Sunday, 24 January 2010

Islamist infiltration and subversion in the Scottish National Party

Nicola Sturgeon nominated for Neville Chamberlain Peace Prize
The terrorist attack that narrowly failed to inflict mass slaughter at Glasgow airport on 30 June 2007 has had a singular impact on Scotland's public life. A universal sense of shock was followed by vigorous official efforts to build bridges to the country's approximately 60,000 Muslims. A week later, on 7 July, the cream of Scotland's establishment gathered in George Square in Glasgow's heart to offer them protection and reassurance. The institutions represented included the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP), the police, the Church of Scotland, the trade unions, and the vocal anti-war movement. Nobody wondered aloud about the religious dimensions of the violent ideology that had evidently motivated the would-be massacre. Indeed, Scotland's health minister and SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon was explicit that "Islam is a religion of peace".

Paying the Jizya for Community Cohesion
THE Scottish Government's decision to award more than £400,000 to an Islamic group run by an SNP activist was last night branded "unusual" by a senior figure in the body which oversees voluntary groups.
Stephen Maxwell, a director of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), said First Minister Alex Salmond had been exposed to attack because of the presence of SNP activists in the group.

And Maxwell – himself a senior SNP figure – suggested the grants should have been postponed until legal formalities at the Scottish Islamic Foundation (SIF) had been completed.

Opposition MSPs are now demanding an independent inquiry and are calling on Salmond to publish all the correspondence and documentation behind the funding deal.

The newly-formed SIF is currently being run by Osama Saeed, the SNP's parliamentary candidate for the Glasgow Central constituency. The organisation's board also includes SNP activists and members of Saeed's family. Documents creating the group as a company were signed in the SNP's headquarters in Glasgow.

In March, the SNP handed the body £215,000, most of which will be spent on promoting an "IslamFest" event next year, to be run by the SIF.

A further £190,000 was awarded earlier this month from the Government-run Race, Religion and Refugee Integration Fund (RRRI) which supports organisations that assist ethnic minority communities.

Muslim brotherhood funded by Scottish taxpayers
In the last year the Scottish Islamic Foundation has made great strides towards becoming the Scottish version of the Muslim Council of Britain – albeit inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood rather than Jamaat-e-Islami.

Osama Saeed, the SIF’s founder, has so far persuaded the Scottish National Party to give the group almost £400,000 of public funds. In return, Saeed has promised the SNP that – given enough money – he can persuade Scottish Muslims to embrace Scottish Nationalism and turn their backs on Labour – the traditional recipient of Scottish Muslims’ votes.

What the Scottish government may have overlooked is that Osama Saeed, a former member of the Muslim Association of Britain, is a committed Muslim Brotherhood activist who will shamelessly use public money to promote his own bigoted form of Islamism.

Pseudo nationalists
The confluence between Islam and Socialism becomes clearer the more one studies any situation where Islam is making headway. Just as the socialists allied themselves with Islam to overthrow the Shah in Iran, so have the Muslims allied themselves with Labour in England and the SNP in Scotland to progressively alter social and government institutions in order to further their goal of Islamisation. The reasons why are absurdly simple and naïve, so that one wonders whether the politicians could really be so stupid.

Why a supposedly nationalist party — in theory concerned first and foremost with its own nation’s well-being — would align itself with people like this is confusing, until you realise that the “nationalism” of the SNP is merely a convenient coat-tail to power.

Divisive education policies
On the launch of Saeed's group by Alex Salmond last month, Amanullah de Sondy, a lecturer in Divinity at Glasgow University, also wrote on his blog that the group "will further [reinforce] isolationist approaches to education and hamper attempts at building bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims. I have nothing against the SIF... but they are not representative of a 'Muslim community'."

Significantly, Osama Saeed spent the weekend not in Scotland but in London, speaking at IslamExpo, an event dominated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and members of the Muslim Association of Britain, for whom Saeed was formerly a spokesman.

During IslamExpo, whose events were attended and recorded by CSC staff, he was frequently seen conferring with Anas al-Tikriti, the main organiser of the event who is another former member of the Muslim Association of Britain.

Muslims cash in on Scots equality fund
Islamic organisations receive more public funding for ‘equality’ than all other religious groups put together in Scotland, it has been revealed. Almost 60 per cent of all grants given out by the Equality Unit has gone to just five Muslim groups.

The groups were awarded £1.5 million of public money, dwarfing the £137,500 given to Christian charities and the £110,000 given to Jewish organisations. Muslims make up less than one per cent of Scotland’s population but two thirds identify themselves as Christians. Organisations promoting equality between religions such as the Inter Faith Council and the Edinburgh Inter Faith Association received £586,160 and £219,800 respectively. One of the Muslim organisations benefitting from the £1.5 million funding includes the Scottish Islamic Foundation, which is run by a prospective SNP candidate for Glasgow Central. Critics are concerned about the imbalance of funding and fear it will antagonise other religious groups.

A Labour backbencher George Foulkes said: “I’ve had representatives raise this and they are deeply concerned at the imbalance in the grant allocation.” He warns: “They say not only is it unfair but it’s dangerous.” Murdo Fraser, the Tory deputy leader stated there was nothing wrong with giving grants to different religious groups but underlined that it had to be “proportionate”. Mr Fraser said: “It would be legitimate to ask why the Government is so focussed on giving such large sums to Muslim groups at the expense of other faiths”. A representative for the Muslim Council of Scotland accused Mr Foulkes of stirring up trouble between faiths. A spokesman for First Minister Alex Salmond pointed out that the figures do not include funding from other areas which contribute to charities such as faith schools and aid organisations.

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Anonymous said...

Super. Scotland is so small and sparsely populated, it wouldn't take many months of muslim immigration to make it the dominant religion in public and private life.

Considering it was 2 Scots, Blair and Brown, who are responsible for the mass immigration of these groups into the UK, I can't think of a more fitting epitaph for Scotland and one that is thoroughly deserved.

The SNP, Lid Dems AND Labour prefer them to inidginous scots and they're the only parties you lot vote for. Brilliant. Shaudenfreude, methinks.

Anonymous said...

"The SNP, Lid Dems AND Labour prefer them to inidginous scots"

Since when are indigenous Scots not allowed to also be Muslim? When you think of a Muslim, you are obviously thinking not in religious but in racial terms. But then your ilk complains when we call you racists, even though you have just proven it by your own words.

100 people in the UK convert to Islam PER DAY. Islam is not just an immigrants' religion any more, let alone a religion confined to certain ethnic groups. It is open to all people, and this is why it is superior over ideologies that try instead to exclude people.

Anonymous said...

Divide and conquer is all Islamophobia is. The English have played this trick on the Scots enough times throughout history for the SNP to know what is going on, and Muslim immigrants from former colonies of the British Empire have had the same trick played on their original countries too, so they understand what is going on. Scottish Muslims voting SNP is perfectly natural, as both have been victims of the same tricksters.

Anonymous said...

"Divide and conquer is all Islamophobia is" what the hell are you talking about? what trick? Sorry i didn't know a legitimate threat to the Scottish people is a "English trick" some Scottish people are real idiots they have this self serving hate towards the English, that blinds them of the bigger picture, by you're rhetoric it seems when Germany went to war with England we should have all stopped and said "naw pal am no goin tae fight the Nazi just a trick tae pull us scots doon aye"

A phobia: anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and IRRATIONAL fear of simple things or social situations.
There is nothing, NOTHING irrational about hate towards islam, sorry one of your pals, and the guy who owns the key store shop where your from is a muslim and he's a nice guy so islam must be a great religion, pffft

I bet you could find really nice neo Nazis' or members of Hamas if you tried, Muslims believe in a prophet that had sex with a 9 year old girl he killed one of his slave "wifes" whole family he was a killer. warlord forced people to convert to his religion or he would kill them, this "religion" more like a cult says a muslim man can marry a non muslim women ,but a muslim women can't marry a non mulsim man.
A man can marry 4 wifes, a women 1 the koran say anyone non muslim is inferior "hmm allot like Nazism there" to muslims, the prophet mohammed himself said that non muslims have to pay tax to muslims in a muslim country because of not being muslims and there's sharia law which I'm sure you know all about sexist,barbaric, when talking about social matter's not financial and business law etc.

Now on to the fool above you , i must start off by writing i like you're subversion tactics, its clear to me you are white and a muslim convert, if I'm right I'll go with the tried an true allegation that daddy didn't love you enough or maybe a little to much at bed time , or your a brainwashed muslim idiot, but that doesn't matter because I'm not your weak father or your joke cult.

I like how you talk about racism and then make out that the muslim religion is some how superior , i think thats called supremacy which is racism's annoying little brother. Your so called fact of "100 people in the UK convert to Islam PER DAY" is crap the people who "convert" are new immigrants usually from Africa.

Anyone who think's of a muslim doesn't think "WHITE PEOPLE" unless your from Serbia. You have some very warped view on what "racism" is ,it's the mirror image view that left wing government thinks it is ,which is not the real meaning go Google the real meaning I'm not typing it here.

The whole slow genocide( not textbook genocide but genocide in in some form ) of white people from Europe is another story if the left wing where really into us all mixing why don't they go to china and spit their bile or send 1 million young white men into Africa to breed see how well that goes down.

Don't worry about Scottish people trust me if muslims start crap like they do in England with the over building of mosques and hude increase in their population the Scottish will not stand for it, it reminds me about when the Glasgow airport attack happened and a hour after it someone drove his truck into a corner shop which was owned by a muslim then set the shop on fire, yeah Scottish people are crazy.

ItinerantView said...

This is the pernicious propaganda they are teaching to Scottish schoolchildren,there are ones for the rest of the UK but this is the Scottish teaching aid for Islamophobia.
It is a truly pernicious document,masquerading as common sense,for example it tries to conflate the bad press the mass immigration of Muslims receives with the Jewish experience in WW2.
Shamelss and quite repugnant propaganda,especially when one considers Hitler has Muslim SS divisions because he admired their take on the Jews and vice versa.It links to the Qatar PR exercise 1001 inventions,which itself claims to be non-religious and secular,yet studies only Islamic 'inventions',yet more propaganda and Islam lite.All poart of the massive PR exercise funded by the Gulf states after 9/11.
The SNP lied about Sharia in Scotland and appear to have positively discriminated Islamists into power.

Scottish children are being brainwashed with a version of Islam lite that bears no semblance to the reality of Sharia or the Islamic world.

Anonymous said...

Jews are responsible for the spread of Islamic and other 'colored' peoples into Europe. Jews killed Christ and they poisoned Mohammed. They were responsible for 9-11 and all the evils of the past as well. When Christians fight Muslims who benefits? The evil Jew!!

We need to rid them from every European nation.

Anonymous said...

Jews are responsible for the spread of Islamic and other 'colored' peoples into Europe. Jews killed Christ and they poisoned Mohammed. They were responsible for 9-11 and all the evils of the past as well. When Christians fight Muslims who benefits? The evil Jew!!

We need to rid them from every European nation.

Anonymous said...

Jews are responsible for the spread of Islamic and other 'colored' peoples into Europe. Jews killed Christ and they poisoned Mohammed. They were responsible for 9-11 and all the evils of the past as well. When Christians fight Muslims who benefits? The evil Jew!!

We need to rid them from every European nation.

Anonymous said...

Jews are responsible for the spread of Islamic and other 'colored' peoples into Europe. Jews killed Christ and they poisoned Mohammed. They were responsible for 9-11 and all the evils of the past as well. When Christians fight Muslims who benefits? The evil Jew!!

We need to rid them from every European nation.

Anonymous said...

SNP should be renamed to SMP the Scottish Muslim Party as well know when 0.63 percent ot the population gets 60 percent of grants £400000 for a islamic festival that never happens wake up Scotland Your so called party has been hijacked

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