Sunday, 20 March 2011

Islam and the Mafia - amazing similarities.

Umma Nostra - the Ultimate Criminal Conspiracy.

(1) Once you're in either organization you can't leave voluntarily (apostasy). The only way out is death.

(2) Members of the Mafia and Islam regard themselves as 'family' - even when unrelated.

(3) Outsiders can't be trusted and shouldn't be befriended, though they may be used to benefit the syndicate.

(4) Contracts are taken out on enemies ( fatwas in Islam and other rewards for killing enemies. )

(5) Protection rackets and extortion (jizya in Islam.)

(6) Crime and predatory activities against outsiders are an accepted way of life (looting and pillaging the kuffars is approved by Allah)

(7) Parallel law systems are enforced with no respect for the law of the land ('Omerta' and Sharia )

(8) Financed from prostitution (especially child prostitutiion in the case of Islam)

(9) Financed from the narcotics trade.

(10) Major recruitment in jails.

(11) Police are infiltrated and corrupted to serve the mob.

(11) Extreme levels of violence.

Predatory cult
The difference between predatory cults such as Islam and real religions, is that a true religion attempts to bring out the best in people, whereas a predatory cult does the opposite.

Muslims inhabit a different moral universe from the rest of us, where good is evil and evil is good, if it serves the purposes of Islam.

While other religions teach goodwill to mankind, Islam teaches hostility to all non-members of the cult.

Jesus, in the parable of the Good Samaritan, taught his followers to help all people in need, irrespective of their religion. Jews are commanded to be a light unto the nations. The Buddha taught compassion for all suffering beings.

But in Islam, charity applies only to fellow Muslims, and in fact many Islamic charities are money-launderers for jihad.

There is no Golden Rule in Islam. There is no place for conscience in Islam. Peel away the thin veneer of religiosity, and all you find is vicious, primitive, predatory tribalism.

Once you remove Islam's 'religious' disguise, you are left with nothing more than a thuggish, insidious, murderous, seditious, tribal, predatory criminal conspiracy. There is no place for Islam in Britain or anywhere else in the West. Its entire ethos is totally opposed to civilized society.


foxmuldar said...

Wow, what a great comparison. And it so true. Islam is nothing more the another Maffia under the guise of Islam. Now if only our political leaders would have the balls to admit to this fact instead of bending over and kissing Muslim asses.

Anonymous said...

Many or our political leaders are frightened of islam. They also want to be politically correct.

Some of these politicians have been bribed by the OIC.

Sheila said...

Here is a real shocker. A Muslim journalist & publisher gained the trust of the US Congress and they passed a resolution in 2007 supporting him in what looked like oppression by his country, Bangladesh. But this guy is actually getting paid to promote North Korea in his newspaper and operates like a Mafia man in his other businesses. His name is Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. No one has yet revoked that embarrasing Resolution 64 supporting him.

Anonymous said...

WOW. I always suspected, that the muslims operate like a mafia gang. "you strike us, we strike back" kind of thing. Thanks for pointiing out more similarities.

steve said...

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