Sunday, 24 January 2010

Islam, cultural self-loathing and postmodernism in academia


"All narratives are of equal worth"
- this is the malevolent dogma of Postmodernism in our (taxpayer-funded) universities.

Postmodernism is the anti-rational, anti-Western, culturally self-loathing pseudo-philosophy which permeates academia.

Postmodernism is a self-induced cancer which allows the alien virus of Islam to spread like a secondary infection throughout body of Western Civilization.

Postmodernist leftards regard Mo's barbaric dark-age death-cult as a 'narrative' of equal value to the products of Judeo-Christian culture . In fact Islam may be a superior narrative because it is the product of victimhood.

I would strongly advise Kuffars who wish to understand the threat that Islam poses to our civilization not only to study and critique Islam itself, but to understand and work against the suicidal and culturicidal self-loathing of Postmodernism.

"All narratives are of equal worth" - the PoMo dogma that dominates university arts, humanities and social studies departments. All narratives are socially constructed by dominant power groups - dead white males and Joooooooz being the usual suspects.

Postmodernism hasn't made much headway in science, engineering or mathematics departments, for reasons I'll come to in a moment.

Liar paradox
Neither is postmodernism taken seriously by most philosophers, because it is in effect self-contradictory. "All narratives are of equal worth" So, optimistically all narratives should be equally true.

Unfortunately for the leftards, diverse narratives contradict each other, so to maintain equality we must conclude that all narratives are equally false. However postmodernism is itself a narrative, so "all narratives are of equal worth" is as equally true/false as "some narratives are better than others". This is a variant of the old Cretan Paradox - 'Everything I say is a lie'. Pursue this line of reasoning far enough and the result will be insanity and/or left-wing politics.

Sokal Hoax
Some years ago there was an attempt by PoMo leftard Marxist sociologists to protray science as a socially constructed narrative (constructed by all those Joooooooish Nobel prize winners with the poor old Muslim-victims being so underrepresented ) . The logical outcome of this was if your culture said it was possible to float in the air then the socially-constructed Joooodeo-Christian (Newton and Einstein) laws of gravity would not apply to you as you stepped out of a sixth floor window.

This irrationalist obscurantist attack on science was debunked by the famous Sokal hoax, and the leftards have not been back since...

However the university faculties where logical thinking may be more of a handicap than a help greatly outnumber the science/philosophy/engineering faculties. There has been a vast proliferation of Departments of Indefinite Studies, Post-Colonialist Awareness, Multicultural Assertion, etc etc.

Sneering retards
Western culture is 'despised' because some aspects of it ARE DIFFICULT TO MASTER. Thus sneering cultural self-loathing is used as a cover for intellectual inadequacy.

In this dumbed down 'academic' environment, is it any wonder that Islam, which would have been laughed to scorn by previous generations, is now regarded as a subject worthy of study in its own right as a valid narrative, rather than being seen as a primitive cult of interest primarily to the anthropologist and historian? Of course Edward Said has a lot to answer for, coming along at just the right time to exploit the rise in postmodernism and post-colonial guilt.

Postmodernism is the fatal crack in the intellectual structure of Western civilisation through which the virus of Islam enters.

Moral equivalence is moral cowardice
Those people who use the 'moral equivalence argument' to compare Islam with other religions need to examine their own subconscious psychological motives. They are not only attempting to delude others, but are in deep denial and trying to delude themselves.

The conscious part of the argument takes the form "Christians and Jews have committed atrocities such as the McVeigh, Breivik and King David Hotel bombings, so Christianity and Judaism are just the same as Islam. Therefore Islam poses no special threat."

The fallacies are obvious: Christian and Jewish acts of terrorism are rare and infrequent; they are rejected by the majority of followers of the religions, go against the core teachings of the religions, and are committed by a few isolated loonies. In contrast, Islamic acts of terrorism are commonplace, are encouraged by the Koran and are supported, if not actually carried out, by a substantial proportion of Muslims.

The unconscious and self-deluding part of the moral equivalence argument is the refusal to face the fact that Islam is an intrisically violent totalitarian ideology that has infiltrated our civilization, and is bent on our conversion, subjugation or elimination. To acknowlege this would be deeply disturbing and well outside the comfort zone of most people (remember the popular enthusiasm for appeasement of Hitler and 'Peace in Our Time'?) . So we reassure ourselves, by the moral equivalence argument, that Islam is just like other religions.

It's far easier to stay in denial and regard Islam as being no more threat to our lives and culture than the Quakers or Lubavitcher Hasidim. That way we don't have to worry about the looming global clash of civizations, or think about the unpleasant courses of action that may be necessary to reduce the threat. We can leave that for our children to sort out.



Anonymous said...

I am not a postmodernist. I do not believe all narratives are of equal worth. I believe in absolutes, and I have no problem passing judgment on superiority and inferiority.

I believe Islam is absolutely superior and Western civilization is absolutely inferior.

Therefore you are being dishonest when you claim that all pro-Islam people are postmodernists or relativists. There are plenty of people who are pro-Islam simply because we have looked at both worldviews and found the Islamic worldview superior. Not necessarily perfect, which is why many pro-Islam people have not personally converted to Islam, but superior nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

"There are plenty of people who are pro-Islam simply because we have looked at both worldviews and found the Islamic worldview superior."

Y'mean the Islamic worldview that calls Jews the offspirng of apes and pigs, that calls them a virus like AIDS, that wants to exterminate every one of them around the world because their prophet and moon god demand it?

Y'mean the Islamic worldview that see Hitler as a hero and have made Mein Kampf required reading?

Y'mean the Islamic worldview that conquered 3/4 of the known world 100 years after Muhammed's death, destroyed thousands of cultures and societies, and raped, tortured, enslaved, and murdered 270 million people who did not acribe to their worldview?

The Islamic worldview that all other religions are abrogated by Islam, that Jesus and Moses are Muslim prophets and both subservient to Muhammed?

The Islamic worldview that insists upon making Sha'ria Law the only form of government permissable, that wantsw to establish a worldwide Caliphate?

I just love it when f**king illiterate libtards go off on something they know absolutely nothing about.

But, hey, thanks for playing along and I hope that hole in your head heals soon

Anonymous said...

"Y'mean the Islamic worldview that calls Jews the offspirng of apes and pigs"

Compared to the Western worldview that calls Muslims all the insults appearing on this blog? Yep.

"Y'mean the Islamic worldview that see Hitler as a hero"

Compared to the Western worldview that sees Churchill (supporter of Zionism) as a hero? Yep.

"Y'mean the Islamic worldview that conquered 3/4 of the known world 100 years after Muhammed's death"

Compared to the Western worldview that led to white supremacist colonialism, in contrast to the Islamic ummah where all Muslims are equal regardless of race? Yep.

"The Islamic worldview that all other religions are abrogated by Islam"

Islam does not say that; it says that there is only one ultimate truth and that many religions originally expressing that truth were later corrupted, which is strongly supported by history. Its point is that Muhammad was not creating a new religion but simply advocating a return to seeking truth rather than following corrupted systems.

Compared to the Western worldview which doesn't even recognize Islam as a religion? Yep.

"The Islamic worldview that insists upon making Sha'ria Law the only form of government permissable"

Compared to the Western worldview that drops bombs on countries that are non-democratic? Yep.

Islam is superior. By far.

Anonymous said... horse shit. Your prophet. is a child raping,cross dresser. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

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