Sunday, 20 March 2011

Islam is not a religion

Islam is a bogus cult masquerading as a religion

Islam claims to be a religion and enjoys all the privileges and protections of a religion, for example:

- It's blasphemous to criticise its founder, even though he was a mass-murdering paedophile.

- It's a hate-crime to damage the Koran, even though it's as evil as Mein Kampf.

- The members of this cult enjoy immunity from prosecution for things that would land everybody else in jail, purely because they claim that inciting hatred, mutilating little girls, having multiple wives etc are part of their 'religious' observances.

So is it time to consider whether we should stop classifying Islam as a religion, and so neutralise its undeserved demands for reverance, respect and immunity from 'man-made laws'?

But if Islam isn't a religion, what is it?
There's a very good case for regarding Islam as an international criminal conspiracy , and/or a totalitarian political organisation rather than a religion. It certainly has far more in common with both the Mafia and the Nazi party than it does with real religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism.

Islam could even be classed as a contagious mental illness similar to rabies.

Real religions try to bring out the best in people: Islam does the opposite.

The following article, Demoting Islam's Religion Status, written by Martel Sobiesky (possibly not his real name) , first appeared in The New Media Journal:

"One thing is certain, Islam is not a religion by anything Americans believe one to be - not even close. In fact, Islam is the antithesis of what we deem to be religious. Above all, Islam is a totalitarian political machine of blood thirsty conquest which zealously advocates the downfall of the U.S. government. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world…” because he was 100% non-political. In extreme contrast, Mohammed and the Koran bellicosely command your kingdom is my kingdom, surrender or die! Let’s be to the point. It is sheer madness, exceedingly irresponsible, criminally negligent, and strategically suicidal to continue granting religion status to an absolutely aggressive and implacable ideology that demands the destruction of our government and all other religions.

It is well past time, the truthful facts be told about Islam. Our leadership and intelligence community have lied and lied again, referring to Islam as a religion of peace. If Islam is to be categorized as a religion - then it must be called what it truthfully is - a religion of war. Unfortunately our leadership has become so inept, they have chosen to be in denial of this obvious fact, and entertain fanciful notions - that by calling a “blood thirsty tiger” a “bunny rabbit” it will magically transform into one.

This means, we now have America’s Sugar Plum Fairy National Security Policy: All of the Islamofascists can be won over by simply labeling them “friends”. How dare we even utter the word enemy, which might upset them. We now have a national security mantra: Islam is perfect! Islam is perfect! Islam is perfect!

The purpose of this article is to introduce that Islam’s religion status is undeserving, that it should never have been granted in the first place, and that its religion status should be immediately rescinded.

Why? Because Islam whether you call it moderate, militant, main stream, traditional or radical is a relentless foe inherently programmed to conqueror its host nation. Fail to understand this point and Islam will continue “trashing” civil liberties, shedding bloody pandemonium, wreaking havoc, litigating as warfare, demanding special privileges, and instigating anarchy until its host country suffers irreparable harm if not outright defeat. Such is the virulent modus operandi being used by Islam in England, Spain, India, France, Thailand, Holland, Bali, Lebanon, Denmark, Sweden, Philippines, Russia, America and elsewhere.

Perhaps, this is why Dr. Paul Williams author of “The Dunes of Doomsday” so truthfully and valiantly states in Chapter 1 “Refusing to Identify the Enemy”:
“The enemy is Islam. Not a fringe group within the body of believers...Not radical Islam as if a faction can be separated from the “mainstream” Islam. But Islam itself, as expressed by the life and teachings of Muhammad...”

An Imposter Religion
To put it bluntly Islam’s religion status should be rescinded because it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a Trojan horse, an imposter religion that has arrived on our shore with malicious intent, deathly determined to replace our constitution with the Koran, and turn America into an Islamic nation controlled by Sharia law. Robert Spencer in his excellent book, “Stealth Jihad” (How Radical Islam Is Subverting America Without Guns or Bombs), explains how so-called moderate Islam is having greater success at invading America than its counterpart militant Islam. Shockingly, one may rightly conclude that America is now being conquered without Islam even having to fire a shot. Have we really become that docile, self complacent and pathetic? The answer is Yes!

The Sham of Moderate Islam
Does this mean that even so-called moderate Muslims are hostile to America? It certainly does. Moderate Muslims support the conquest of America with fervor equal to that of the militant Muslims. They cunningly play the role of the “good cop” in their good cop, bad cop charade deceiving we gullible Americans. In fact, the “two hands” of Islam aspire to choke the life out of America. One hand is called militant Muslims; the other hand is called moderate Muslims. These “two hands” work together, in their Koranically mandated asphyxiation pogrom, of strangling America into submission. This point cannot be overemphasized.

In 1974 Algerian President Boumendienne made a prophetic statement to the United Nations General Assembly:

“One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.”

How accurately prophetic he was. Today, one can see no assimilation by Muslims in their host nations and they frequently exhibit open hostility turning entire cities into Moslem enclaves which the police are reluctant to enter. In addition, their birthrate is four times the European average creating a large cash deficient within the social welfare system. It is hardly an exaggeration to say, the Moslem immigration is like a “swarm of invading locusts” devouring everything in their path.

Dutch Politician Geert Wilders, having suffered firsthand the “devouring” of his nation by so-called moderate Islam, unflinchingly states in his article, “The Islamization of Europe”…“There is no Moderate Islam”. The United States, like all besieged western democracies, must heed Geert Wilders warning if they wish to protect themselves. Clearly, the safe harbor of religion status enables the “two hands” of Islam to launch clandestine raids upon their host nation, sapping at its vitals from within.

A Road to Hell
The severity of the moderate Islam invasion is thoroughly understood by Islamic experts like Amil Amani. In his article, “A Bridge to ‘Moderate’ Islam Is In Fact a Road to Hell.” He emphatically warns there is no such thing as moderate Islam and to call it so is an oxymoron, a contradiction. Specifically he states:

“Since moderate Islam is oxymoronic, any moderacy in Islam is in fact incompatible and in conflict with essential Islam, its power structure and its controlling proponents...Islam is not personally or spiritually relevant. It is political, which is why it may never separate itself from government. Adherence is not a matter of voluntary devotion, but of the law, and violators are severely punished, including capital punishment...”

Another enlightened expert who has personally witnessed that moderate Islam is a road to hell is Brigitte Gabriel. In her book, “Because They Hate” she gives a clarion call describing how the ruse of moderate Islam turned her home country of Lebanon into a “living nightmare.” She states:

“We were renowned for our hospitality, good heartedness, and generosity, just as America is known for the same qualities today. Sadly, those same qualities were the cause of our destruction...We did not realize that the intolerant Islamic side of our culture was gaining strength on the back of our western openness and pride in diversity.”

Most likely, Brigitte Gabriel would agree that providing religion status to Islam, believing main stream Islam to be moderate, was a major contributor to the destruction of Lebanon. The key point is that so-called moderate Muslims are as fiercely intolerant as militant Muslims, but are more skillful at concealing their agenda and deceiving their host nation until the time is right for them to strike. Brigitte Gabriel tells how usually peaceful Muslim neighbors who had befriended them for decades all of a sudden rose up to kill non-Muslims.

Murderous Intolerance
Such murderous intolerance is fully entrenched within Islam. The so-called moderates fully support these murderous attacks in their “hidden hearts”, rarely paying even lip service to the contrary. Their silence has been “deafening.” Why? Because they dare not challenge the inviolate precedents set by their prophet which would be a capital offense. For example, in 623 A.D. Mohammed was infuriated with the female poet Asma Bint Marwan for criticizing him, and sent his henchman to kill her and her five children. They ripped the infant from her breast and hacked it to pieces before her very eyes. They then made her watch the murder of her other four children, before raping and stabbing her repeatedly to death. After the butchery Mohammed told his henchman, “You have done a service to Allah and his Messenger.”

The killing of persons who criticize Islam has never abated and perhaps is even more alive today than in the 7th century. A few years ago in the U.S. an Egyptian Christian, his wife and two children had their throats cut for challenging Islam, mistakenly believing our free speech laws would protect them. Nearly every day one hears of some gruesome murder, decapitation, or other violent crime committed by contemporary Muslims who are emulating the example of their prophet.

The Heart War
99.9% of all Muslims have a deeply held secret agenda (wish) that Islam will conquer their host country and turn it into an Islamic nation such is their indelible religious conditioning. This obvious fact has been completely neglected, ignored, avoided and shunned by the leadership of western democracies to their great detriment, including America.

Fortunately we have one Islamic expert who is trying to awaken our leadership and his sleeping counterparts in the defense department and intelligence community. He is truly a “shinning star” and a person of insightful wisdom who should be promoted to the highest positions. Major Stephen Collins Coughlin has written a 333 page thesis entitled, “To Our Great Detriment”. On pages 171-175 he provides a quote that reveals the concealed heart of so-called moderate Muslims. The Caliph (Pope) of the Ottoman empire spelled out what has always been the irrefutable law for all Muslims without exception:

“The heart war - and that is the lowest form of the war. And it is that the Muslim should believe in his heart that the infidels are enemies to him and to his religion, and that he should desire their disappearance and the destruction of their power, And no Muslim can be imagined who is not under obligation to this degree of war. Verily, all the people of the faith are under obligation to this amount without any question whatever, in whatever place they may be...”

Permit me to make a grim prediction: Any country that continues to provide religion status to Islam believing that moderate Muslims will save the day has been “sucker punched” and is guaranteed to suffer great havoc and disruptive chaos. The proof is undeniable, look at the mayhem Islam has inflicted upon all western democracies over the past 20 years. The self destructive formula is simple: provide religion status to the sham of moderate Islam and your country will suffer great devastation.

Never before in human history has a nation’s leadership and intelligence community been so easily duped, confounded, played for fools, infiltrated and manipulated by enemy propagandists and apologists. Our leadership has become so pusillanimous in the face of Islamic bullying and brow beating, they have become their lackeys, aiding and abetting the invasion of the very nation they are suppose to protect. The situation is critical. The demoting of Islam’s religion status will turn the tide and send a clear-cut message to Islam that the dust of Allah is no longer befogging our vision enabling them to conqueror us.

So what do you think? Is Islam's status as a religion undeserved? Should Counterjihadists work towards having its religious status (and all the perks that go with it) removed?


Tim said...

Your quote: "The proof is undeniable, look at the mayhem Islam has inflicted upon all western democracies over the past 20 years."

Response: Is the "mayhem" being inflicted an extreme reaction of a people who have suffered sanctions, bombings, mass killings, rapes, the theft of their natural resources, etc by western governments who claim to be Judeo-Christian democracies?

If someone entered your residence to do you or your family harm, wouldn't the natural reaction be to seek justice and to defend yourself? If you were denied justice, denied the ways and meas to defend your home, and your grievances weren't met by those who have the power to assist you, what type of response would we expect from you?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Many aspects of Islam are misunderstood by non-Muslims/and some Muslims; due to ignorance, misinformation, and incorrect assumptions. Today, Islam is surrounded by many misconceptions, false attributions and stereotypes, as well as terrorism. Deliberate distortion and exaggerations, play a role in its negative portrayal and representation.

It is unmerited to Judge Muslims and Islam based on the actions of those who commit terrible crimes against Innocent people "as proof of the violent nature of Islam and Muslims".

I hope the following links provide a better understanding, which is vital for peaceful coexistance.

It is sad to see those who spread false assumptions and hatred between Jews, Christians and Muslims. They are only feeding extremism, not peace.

Anonymous said...

Islamic invaders invaded these lands long ago. If they are being bombed now, its only because they are the same idiots they always were. Islam is Satanic. Mohammed was a demon-possessed servant of the Devil. The voices claiming to be Allah were demon-spirits, and Mohammed's life PROVES BEYOND ALL DOUBT he was a servant of the devil and all that is evil. Muslims need to leave Israel--none of their land belongs to these Arab interlopers.

Anonymous said...

Islam is slavery and rape.

Anonymous said...

It's written 'cuz it's true and it's true 'cuz it's written. That's the kind of answer you will get confronting believers. Other sources are appocryphs and deserve at best to be burned into large autodafe.

Evana said...

May your eyes open to the truth very soon

Anonymous said...

For a real understanding of true Islam, you need to read fully and carefully the source books i.e. the Koran, Hadiths and the Sira.

Then, you will understand that there is no such thing as a "moderate" muslim. So-called "moderate muslims" are not fully practicing muslims!
Practicing muslims must follow the example of their Prophet Mohammad in every detail! Mohammad is the role model of all muslim men.
So, they are expected to murder, rape, pillage, loot and conquer either by force or cunning (taqiyya) the whole world. Muslims tell me that its their bounden duty to produce as many children as possible so that they can fill the whole world with muslims! That's why polygamy is so strongly emphasized in their religion. Then they can impose Sharia on the whole world and make every government Sharia compliant.

Anonymous said...

99% of so-called moderate muslims are very careful to keep silent about radical extremists and violence against non muslims.
That's because these moderate muslims condone violence (jihad) against non muslims!

The moderates always tell us that the vast majority of muslims are not terrorists! Taqiyya (lies and deception). They are quietly condoning and secretly supporting the violent islamic brothers!
This is the reason why islamic terrorism (jihadism) is increasing around the world! Terrorists need funding, training grounds (often provided by Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia) moral support and manpower. Their funding is often from countries like Libya and the Ummah around the world.
Mosques collect donations from muslims, and due to deliberately poor accounting records, lots of money is often unaccounted for. This missing money is secretly sent to various jihadists (terrorist) organisations around the world. The OIC and other front islamic organisations are also involved!

Anonymous said...

the blog can be summed up as;


The lazyness of the Christian Right these days is so amazing

Anonymous said...

Islam is not religion, its a way of life, much like Bhuddism. Unfortunately, neither you nor half the people who call themselves muslim, really know what Islam is. Try understanding what islam actually means not throught so-called muslims or their act, by reading the only authorised book, Quran. Arabic is the real edition, the english translations are just human work. Try for once, understand what it really means, before you go out and spreading what you are not sure of.

Good Luck..

Anonymous said...

what to say,that when a person is not reconizing islam as a relegion,because some hard liner are domenated the peace loving majority,it ios well established fact that these hard lineres are are sponsered by the sauides,not only in amercia but in the islamic world also,they have the belife that who so ever is not in line to them(sauides) to punshment,even should be killed,but alas americian high up are supporting them

Anonymous said...

i now know why muslms hate christians and are not ok with them

Anand Umachagi said...

Truth is bitter. Yes islam is religion of hate mongers and self motives of creating islamic world in thier hidden agenda. Who else is better understood than indians. We are suffering it from 500 years now and its going on. They kill non muslims and teach hatred towards other religion to their kids. But if you look at other religions like hindus siks and christians they have no conflict in our contry but because of them our own country is looking like dangerous because of our bloody politicians who wants only vote bank politics and gain power to rule. They are not even muslims but they want power so supporting such a dangerous religion for power hundry bast*rds. I feel world should wake up and say no more to this voilent from that religion and destroy them forever. If person wants to check the fact come to our nation india and do secrete research you will know the truth. I am totally against islam its really hurting humanity. If go to pakistan you realise their even their subgroup called shia's and sunnis fithing to create their own country. Wherever the muslims present there you expect mindless killings and terrorrism. This is what i have experienced and its bitter truth.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You are an idiot!

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