cultures!

you want it to end, then work on the ACTUAL problems. because you write, here and there, about how "in Islam, women are literally owned" - while ignoring the fly in the ointment that it wasn't in the 1920s that women in the United States weren't owned! before then, any money a woman made went to whichever man was "in charge of her" - her father, husband, brother, son. she was NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO EVEN COLLECT HER OWN WAGES, NOR WAS SHE THE LEGAL OWNER OF SUCH WAGES AS SHE, HERSELF, MADE - HER HUSBAND/FATHER/BROTHER/Whichever other male relative that owned her WAS GIVEN COMPLETE AND TOTAL OWNERSHIP OF THE WOMAN, HER PRODUCTIVITY, HER INHERITANCE, EVERYTHING.

less than a century ago, United States Citizens that happened to be female were treated at least as badly as Muslim women are today.
same rights [or lack thereof]. and even today, women have NOT achieved equality in the US, and yet there's a *HUGE* push to put women back into the state that many Muslim women slave under.

for the same reason, too.

[and i'm not even going into US Christian terror tactics - if you're honest, i don't need to, and if you're not, i'm not wasting my time]

muslim said...

You are a liar
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Van Grungy said...

Christianity is the source of the most successful nations on in the history of human kind. Question everything.

Every nation islam has touched has become a cess pool of hate and retardation. Question nothing.

This is a very simple exercise. Ye shall know them by their fruits...

Fuck you mohammad...

Anonymous said...

Hey; Moe -Ham- Head!

Geert Wilders is a Hero speaking against the evils of Islam, whose members follow a moon god named Allah.

How about the Canada attack attempt two
days ago? Or the pre-staged air attack?

Creeping Sharia has a nice video section for all to enjoy.


I see more web sites about the dangers of Islam every day tracking their murders, assaults, and welfare sucking.

Zionist Jew? Is that like, how they call us Kaffurs? They sure have filthy mouths about those of us they leach off of.

The 'menace of Islam' is seen on the ground zero triumph mosque

What has Israel to do with any of this?
They are taking care of Islam properly over there. Good model for us.

Be warned: as the economy goes down so will your welfare payments from your multiple wives.
You may have to get a job.

Anonymous said...

Grungy dont talk rubbish about Islam and Muhammad We r not terrorists but the foolish talking of the people like u make us to attack u In islam the one who is not believing Essa A.S(jesus) is not a Muslim So we respect ur prophet and u talk rubbish about our Propher.Now tell me the Fault Is In U Or In Us.

Anonymous said...

""Geert Wilders is a Zionist Jew.""

"The Stormfront forum is obviously closed today."

You don't have to be a racist (I am not a racist) to know the FACTS about Wilders' Jewish ancestry and allegiance to Israel. Read HIS OWN WORDS about Israel if you don't believe me.

The Stormfronters can't even pick a side; they complain about Zionism but don't support Muslims either; don't compare real anti-Zionist, pro-Islam people with those clowns.

"What has Israel to do with any of this?"

The moment we wake up and understand that Muslims are just ordinary people like the rest of us, we will cease to tolerate Israeli terrorism of Palestine, Lebanon, and other Muslim-majority states. Israel can't have that, so it has to push Islamophobia as hard as possible. And people like you are falling for it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should look beyond what main stream media is portraying as Islam...especially when it comes to women's rights in Islam. Take the time to read the following...


Anonymous said...

WELL, ISLAM GIVE EQUAL RIGHT TO EVERY ONE, WHAT EVER THEY ARE KIDS, THEY ARE PARENTS, WIFE OR HUSBAND. kids are innocent, and you have to full fill whatever they say, if it is right, you have the responsibilities to grow them within good environment,,, tech them islamic values, Tech them Quran, and tell them to read prayer, when they reach to age of 7.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a 7th century barbaric totalitarian political ideal whose resurgence has been financed by the greatest pollution of all time petrodollars. Mohammod was a paedophile, murderer, mysoginist, thief and a liar. It is completely irresponsible to allow Islamic immigration into 21st century western countries. They are brainwashed and cannot move forward for they have no minds of their own. They are a security risk and pose a huge threat to our children and the future of our countries. They are infiltrating everything and suffer from the covenient PostTraumatic Victim Disorder to meet their unreasonable demands. Islammic immigration has to stop now.

denelian said...

you're kidding, right?

have you READ the Bible? read about this genocide or that, ordered by God? dashing infant's heads against rocks, sending two bears to tear apart 40 children for laughing at a bald man, tearing down the walls of Jericho, the "law" that says if a woman is raped in a city, and didn't "cry out" [and what if she couldn't?] could be stoned to death, or her rapist could "buy" her and marry her for X amount of silver?

have you read the Quo'ran? it actually has LESS hate in it than the Old Testiment.

i'll grant the Wahibbi branch of Islam is toxic - it's *fundamentalist* - and ANY fundamentalist religion is toxic. it's no more toxic than fundamentalist Christianity - the two are mirror images.

and what the HELL do you mean by "Post Tramatic Victim Disorder"? are you saying that Post Traumatic STRESS Disorder isn't real?

sometimes i weep for humanity - you're acting as brainwashed as you accuse others of being.

Anonymous said...

Where I come from, it's already too late. Muslims make up 65% where it used to be 50% and non-muslims are being squeezed from all angles with the screws increasingly tightened on any and every excuse conceiveable. No outright violence yet but who knows what the future bodes.
I noticed a few comments trying to deflect the issue but I caution against complacency because my first hand experiences bears out what crombouke has been raving about all this while.
Act before it's too late lest you find out the hard way.

OnlineQuranLesson said...