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Jesus prophesied Muhammad in the Bible

The False Prophet Mohammed
and the 'Abrahamic Religions' scam

Matthew 7
King James Version:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

So what are the fruits of Mohammed's death-cult?

- Deception

- Intimidation

- Child rape and murder

- Boysex (Bacha bereesh)

- Bullying Supremacism

- Censorship

- Torture and Mutilation

- Corruption

- Criminality

- Daughter-Slaughter

- Overpopulation and Ecological Disaster

- Medical malpractice

- Educational disintegration

- Vaginal mutilation

- Gay-bashing

- Predation

- Lying and Hypocrisy

- Beheading

- Human Sacrifice and Ritual Murder

- Incest

- Subversion and Sedition

- Genocide

- Fascism

- Litigation Jihad and Harassment

- Vile Perversions

- Drug Pushing

- Gang Rape

- Irrationalism

- Repression

- Street Violence

- Arrogant sense of unearned entitlement

- Terrorism

- Tribalism

- Acid attacks

... and much, much, more loathsome evil!

And although Jesus told the truth about Mohammed, Mohammed lied about Jesus.
Mohammed was a conman. He lied about Jesus, contradicted him and tried to belittle him to boost his own ego. Muslims claim to revere Jesus for the sake of peddling their 'Abrahamic Relgion' scam (see below), but in fact they disregard him and follow Mohammed. For example, Jesus forbade stoning, but Mohammed encouraged it and it still continues as this horrific video shows.

To the Muslims, Mohammed is the greatest of all the prophets, and Jesus is a second rate minor prophet.

As this comment by gravenimage points out, the account of Jesus in the Koran is a total travesty and pack of lies:

"Christianity trumps Islam across the board, not the least of ways being the far more admirable character that Jesus is compared to Mohammed. The wonder of it all to me is that Muslims, who claim Jesus as one of the greater prophets before Mohammed, don't see that Jesus excels Mohammed in every category."

That is because—as I'm sure you're aware—the Muslim 'Isa' has almost nothing in common with the Jesus of the gospels.

In the Qu'ran, 'Isa' is presented as cautioning that one may not claim "associations with Allah", i.e. one may not consider him the Son of God. It is not just that Islam doesn't recognize Jesus as the Son of God—this is true of a number of non-Christian faith traditions. It is that Isa himself condemns anyone who holds such beliefs as bound for hell.

In the Muslim tradition Isa is not crucified. More than that, though, he cravenly compels one of his followers to suffer and die, nameless, in his place.

There is no sign in Islamic texts of the peaceful, loving Jesus at all.

What is Isa's main purpose in Muslim texts? It is to return in the "Last Days". So far, that may seem similar to the Christian tradition. But Isa's role in the Last Days is to "break the cross and kill the pigs". This is usually understood to mean that he abolishes dhimmitude—the small, insecure space Jews and Christians have had under Muslim rule of retaining their own faith.

After this, the only choices for Jews and Christians are conversion or death. In other words, Isa's main role in Islam is to kill Christians.

I doubt most Muslims have more than the most passing understanding of who the Jesus of the gospels is."

The Abrahamic Religions scam
Islam claims to be the ultimate development and final perfect expression of the two preceding 'Abrahamic faiths' - Judaism and Christianity, which have become corrupt. The numerous contradictions between the Koran and the Jewish and Christian Gospels are explained by claiming that Jews and Christians have falsified their original documents.

Of course any textual criticism will show that the true picture is the opposte - Islam is a travesty and perversion of Christianity in many respects, and Jesus would probably have advised the pedophile Mohammed to tie a millstone round his neck and jump into the sea. (Mark 9:42). Human sacrifice is an abomination in Judaism and Christianity, but is encouraged in Islam.

Lack of shared values
From http://www.islam-watch.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=399:islam-abrahamic-religion-or-muhammads-alter-ego&catid=50:stunich&Itemid=58

"To facilitate Islam's advance in the Judeo-Christian West, it is often deceptively referred to as an Abrahamic religion based on the claim that these religions have "shared values". But how can Islam have "shared values" with Judaism and Christianity, when its doctrines are so hateful toward those religions, and when Jews and Christians suffer terrible persecution and discrimination in the Muslim world???

[Note: Islam Watch, as a nontheistic/atheistic forum, does not recognize any conception of God. This article is published here as it discusses the Islamic conception of God and its foundation, but not to endorse any conception of God, Islamic or otherwise, discussed in it.]

Unless one believes, as a matter of faith, that Muhammad’s actions constituted a divine mission to deliver God’s message to the human race, then it is simply too plain for argument that Islam is best understood as nothing more than a reflection of Muhammad’s alter-ego, and that Allah and Muhammad are one and the same. Accordingly, the Islamic faith should never be described as an Abrahamic religion as such—a description is used to facilitate its appeal to Jews and Christians. Anything that assists Muslims in their dawah (proselytizing) obligations is detrimental to the interests of all non-Muslims.

Islam is often referred to as an Abrahamic religion to Western audience as an attempt to promote interfaith harmony and the spread Islam via persuasion and/or a deceptive attempt to ease mainly Judeo-Christian Westerners' apprehension about Islam. Regardless of the motive, referring to Islam as an Abrahamic faith lends it, at least in some circles, certain credibility that it does not deserve.

If one defines "Abrahamic religion" as any religion originating from one of Abraham's descendants and further assumes Muhammad to be descended from Abraham though Ishmael, then one may call Islam an Abrahamic religion.

However, Wikipedia defines "Judaism, Christianity and Islam" as Abrahamic religions, because they “share a common origin and values”. And most people call Islam an Abrahamic religion in the sense of this Wikipedia definition. But, a closer examination of three faiths excludes Islam from the same league.

As such, it is an egregious error to label Islam as an Abrahamic religion as its material values are so far removed from, indeed hostile and diametrically opposed to, both Judaism and Christianity, to the extent that it is unfair and cruel to Jews and Christians to claim that the three religions ‘share the same values’. Islam is simply too far removed from Judaism and Christian in its perception of the nature of God to ultimately share any material values with the latter.

Moreover, throughout the world, Jews and Christians (other non-Muslims too) suffer terrible persecution in most countries wherein Islam predominates and is patently inspired by Islamic doctrine. Therefore, it is contradictory to claim that Islam, despite sharing common beliefs with Judaism and Christianity, persecutes latter’s followers. It is also, in essence, a cruel injustice to Christians and Jews, and adds to their pain, to say that a religion with their shared values is causing terrible sufferings to them.

While it is true that all three religions have some common beliefs and that Islam borrowed, albeit imperfectly, stories from both Judaism and Christianity, and copied many ceremonial aspects of Judaism – some with and some without modification – that hardly means that all three religions share the same values. One only need to do a cursory review of the Islamic doctrine and look at the prevalence of anti-Jewish and anti-Christian bigotry amongst Muslims throughout the Islamic world to understand that Islam shares very few, if any, material values with Judaism and Christianity. However, a comparative analysis of the religions is beyond the scope of this essay. Instead, my goal is to establish that Islam is nothing more than a reflection of Muhammad’s alter-ego, and that Allah and Muhammad are one and the same. By alter-ego, I mean to convey that Islam and Allah are nothing more than secret names or code-words for Muhammad’s ideology, commands and Muhammad himself. Consequently, instead of adding ‘peace be upon him’ when Muhammad’s name is written or spoken, it would be far more accurate to add ‘doing business as Allah’ or ‘d.b.a. Allah’.

Even Muslims have tacitly admitted the truth of my observations about Muhammad. In ‘The Future of Islam’, Wilfred Scawen Blunt accurately points out that Islam is not amenable to change, because even ‘students of the Sheriat (Sharia Law) have not inaptly compared the Koranic law to a dead man’s hand, rigid and cold, and only to be loosened when the hand has been cut away.’

Such an observation, given that Sharia Law is based on the Quran and hadiths both of which are either the work of Muhammad or based upon his life and statements, reveals the nature of the Islamic faith as inextricably entwined with the life and beliefs of Muhammad. It is hardly a giant stretch from that obvious and unassailable conclusion to see why anyone, well-schooled in the Islamic faith, could easily come to the opinion that Allah is nothing more than Muhammad’s alter-ego, and as a result, Muhammad’s ‘dead hand’ is the unforeseen element in all acts based upon Islamic doctrine.

Even Muhammad’s favorite child-bride, Aisha, and other early Muslims that personally knew Muhammad saw in the Quran the very essence of Muhammad’s character. In his timeless classic, ‘The Faith of Islam’, Edward Sell revealed how early Muslims viewed Muhammad:

‘It was common practice of the early Muslims when speaking of the Prophet to say: ‘His character is the Quran.’ When people curious to know details of the life of their beloved master asked Aisha, one of his widows, about him, she used to reply: ‘Thou hast the Quran, art thou not an Arab and readest the Arab tongue? Why dost thou ask me, for the Prophet’s disposition is no other than the Quran?’

Such statements suggest that even Aisha was skeptical of Muhammad’s claim to a divine mission and that she recognized the Quran for what it was – the work of her own husband. There are hadiths, which clearly show that Aisha was cryptically skeptical of at least some of her husband’s revelations. For example, when Muhammad desired to marry a fifth woman, beyond four wives allowed in earlier verses (4:3 etc.) and Allah quickly revealed a new verse allowing Muhammad only to marry unlimited number of women, Aisha wittily remarked: ‘Your Allah seemed eager to grant your earthly desires’.

Bear in mind that it would have been impossible for Aisha and other early Muslims to openly question Muhammad’s claims, as to do so would have been tantamount to apostasy and would have resulted in a death sentence. It may well be then that the foregoing claims were none other than code for communicating that Muhammad made up his alleged revelations and that Muhammad and Allah were, therefore, one and the same. What else would explain Aisha’s equation with what was supposed to be the word of Allah with Muhammad’s character? While I have no doubt that slick Islamic apologists can craft an alternate explanation, any acceptance of such an alternate explanation requires, in my view, blind faith in Muhammad himself and his alleged divine mission... " Full article

Predatory cult
The difference between predatory cults such as Islam and real religions, is that a true religion attempts to bring out the best in people, whereas a predatory cult does the opposite.

Muslims inhabit a different moral universe from the rest of us, where good is evil and evil is good, if it serves the purposes of Islam.

While other religions teach goodwill to mankind, Islam teaches hostility to all non-members of the cult.

Jesus, in the parable of the Good Samaritan, taught his followers to help all people in need, irrespective of their religion. Jews are commanded to be a light unto the nations. The Buddha taught compassion for all suffering beings.

But in Islam, charity applies only to fellow Muslims, and in fact many Islamic charities are money-launderers for jihad.

There is no Golden Rule in Islam. There is no place for conscience in Islam. Peel away the thin veneer of religiosity, and all you find is vicious, primitive, predatory tribalism.

Nothing in common
Islam, in the West, is fighting its battle of acceptance and legitimacy. Muslim activists are working fervently trying to improve Islam's image. Their goal is to create an environment in which Islam can be easily propagated. Their tool is as old as Islam itself, but they have just rediscovered it. This tool is telling Christians that Islam and Christianity have a lot in common. They cite Islam's belief in the Bible, God, Jesus, Mary, the prophets, the day of judgment and Paradise.

This tactic is not new to Islam. Fourteen centuries ago, Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, used it when he started preaching his new religion in Mecca. At the beginning when Mohammed was weak, he was conciliatory and appeasing to Christians. He told them, "We believe in what has been sent down to us (The Quran), and sent down to you (The Bible). Our God is the same as your God." Surah 29:46. Later, in Medina, after Mohammed became strong, all this changed. Allah, allegedly, tells him then, "Fight people of the Book (Christians and Jews) who do not accept the religion of the truth (Islam) until they pay tribute by hand, being inferior." Surah 9:29

The fact is that the differences between Christianity and Islam are very deep, and irreconcilable. The space limitation will enable us to list just a few. ... More at http://www.islamreview.com/articles/nothingincommon.shtml

Moral equivalence is moral cowardice
Those people who use the moral equivalence argument to compare Islam with other religions need to examine their own subconscious psychological motives. They are not only attempting to delude others, but are in deep denial and trying to delude themselves.

The conscious part of the argument takes the form "Christians and Jews have committed atrocities such as the McVeigh, Breivik and King David Hotel bombings, so Christianity and Judaism are just the same as Islam. Therefore Islam poses no special threat."

The fallacies are obvious: Christian and Jewish acts of terrorism are rare and infrequent; they are rejected by the majority of followers of the religions, go against the core teachings of the religions, and are committed by a few isolated loonies. In contrast, Islamic acts of terrorism are commonplace, are encouraged by the Koran and are supported, if not actually carried out, by a substantial proportion of Muslims.

The unconscious and self-deluding part of the moral equivalence argument is the refusal to face the fact that Islam is an intrisically violent totalitarian ideology that has infiltrated our civilization, and is bent on our conversion, subjugation or elimination. To acknowlege this would be deeply disturbing and well outside the comfort zone of most people (remember the popular enthusiasm for appeasement of Hitler and 'Peace in Our Time'?) . So we reassure ourselves, by the moral equivalence argument, that Islam is just like other religions.

It's far easier to stay in denial and regard Islam as being no more threat to our lives and culture than the Quakers or Lubavitcher Hasidim. That way we don't have to worry about the looming global clash of civizations, or think about the unpleasant courses of action that may be necessary to reduce the threat. We can leave that for our children to sort out.


Anonymous said...

Honor Killings
Family prestige
Wife Abuse
Female slaves
Wife beatings
Child kidnapping
Female compounds
Male supremacy
State Sponsored Religion
No personal freedom
Sweat Bands
Full body black veils
White skirts for men
Smoke pipes for men

Anonymous said...

As a serious Christian, I can honestly say that the average Muslim has far more respect for Jesus than the average nominal Christian today, which is why they in turn receive my respect and full solidarity in face of Islamophobia.

You will not find a Muslim anywhere in the world who would say anything bad about Jesus, whereas among those who call themselves Christians we see a widespread lack of respect towards Muhammad, which is very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

"...whereas among those who call themselves Christians we see a widespread lack of respect towards Muhammad, which is very disappointing. "

Mohammed shagged his daughter-in-law, is that why we should respect him? http://s1.zetaboards.com/EDL_The_Forum/topic/3951496/1/

Anonymous said...

Go back to your EDL forum, you Zionist. Here are some Muhammad quotes which show why billions of people around the world respect him:


Anonymous said...

you are all wrong, many muslims did not respect jesus, first, they just pretending that they are good people, but the true is,they are all anti-christ, because they dont believe that Lord Jesus Christ is our savior, they believe in their false,PURE EVIL MUHAMMAD. Im hoping that they will realize someday that they are belong to a false religion, which is ISLAM, because Muhammad & Satan are one person..

Anonymous said...

Every Muslim respects Jesus, but as a prophet.

Jesus made it perfectly clear who Satan was, and it's not Muhammad:

"'Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.' Then answered the Jews..."

Jews killed both Jesus and Muhammad, two of the greatest warriors against Satan who ever lived. And you still don't know who Satan is?

Anonymous said...

"Jews killed both Jesus and Muhammad, two of the greatest warriors against Satan who ever lived. And you still don't know who Satan is?"


Lesse now: Romans killed Jesus and muhammad (piss be upon him) blew a vein when shagging his under age bride. And THAT makes them the greatest "warriors" against satan? HE HE!

Actually Jesus- following the golden rule- could be said to be fighting the greater evil. muhammad (piss be upon him) on the other hand...
Mo was a pedophile (even according to his day and age standards), a robber, murderer, liar, descivist, adulterer... Hmm, name it and you WILL se that he (who should not be spoken of) broke every single commandment several times during his all too long lifespan. IF he (who should not be spoken of) never had existed; several millions of people would be alive today which throughout 1500 years of religious camality have succumbed to the sword of islam.


Anonymous said...

You should all convert to Buddhism! Less prophecy, more ethics!

Anonymous said...

I will look into buddhism

Anonymous said...

@The alleged Christian above:

"As a serious Christian, I can honestly say that the average Muslim has far more respect for Jesus than the average nominal Christian today..."

Seriously? How do you come up with that? Did you not read the article? muslims deny that Christ was the Word made flesh.

Claim that Jesus sent someone else to die on the cross for him.

Believe that Jesus will come back and KILL/MURDER/DESTROY all Christians who DO NOT CONVERT TO ISLAM.

You call that respect? Seriously? That they say "we respect Jesus" is enough for you? They can believe in a twisted, degenerate charicature of Jesus and you call that respect?

I'd say YOU are the "nominal Christian."

Or you're yet another islamopithecus pretending to be a Christian in a lame-assed attempt to garner support for your vile arab male cult of supremacy and misogyny.

John said...

It's really revolting how Muslims abrogate and distort Judeo-Christian biblical figures. The goods news is that the internet allows us to expose their fraud clearly.

Radiohead said...

Epic post, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The ideology of Islam was created by psychopaths that stole from Christianity and Judaism.

It is not certain that Muhammad ever existed.

Can't wait for the book.

Always On Watch said...
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Always On Watch said...

What a roundup of the evil deeds of Islam!

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Please don't put up opinionated hate and label it as information. What you are doing is basing an entire religion and a rather large population of the world based on the actions of extremists.
It's the exact same as if people judged Christians based on their actions in the Crusades or the Inquisition.
Hell, even in modern day some of the stuff we do in Africa, the last 'religious frontier' is less than moral, and we can't forget the scandals the church has faced in recent years.
Yet in light of that, nobody's going to call you an exploitative murdering pedophile for being of the Christian faith. Please stop doing the same.

PS: Before you accuse me of saying this because I'm 'one of them'. know that I am in fact a Christian, but people like you seem to have forgotten some of the most important of the Bible's teachings (Check your commandments again) and give us all a bad name.

Anonymous said...

You are correct

Anonymous said...

becareful of the misguided Bible. first nothing is known about the originality of Greek bible. Confusion of Hebrew as original?

Since the beginning, Adam loves One god. and Suddenly the trend turns to trininty? why would God preach about Himself to tribes of Israel.

Anonymous said...

The prophecy tells about Ahmad; 'Servant of God' whom will war to correct the wrongs and bringing judgement based on the law of God. He will also liberate Arabia from worshiping molten images. Wilderness (desert), villages and cities will glorify God since then. As can be seen today, whole of Arabia are worshiping,praising God and singing words of God daily.

And we continue reading Isaiah 42:18 - 25; about Children of Israel, whom will still be deaf and blind neglecting the message brought by this 'Servant of God'.

In Isaiah 42:1, it is not a coincidence upon seeing the writing of both אתמך (Atmc) אחמד (Ahmd). And the word before אתמך (Atmc), is עבדי (Abedi~My Servant). For indeed, It is indicating Ahmad; Abedallah (Ahmad; Servant of God).

Not to mention אתמך (Atmc) is a special term foretelling the coming of a righteous man and is used only ONCE throughout the entire Book. [could this be a copying error or an intended error?]

Children of Israel have been foretold upon the coming of Ahmad but sadly, only a few accepts.

Anonymous said...

Having nothing of their own, the barbaric vile Muhammad tried to walk on the trail others were carving, to give his people a relationship with God but the God of Muhammad was the devil!.
Muhammad was the greatest of all false prophets and he left a large portion of the earth to straight!

Anonymous said...

that is to say Muhammad led a large portion of those on earth astray!

Anonymous said...

any acts of violence as you wish to speak of have never ever been consumed by the large body of those who call themselves Christian! Acts of violence acts of barbarism are carried out by Muslims and Muslims cheer it on a daily basis. They have shown themselves to be a satanic evil godless, unmoral pack of liats, thieves, robbers & killers!
Muhammad raised up a vile group of barbaric madman, who want to walk on the trail the prophets were carving, however the only "god" Mohammed heard was the devil

Anonymous said...

Jesus made it clear that there was coming a false prophet who be the greatest false prophet of all to succeed in leading a large portion of those on earth astray; via the demon devil Muhammad!