Sunday, 20 March 2011

Islam's Jihad against Christmas

Jihad on Earth and ill-will toward Kuffars

The Christmas message of 'Peace on Earth and goodwill to all' is diametrically opposed to everything that Islam stands for, which is 'Jihad on earth until unbelievers are exterminated or converted, then more jihad to exterminate the wrong kind of Muslims' .

So it's no wonder that Islamists hate Christmas. Sometimes they attempt physical attacks in order to turn a time of celebration into a time of disaster, but more generally they work by infiltration and subversion to gradually remove Christmas from the public sphere (scroll down to 'Downgrading Christmas' for discussion of this aspect of cultural jihad).

Examples of Christmas bombing attacks are...

Muslims' failed Strasbourg Christmas Market attack 2000
Ten Islamic militants narrowly failed plot to blow up a Christmas market in Strasbourg in December 2000. The German court said the group had planned to blow up pressure cookers packed with explosives, a technique they allegedly learned in Afghan camps.

The target was the popular Strasbourg Christmas market set up around the city's cathedral, which was shown in a video with a voiceover by one of the four saying that the passers-by were the "enemies of God" and would burn in hell. Last month, Mr Tessier said the bombing "was avoided by a hair".

Muslim attempts to blow airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day
On Christmas Day 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a former UCL student, tried to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear and kill the 278 passengers and crew on Northwest Airlines' flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

German intel showed al-Qaeda operatives en route to country, Christmas markets a possible target
Such an attack would cause economic damage, with the additional symbolic impact of attacking an event related to a non-Muslim religious celebration.

Christmas tree bomber wanted to kill children.
Beslan showed us that Islamists delight in killing kafir children, and Christmas provides an ideal opportunity to do it. 'Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, attempted to detonate what he believed was an explosives-laden van at an annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon. However, undercover FBI agents had been monitoring his plans and had ensured that the "bomb" was a dud. FBI operatives apparently cautioned Mohamud several times about the seriousness of this plan, noting that there would be many children at the event. But Mohamud responded that he was looking for a "huge mass that will ... be attacked in their own element with their families celebrating the holidays," the court documents said.

Muslim tried to cause mass carnage among Swedish Christmas shoppers.
The wife of a suicide bomber has been arrested on suspicion of helping her husband bring terror to the streets of Sweden in the run-up to Christmas last year.

Read more:

It Just Isn't Christmas without a Muslim Bombing
...If gift wrapping and church going are Christmas traditions, carrying out massacres during other people's holiday celebrations is a Muslim tradition. In Israel, holidays are a time for extra special caution. The Passover massacre in which dozens of senior citizens attending a holiday meal were murdered, the Yom Kippur War in which Muslim armies invaded Israel on the holiest day of its year or the Purim bombing outside a Tel Aviv mall using a nail bomb, are just some of the obvious examples of Muslim religious tolerance at work.

It's not limited to Jews or Christians either. In 2008, a number of bombs went off in Delhi just before Diwali. And back in 1991, Muslims planned to massacre thousands of Hindus during Diwali. Had they succeeded, the death toll might have been bigger than 9/11. Nearly two decades ago, North America was put on alert that importing Muslim immigrants, also meant bringing along their genocidal tendencies. Like renting rooms to tenants whose dogs have a little rabies problem, importing Islam, also means bringing in the same people who have been murdering Christians, Jews, Hindus and countless others around the world, ever since Mohamed's namesake first preached that he had a unique revelation and an exclusive license to kill, rob, rape and subjugate in the name of Allah.

While the news stories will insist that Mohamed Osman Mohamud (twice the Mohammed for twice the mayhem) was "lured" into a life of terror, he was just doing what Muslims since the time of Mohammed have naturally done. "O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you", the Koran proclaims to the devout Muslim. For Mohamedx2, the "unbelievers" were grouping together at a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in downtown Portland. And his goal was simple enough, "I want whoever is attending that event to leave, to leave dead or injured."

While we may go on denying it, for Muslims this is a religious war. And what better target for terror, than an infidel's religious event?

The clergy at interfaith conferences may yammer on about how we're all the children of god, but Muslims know better. They are the slaves of Allah and we are heretics and idol worshipers. It's their duty to fight us, until we submit and accept Muslim rule. The more we resist, the more they're obligated to kill us until we give in and there's a mosque on every corner and the Koran replaces the Constitution. It's a religious duty for a Muslim to make the Way of Allah triumphant all across the globe. To Muslims, this is a sacred duty and a way of life, that is not a detail, but the heart of the Koran....

Read the rest at

Anti-terror squad arrest 12 men 'planning UK terror attack'
Christmas plot at advanced stage, say police. Twelve men were arrested early this morning in a major national counter-terrorism operation, police said today.

The men - five from Cardiff, four from Stoke-on-Trent and three from London - were detained on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism in the UK.

Read more:

WASHINGTON -- An Islamic extremist has threatened in an audiotaped message to set off bombs in countries celebrating Christmas.

"Your [Christmas] fireworks will act as an alarm for the time of our devices to blow up -- devices that we, not Santa Claus, are going to offer to you as gifts, to turn your night into day and your blood into rivers," said a member of the Shumukh al-Islam forum.

Hours later, a bomb blast wounded six people today during Christmas Mass at a church in the Philippines.

And in northern Nigeria last night, Islamist sect members launched a failed attack on a church during Christmas Eve services.

Downgrading Christmas
Apart from these violent attacks, Muslim infiltrators and subversives throughout the West are trying to downgrade and secularise Christmas, removing all its Christian associations to turn it into a politically correct 'Winterval'.

The motivations for this relentless campaign against Christmas are three-fold:

(1) Supremacism: to remove a Christian festival from its officially recognised place in the calendar.

(2) Protection of Muslim children from Christian influence.

(3) The Scrooge syndrome: resentment of kuffars having a good time.

How often have we seen Muslims carrying banners saying 'Islam will dominate'? This is one of their favorite slogans.

Muslims believe that Islam should be dominant and supreme over all other religions. So it enrages them to see a Christian festival having pride of place in the lands they are conquering. However, if they can't abolish Christmas they can secularise it, and strip it of its Christian associations, starting by taking the 'Christ' out of Christmas to give 'Winterval'.
Winterval is the officially recognised term in British local authorities in Muslim dominated areas, eg Birmingham:

UK: shopping center Santa banned — in case he offends non-Christians
"BOSSES have banned Santa from a shopping centre - in case he offends non-Christians.
The Scrooges struck at Birmingham's famous Bullring. A spokeswoman said: "We wish to be sensitive to people of other religions over the festive period. There are a lot of people in the region who are not Christians and do not celebrate Christmas."

The Wintervalisation of Christmas is very similar to their implacable drive to dominate public space in the lands of the kuffar:

2. Protection of Muslim children from Christian influence.
Christmas is a magical time for children, and Islam has nothing to compare with it. There are no seasonal festivals in Islam because the Islamic year is innaccurate (a few days short of the full 365 - Allah was useless at mathematics), consequently their festivals such as Eid gradually wander through the calendar from month to month and season to season.

Also, the baby Jesus is a far more attractive personality for children than the filthy old pedophile Mohammed, and the Christmas story - with its animals, star and wise men - is much more appropriate to those of tender years than the Muslim stories of Mohammed's antics with six year old Aisha.

"During the Christmas season, Christians all over the country illuminate their houses with lights, put up Christmas trees, and exchange gifts. TV is full of jingle bells and all the stores are decorated for Christmas. All this is very tempting to small children; children love putting up lights and decorating for holidays...

So it's no wonder that Muslim clerics rage against the 'Westoxication' of the younger generation by Christmas. Muslims are in any case forbidden celebrate any kuffar festival.

"O Muslims!
Celebrating the holidays and the occasions of the Kuffar is certainly Haram. You are not permitted to do it. Nor are your rulers allowed to make these (Kufr) holidays as official holidays, since it is an imitation of the Kuffar.

Imitating the Kuffar in any of their religious affairs or in any gesture that distinguishes them as groups is forbidden. Al-Bukhari narrated in his Sahih (book) that Abu Saeed Al-Khudri reported that Allah's Messenger said: "You will indeed follow the ways of those before you, hand span by hand span, and an arms length after another. Even if they enter into a lizards hole, you will follow them. We asked, is it the Jews and the Christians? He replied, Who else!"

This hadith condemns imitating them. It is a proof for the prohibitions of imitating the Jews and the Christians in their occasions, symbols, or any matter related to their belief.

Celebrating the holidays of the kuffar is an act of imitation which is forbidden in Islam. Allah's Messenger warned us against it. At-Tirmidhi narrated that Ibn Abbas reported that the Prophet said: "He is not one of us who imitates other than us. Do not imitate the Jews or the Christians."

Muslim lawyer brands Christmas 'evil'
Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary has branded Christmas "evil" in a sermon posted on the internet. The lawyer, who recently praised the Mumbai terror attacks, urged all Muslims to reject traditional Christmas celebrations, claiming that they are forbidden by Allah.

"Decorating the house, purchasing Christmas trees or having Christmas turkey meals are completely prohibited by Allah. Many still practise this corrupt celebration as a remembrance of the birth of Jesus.

"How can a Muslim possibly approve or participate in such a practice that bases itself on the notion Allah has an offspring?
(Like his three daughters?)

The very concept of Christmas contradicts and conflicts with the foundation of Islam.
"Every Muslim has a responsibility to protect his family from the misguidance of Christmas, because its observance will lead to hellfire."

Nativity plays are politically incorrect
Many schools in Britain are now banning the traditional nativity play as part of the process of creeping Islamisation:

Santa Claus banned due to complaints from Muslims:
Santa Claus, as portrayed by Dennis Jackson, won't be visiting students at the Head Start classes in St. Peter this year.

Jackson has made appearances the past four years at the classes for students who need help preparing for school, but this year officials said, "No, no, no."

The reason: The classes have many immigrant children who don't celebrate Christmas, says the Mankato Free Press.

Santa's a little frosted, the paper says.

It kind of burnt me up," he said.

The official explanation from Chris Marben, who coordinates regional Head Start programs through Mankato-based Minnesota Valley Action Council: "We have Somali families in the program. We're respecting the wishes of families in the program."

She didn't say how many objections were made, but said more than one would be enough to cancel Santa.

"The simple truth is that southern Minnesota has become a much more culturally diverse society than it was a few decades ago," she told the paper. "Part of our challenge in Head Start is providing an environment where young children from many different cultures can all feel comfortable."...

Muslim teacher in carol concert tirade is made Ofsted inspector

A hardline Muslim teacher who caused a furore by denouncing pupils for celebrating Christmas has been made a Government schools inspector.

Israr Khan's Ofsted appointment was described by a former colleague as 'absolutely astonishing'.

Mr Khan, now headmaster of an Islamic school, launched into his tirade during a concert rehearsal at Washwood Heath Secondary School in Birmingham in 1996 after the choir including around 40 Muslim youngsters, had sung a number of popular Christmas songs, including carols.

He leapt from his seat, yelling: "Who is your God? Why are you saying Jesus and Jesus Christ? God is not your God - it is Allah."

As children in the audience began booing and clapping, a number of choir members - both white and Asian - walked out, some in tears.

Mr Khan, a maths teacher, was asked to work from home pending an investigation but there was no disciplinary action.

It has been claimed that Washwood Heath school was then a 'hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism'. Rashid Rauf - the airline terror bomb suspect whose extradition is currently being sought from Pakistan - was a pupil there at that time.

Mr Khan left Washwood Heath a year later to found the independent Islamic Hamd House Preparatory School in Small Heath, Birmingham, where he is headmaster.

Earlier this year, he was appointed as a governor of Anderton Park Primary School, in Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

A former Washwood Heath colleague laughed openly when told of Mr Khan's role as an Ofsted inspector where he has the responsibility for passing or failing schools.

He said: "Given the man's history, it's absolutely astonishing. It's just the cheek of the man that he's been able to reach that position. He always was an extremely clever man.

"He gave me many insights into the Islamic cause and their hatred of the US and the Western World. He had a big support base among some of the Muslim parents.

"But there were some very influential, radical elements at Washwood Heath at that time and Israr Khan was very close to all that."

Earlier this year, Anderton Park, where 99.5 per cent of the pupils are Asian, received a dismal Ofsted report which branded its teaching and its achievements as inadequate.

One Muslim father, who asked to be known only as Mohammed, said: "As a governor, Mr Khan will be able to exert a great deal of influence over the school and its policies.

"By his previous actions, he seems to represent what I would call a hardcore attitude to Islam."

Mr Khan declined to comment about his appointment, waving questions away at his large home in Moseley, Birmingham.

An Ofsted spokesman said: "Israr Khan was appointed as an additional inspector via a highly competitive recruitment and selection process. He has undergone all the relevant security checks."

3. Resentments against kuffars enjoying themselves.

The Ayatollah Khomeini made Scrooge look the Party Animal of the Year: "Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious." -- Ayatollah Khomeini

Fanatics from a banned Islamic hate group have launched a nationwide poster campaign denouncing Christmas as evil.

Organisers plan to put up thousands of placards around the UK claiming the season of goodwill is responsible for rape, teenage pregnancies, abortion, promiscuity, crime and paedophilia.

They hope the campaign will help 'destroy Christmas' in this country and lead to Britons converting to Islam instead.

The placards, which have already appeared in parts of London, feature an apparently festive scene with an image of the Star of Bethlehem over a Christmas tree.

But under a banner announcing 'the evils of Christmas' it features a message mocking the song the 12 Days of Christmas.

It reads: 'On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me an STD (sexually transmitted disease).

'On the second day debt, on the third rape, the fourth teenage pregnancies and then there was abortion.'

According to the posters, Christmas is also to responsible for paganism, domestic violence, homelessness, vandalism, alcohol and drugs.

Another offence of Christmas, it proclaims, is 'claiming God has a son'.

The bottom of the poster declares: 'In Islam we are protected from all of these evils. We have marriage, family, honour, dignity, security, rights for man, woman and child.'

The campaign's organiser is 27-year-old Abu Rumaysah, who once called for Sharia Law in Britain at a press conference held by hate preacher leader Anjem Choudary, the leader of militant group Islam4UK.

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson banned Islam4UK group earlier this year, making it a criminal offence to be a member, after it threatened to protest at Wootton Bassett, the town where Britain honours its war dead.

Mr Rumaysah told the Mail that he was unconcerned about offending Christians.

He said: 'Christmas is a lie and as Muslims it is our duty to attack it.

'But our main attack is on the fruits of Christmas, things like alcohol abuse and promiscuity that increase during Christmas and all the other evils these lead to such as abortion, domestic violence and crime.

'We hope that out campaign will make people realise that Islam is the only way to avoid this and convert.'

Mr Rumaysah, who said his campaign was not linked to any group, boasted that the posters would be put up in cities around the country, including London, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Read more:

How miserable Muslims use Christmas Lights to teach their children to hate kuffars
"After you have fully explained to them the differences, and informed them in regard to the extreme Kufr that the decorations and lights are representing in pagan religions and in Christianity, ask them what they think of the lights and decorations now. Most likely, their response will be dramatically changed!

The distinction between a hasty incomplete answer and one with a full explanation is that you are not leaving room for lingering curiosity and also are not undermining their intelligence or opinion. By respecting their intelligence and opinion you are opening their minds to listen.

With an honest, straightforward explanation, you will, Insha Allaah, be able to take all the sparkle out of the lights, and instead, turn on the light of knowledge in their mind."

Interfaith harmony through carols
So perhaps we should modify our Christmas celebrations to appease miserable Muslims. Here's a list of Christmas carols which could be rewritten to be more acceptable to the Religion of Peace:

Bang Bang Verily You Die
Bombing in a Winter Wasteland
Death to the World
Do They Know It's Jihad?
Frosty the Boobytrap
Hijacked Three Ships
I'm Dreaming of a Shi'ite Christmas
I Stoned Mommy for Kissing Santa Claus
Jingle Belts
Little Bomber Boy
No-go Town of Bethlehem
Oh Come all ye Fanatical
Oh TannenBOOM
Repulsive Jews Below
Slay Ride
While Shepherds Screwed Their Flocks

Wreck the Halls

...and of course, that all time favorite, Violent Night...



Anonymous said...

Lots of truth in this article.
In Malaysia, the islamic religous department has forbidden muslims from saying "Merry Christmas"!

Anonymous said...

brilliant!!! Bravo!

McKuffar said...

I can't understand the Muslims' objection to Christmas. I'm sure Mohammed would have really enjoyed playing Santa Claus...
"Ho Ho Ho, come and sit on my knee little girl, and let's talk about the first thing that comes up!"

ASMASS said...

what is jihad?what is rules of war?kill women and children allow islaam?

Anonymous said...

Dutch-Moroccan Muslim youth threw stones at a Santa Claus in the Slotervaart section of Amsterdam. In recent years, the festivities surrounding the arrival of “Sint” to the Netherlands have been cancelled in several cities as a result of threats and violence perpetrated by radicalized Muslim youth in the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

Montreal: Muslims force removal of Nativity scene from Town Hall

"Why remove an old, established tradition?" Because it conflicts with modern, politically correct sensibilities. And the removal of the Jewish and Christian symbols from the Town Hall just happens to coincide with the Sharia prohibition on dhimmis making public display of their faith. What a coincidence.

Dhimmitude in Montreal: "Nativity scene removed from Montreal-area town hall," by Christine Bouthillier for QMI Agency, December 5 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

MONTREAL - A posh Montreal suburb has decided to remove a nativity scene and menorah from town hall rather than acquiesce to demands from a Muslim group to erect Islamic religious symbols.

The decision by the Town of Mount Royal upsets a Christian resident who says the town is abandoning an established tradition under pressure from a tiny religious minority.

Town councillors of several different religions unanimously decided to remove the Christian and Jewish items.

They had been displayed in front of the municipal building for the past 15 years.

"We asked ourselves if we were willing to display (symbols of) the five major religions," said Mayor Philippe Roy.

"This is not the role of the city, which is a secular public institution."

The decision comes amid a larger debate about the place of religion in public institutions.

Quebec's highest court has agreed to hear an appeal of a ruling that barred councillors in Saguenay, Que., from praying before their meetings.

Saguenay Mayor Jean Tremblay has been spearheading a legal, financial and public-relations crusade to support his right to lead the short prayer.

The battle has pitted Tremblay against the province's human rights tribunal as well as the Quebec Secular Movement.

Carla Mariano, a Christian resident of Mount Royal, tells QMI Agency that her town's decision to remove the manger is an affront to Canada's Judeo-Christian heritage.

"Why remove an old, established tradition?" she asked. "Does the council have the right to unilaterally remove it? Shouldn't it be up to citizens?"

Always On Watch said...

My husband and I are going Christmas shopping next week. I just hope that some islamomaniac doesn't pick that day to hit one of the malls.

Anonymous said...

And then their is achmed--

Anonymous said...

islam is not a religion it is a death cult. which rightfully ought to have died along with it's maker 1400 yrs ago.

Anonymous said...

Thr root cause of islam calling the christains in Europe . USA, Etc is because I remember very clearly An English anglo saxon catholic preacher lamenting;' Europeans have rejected their treasure trove Jesus Christ Who gave power to rule over all nations. That was in 1978 and the results are now in UK, USA, Canada, Europe, etc. for us Goan christains to lament with you.Surrender to Jesus Christ. Hope will return like in the days of Winston Curchill. Vengence is of God. Violence itself will destroy muslims and muslim nations. Are we ready to follow in the foot steps of Jesus and his legacy , the church with the power of the Holy Sacrements at our disposal ? If we continue to reject Christ then lust and greed of the passing world will get us; and make us give credence to evil islam and muslims.Yes, we will be exchanging the truth for lies. Merry Christmas.

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