Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Islam is powered by Muslim sexual repression

Women as chattels.
In Islam women and children are chattels. Every woman must have an owner, and a virgin can bring a good price when sold in marriage. [In Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine]. This has a number of unfortunate and disgusting consequences.

- Incest
Since the sale of a girl involves a substantial cash transfer, it's better if the money flow can remain within the family. Consequently, incestuous marriages proliferate, with girls being sold to older cousins and uncles. This leads to a much greater incidence of birth defects.

- Sex starved young men
Women are kept in purdah, and must be accompanied by a male relative whenever they leave the house. Wealthy older men acquire the youngest brides (often young cousins), with polygamy ensuring that young women are always in short supply for impoverished young men. In traditional Muslims societies, by the time the average Muslim male has reached adolescence all the girls have been sold to old lechers. This gives the Muslim males four choices...

(1) Stay faithful to Mrs Hand and her five daughters. However masturbation is a sin, so it's preferable to...
(2) Die while killing infidels so you get into Allah's brothel in the sky and have eternal sex with 72 virgins
(3) Rape anything that's available- usually Kafir girls (Raping a Kafir woman or girl isn't a sin - they're uncovered meat and asking for it)
(4) Go for young boys. Although homosexuality between grown men is a sin, it's OK to enjoy a boy provided he's still beardless ('Bacha bereesh' - pre-pubescent boys are classed as females.)

- http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/islamic-child-sexual-abuse-muslim.html

Feral packs of sex-deprived Muslims youths murder, rape and pillage
Muslim polygamy ensures alpha-males get extra women, leading to a shortage of women for the betas. Beta-males must either jerk off (a sin leading to hell), or form dog-packs and rape or capture kafir women as booty in a razzia, or else self-destruct in the presence of infidels then they can screw 72 mythical virgins in Allah’s bordello in the sky
Beta-males are often encouraged by their relatives to become suicide bombers because of the belief that such murderous ‘martyrs’ will be able to intercede with Allah to take 70 of their relatives to paradise with them. http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/20-things-infidels-should-know-about.html

Jihad is for losers and tossers
Proponents of wars and terrorism in the name of Islam often exploited the frustration of sexually deprived young males and tantalised them with the prospect of captured women as ‘war booty’ if they succeeded. If they died, 72 lovely virgins in paradise as ‘houris’ would be provided to them which makes these boys ready to die for it, as suicide bombers. In this context, the Islamic terrorists differ from the real-politik terrorists like IRA or LTTE as the latter would not kill themselves through suicide bombing; being dead they would hardly achieve any personal gains [...]

The sexual frustration of the youths in the Arab world and Islamic societies has economic, legal and social reasons. In the Arab countries education is generally low and jobs are scarce. It results in young men being unable to marry till their late 20s and 30s, as without employment marriage would not be economically viable. Sex without marriage is a taboo and illegal in Islamic countries and is punishable by flogging in first three offences and death in the fourth offence in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran. As a result there are unmarried men in cities like Jeddah, Sanaa, Damascus, etc. who live with their parents, anxiously frustrated about their sexual future. The access to western television channels with sexually stimulating themes creates frustration, envy and hate for the luxuries enjoyed by the west and make their mind fertile ground for militant recruiters, for the fight against ‘the morally corrupt west’. The pattern can be seen in the profiles of militant Muslim youths both in Europe and Arab world, a majority of whom are in their late teens or early twenties - unmarried, virgins and contain a deep hatred for the free world. http://www.abytheliberal.com/sex-and-sexuality/sexual-frustration-driving-muslim-youths-militant-islamism

They bring themselves off by watching jihad-snuff videos
"Oh the self righteousness of the Muslim masses. The pictures, the bloody horrific pictures. The Muslims pretend to hate the blown up bodies of Lebanese children, but clearly cannot disguise their endless lust for gory, gruesome photographs. Images of death are Muslim pornography, arousing videos of torture and snuff films, the sawing off of heads bringing on the climax. Allah O Akbar! Outrage as foreplay, death and destruction is their sexual outlet. They put this porn all over the net and watch the deaths endlessly to stir their blood lust.

Radical Islam and the eroticisation of death
Why am I not surprised that the FBI says text messages sent between alleged terrorists plotting to blow up the New York City subways used the term “the wedding cake is ready” to signal that the operation was ready to go, and that Al Qaeda apparently often uses the term “wedding” to refer to pending attacks?

Think of a suicide bombing: there is the huge fireball explosion with shrapnel flying like confetti, and then the brilliant white light, and then the union of shaheeds (often inexperienced, sexually frustrated young men) with 72 beautiful virgins. It’s the best thing that’s ever going to happen to a lot of these guys. The wedding cake term is part of the overall eroticisation of death one sees so much in radical Islamism. Not having very much on earth to look forward to – no dancing, no drinking, women excised from public life, rich-take-all controlled economies – what else is there but heaven? http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/stephaniegutmann/100010936/radical-islam-and-the-eroticisation-of-death-in-new-york/

Man boy love in Islam
In Muslim societies women are kept covered in burkhas, so the prettiest things that most unmarried Muslim men ever see are beardless pre-pubescent boys. Beardless boys are not regarded as male, so sex with them is not considered as homosexuality as it is between adult men. Consequently, in traditional Muslim societies completely clean shaving is frowned upon, as it sends the wrong messages about sexual availability. If full beards (Taliban-style) are not worn, then moustaches are required.

Muslim clerics (like Catholic priests) are especially fond of little boys, and enjoying them is one of the perks of the job. Muslims get very annoyed if kuffars interfere with their rightful privileges. If a boy refuses to have sex with an Imam, he can expect severe punishment. http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/1.html

Islam is sex gone sour
It is all too common even among conservatives to treat Islamic laws against women as mad or prejudiced or primitive without thinking of their purpose. But culture and law is not random and Islamic law, for all its occasional whimsical diversions into breast feeding adult men and drinking camel urine, is an engine. An engine geared to produce and shape the next generation of Muslim young men and women.

Islamic laws aimed at women and their relationships with men are not random or accidental, they exist with a purpose in mind, in the same way that our laws against littering or loitering have the purpose of shaping social attitudes and behavior. Islamic law may be primitive and the work of primitives, but primitive isn't stupid. Making that particular mistake has gotten the West into more trouble than anything else. Primitive people are not stupid, they have goals and agendas to fulfill.

Islamic laws aimed at women are meant to shape the way Muslim men and women grow up and their emotional and mental state. Their goal is to first of all create sexual and emotional isolation.

Islamic authority seeks to isolate those under their control from all other influences. That includes Western culture, but it also includes girlfriends and wives and even the home. Constantly degrading the status of Muslim women is meant to insure that their views and influence will have little effect on the Muslim male leaving the Imams and Mullahs with a clear field. Constantly raising the requirements of religiosity teaches the Muslim male to disrespect his parents as insufficiently religious so that Imams and Mullahs become his standard and his key influence.

A legal system that effectively permits the rape and murder of women who venture outside without a male guardian or who have male friends is meant to keep Muslim women terrified and dependent and Muslim men frustrated and filled with pent up aggression and hostility unleavened by interaction with the opposite sex. This helps insure marriages where women will be submissive and a large supply of angry and frustrated young Muslim men eager to kill and die.

The goal of Islamic law is to diminish the influence of women on society and on Muslim males in particular, to isolate Muslim males and drive them toward violence and fanaticism. To Islamic clerics, women represent the pagan, from their bodies to their hair to their ideas, the feminine represents a threat to the Muslim religious ideal.

And THEY have the nerve to call US decadent!
My rusty French is just about up to translating the openin
g paragraph:

'PAKISTAN: 95% of truckers have sex with boys

The name 'Pakistan' means 'Land of the Pure'. In that Islamic republic where homosexuality is a crime, the sexual exploitation of boys is an endemic practice, notably in the transport industry.

Those Muslims who denounce the moral corruption of Western secular societies are hypocrites. Children are violated in western countries of course, but those responsible are pursued and punished. In 'The Land of The Pure' , when boys are not being transformed into human bombs, they are sodomised with impunity'

Rest of article (in French) at

Of course it isn't homosexuality when they do it with beardless boys, because being beardless means that they're classed as female under sharia law.

Muslim rapes Christian toddler for refusal to convert to Islam
"Baby Neeha, at the age of 21/2, was raped by the son of her father's employer and left to die by the roadside, he said. No one was arrested for the crime. These horrific events took place because her father, who was Christian, refused to give in to pressure from his Muslim employer to convert to Islam," El Shafie said. The family went underground in Pakistan to hide from Muslim extremists who were seeking revenge for their non-conversion, he said. "The family has lived for years in hiding and in constant fear of being discovered by the employer's family or Islamic extremists," El Shafie said. "We are thrilled that she's finally in Canada."

The rapist wasn't prosecuted, because according to Islamic law he hadn't committed any crime. The 'prophet' Mohammed was a child-rapist, and Mohammed is the perfect man and role model for all Muslims. Also, rape is a legitimate weapon of Jihad, especially against children, as we saw in the Beslan school attack. Not only had the rapist not committed any crime, but his action was actually commendable from the Islamic point of view, because spreading Islam (by whatever means may be necessary) is the greatest good which justifies ANY action. The system of morality (if it can be called that) in Islam is totally different from that in any other religion. From http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/02/muslim-rapes-christian-toddler-for.html


how to ollie said...

This is a great post, I love it.

Historyscoper said...

To fight the incursions of Islam in this shrinking world, you need to study its hairy history going back 1400 years. Never fear, you can learn all the facts free online with the Historyscoper, to get started click http://go.to/islamhistory

A B said...

Almost everything in this post is completely factually incorrect.

Anonymous said...

"Muslim clerics (like Catholic priests) are especially fond of little boys, and enjoying them is one of the perks of the job."

One can't take you seriously about anything when you slur all Catholic priests because of the appalling crimes of a handful of aberrant priests, crimes (sins!) actively condemned by Christian teaching and by billions of Christians around the world and throughout history.

Anonymous said...

@ A B & Anonymous

Finally some others who see through the lies! The sad part is that people are naturally far more willing to stereotype other groups than their own. Christians who see the stupidity of stereotyping Catholic priests may yet be tempted to stereotype Muslims, for the simple reason that they have less personal interaction with Muslims and thus are less able to treat them as individuals.

I wonder how many (or how few) fans of this and similar blogs have actually visited Islamic countries, or even gone to a local mosque and socialized with the Muslim community there. It doesn't take much first-hand experience to debunk the claims of the fearmongers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Holy fuck you asshole!! You son of a bitch!!!

I can't believe you twisted things in islam like that for ur own fucking self!!

Not one sentence in ur bullshited blog can be termed true!! DAMN!!!

Non-muslims,especially CHRISTIANS, please don't bother reading this crap (so u also Don't make the same mistake of spreading crap about muslins in your neighbourhood).

Go through any real islamic site to know even an ounce of islamic belief.
This is so untrue, TWISTED, Hate-filled, spiteful and venomous, and i was so shocked when i read the FIRST TWO LINES in this motherfucker's blog, i was like what the fuck!! I couldn't bother reading more man! This blogger is a islamophobic fag, OK?? Don't read this shit.
Damn, fuck you asshole for spreading lies and shit about my religion. Bloody lies. Total lies.

anastacia said...
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Lots in Costa Rica said...
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topview said...

Well, Mr. Anonymous for pure Islam, the available evidence is against your wishful thinking. It is on record that the traffic for porn is the highest from Pakistan. Pakistanis are reported to be the largest group searching and hunting for bestiality and other deviant porn material on internet. All this according to latest published findings. Is this is in conflict with what is being painted here? It looks like the nail is hit straight on the head. Why should the truth hurt you so much?

Anonymous said...

"Everything you kneed to know?"

How about needing to know the source of this probledm in the West and the U.S.?

That the Feds allow the islamics in! The Feds KNOW what is going to happen, that the Western laws, and islamic laws are NOT compatible, and Western people will object to islamics.

How about peondering that the Feds are doing it deliberately so as to cause chaos, riots and bloodshed. So they, the Feds can declare Martial Law, and take back the power of We, the People?

This is why in the U.S. Southwest, the Feds are allowing gthe tsunami of illegals in, and are sueing Arizona for upholding long established immigration laws. And why Obamarama, has thrown the U.S. under the train, reporting us, to the U.N.

It's called Treason!

It's called "Ordo ab Chao."- "Order out of chaos" - right in our U.S. Seal.

We, "peasants' have got too uppity, for tptb.

This is what the Feds and the Western govs want after all. And you can see, that the Monarchy is alive and well in Europe, and poised to take over, once the current elected government, falls.

(It's documented, that in ancient, historical conquests, the new rulers, intermarry with the old Regime. And are often appointed go-between, keeping order for the rulers. So the old Regime won't have anything to lose.

It is ALWAYS the lower classes, that have EVERYTHING to lose. Tptb want us to till the earth, and pull the plow again, bend our backs under the whip, as in the Middle Ages.

This is what tptb wnat!

Anonymous said...

Islam is SO WRONG.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, 99% of the individuals commenting negatively about this blog have never been to the Middle East and experienced Islamic culture.
I have, and I can tell you all that thought it's hard to read...most of it is 100% factual and correct.
If you've never been there, you don't know.

Anna said...

I believe you anonymous as I have friends who lived there too.It is all in Islams' Holy books" though, unlike in The Bible. So RC priests are sinning against their God if they abuse children, unlike I-slam where it is condoned as Mohammad married a 6 year old. Muslims are ashamed now the kuffars know this as many of us are reading their books in horror, and try to change her age to 19. Difficult if they believe hadith though

Anonymous said...

Silly cow, get your facts straight b4 commenting on your bullshit blog. You're probably some Jewish low life fag.....that ain't got shit to do with knowledge or education. Do us all a favor; go back to Germany, where great man Hitler served you well n let us be, ya Pathetic fuk.

Anonymous said...

Well, nice post, but of it is incorrect.

Please give us your sources! If your sources are other blogs, then this factually incorrect.

Polygamy is allowed in Islam, but under strict restrictions. These restrictions makes it an exception to the rule, the rule being that Muslims will marry one woman. The woman has to absolutely agree about the second, third or fourth wife. He will treat her well. He will provide for her. SHe can keep her full salary if she wishes. In order to have more than one wife, one has to treat them equally, and then it says you will never treat them equally. Historically, women is Arabia couldn't provide for themselves. In the very early days of Islam, many muslims died in a war and many women were alone with childs. In order to protect them and still provide for them, god allowed muslims to marry more than one. This is not a rule, but a . Please put these verses into context. I know this sounds chocking to some, but you need to open your mind and put things into perspective.

As for the prophet, he married one women as a normal man. Actually, she was much older and she married him!

As a prophet, he married much more. This was done for a reason. The tribes didn't appreciate that he would only choose one woman from one tribe, and leave the others. It is a question of honor, respect. Again, this might sound foreign to you, but you read and educate yourselves, then you might understand.

Look, at the end of the day, Islam gave a lot to women. 50 years ago, women couldn't run marathons in the US. Don't think you are so advanced. How many women are cheated nowdays in the West and are devastated because of it?

Darlene said...

To the gentlemen who said go to these places and talk with Muslims and you will see this is all lies - well as a woman I CAN'T go to these places and have a normal discussion with the men of the country can I. As a non muslim I leave myself open to rape which of course you won't consider rape.

Elliott Broidy said...

Fascinating research

Anonymous said...

To the author, thanks for this great article, it was really nicely made. And most of all, true.

To all those who still preach that islam is awesome and everybody's got their facts wrong:

We're not morons. We clearly see who are the most aggressive in our own countries. 98.6% (or 96.8%, I can't remember exactly)rapes in Britain/France are done by muslims. And ever since the mass immigration started, our crime rates just keep climbing uncontrollably.

You are worth jack shit. You're jealous of our peaceful and fruitful societies, then you come here and drive our economies to ruin because let's face it, you're not fit to work. All you're fit to do is steal and pillage.

All you do in exchange for our generosity and kindness is turn our otherwise great nations into shitholes just like the ones you crawled out from.

If you weren't such barbaric monsters, maybe we'd actually believe something you say.

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Anonymous said...

Great post - powerful title, So true indeed.
I see people are pouncing on 'this', or 'that', trying to pick apart minor details to call you out on; however the over-all gist, the main point(s), & the message that Islam has HUGE issues w/ sex in general, is so on point -

SEX & ISLAM are completely dysfunctional, through-out their totally fucked up & psychotic society - probably the most anywhere in the world! (Taboo Pink elephant in the room for Muslims)

See what happens when you repress?? (Just ask the Catholics! LOL) I enjoyed your posts quite a bit. This is why I take it a step further & throw Islam out in the trash, w/ ALL the RELIGIONS - FUCK all that SHIT! - because in one way or another, it's all the same sickness, ...just different symptoms!

PS) That said, I do concede ISLAM is the worst offender - the most wickedest, foulest, most arcane, ridiculous & back-ass-ward of the bunch! (& you're right, the "prophet" was a child-rapist, that is 100% true!)

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