Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sweden - Muslim man compensated for insulting Swedish woman

Muslim respect for Swedish women

'We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.
- Jens Orback

From UPI

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- A Swedish court ruled Monday in favor of a Muslim man who lost unemployment benefits after refusing a female executive's handshake, court documents indicate. Stockholm District Court ordered Sweden's National Public Employment Agency to pay $8,000 to the man, who was withdrawn from a labor market training program after refusing the handshake at a company with which he was going to intern, The Local reported.

The court ruled the agency knew the man's religious convictions prevented him from shaking hands with women he did not know.
The company decided to cancel the internship offer, saying he did not have required skills and experience. The agency dropped him from the training program and as a result the man lost his job seeker's allowance in May 2006. He reported the experience to Sweden's Discrimination Ombudsman, who found in the man's favor.

The court ordered the payment in compensation for violation of religious freedom.
Although the violation appeared to have occurred unintentionally, the court said, the man had as a result suffered significant consequences and financial loss.

Litigation jihad
$8000 for insulting a woman - yet another example of dhimmis paying the jizya (protection money) in response to lawfare and litigation jihad.

So discrimination against invading Muslims trumps discrimination against Swedish women?

Sweden is in as bad a state as Britanistan - if not worse. Islamically motivated rape and sadistic sexual humiliation of women and children have reached epidemic proportions.

Jens Orback, Minister for Democracy, Metropolitan Affairs, Integration and Gender Equality from the Social Democratic Party said "We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us."

Sorry Mr Orback, it doesn't work like that - there's no ethics of reciprocity in Islam. Instead there's a system of give and take: We give, they take.

Predatory cult
The difference between predatory cults such as Islam and real religions, is that a true religion attempts to bring out the best in people, whereas a predatory cult does the opposite.

Muslims inhabit a different moral universe from the rest of us, where good is evil and evil is good, if it serves the purposes of Islam.

While other religions teach goodwill to mankind, Islam teaches hostility to all non-members of the cult.

Jesus, in the parable of the Good Samaritan, taught his followers to help all people in need, irrespective of their religion. Jews are commanded to be a light unto the nations. The Buddha taught compassion for all suffering beings.

But in Islam, charity applies only to fellow Muslims, and in fact many Islamic charities are money-launderers for jihad.

There is no Golden Rule in Islam. There is no place for conscience in Islam. Peel away the thin veneer of religiosity, and all you find is vicious, primitive, predatory tribalism, with Swedish women being prime targets for this savagery.

As well as the various forms of organized premeditated jihad, Muslims are psychologically primed to be opportunist jihadists, spontaneously attacking their prey like packs of hyenas as soon as they sense they have the numerical advantage. Islam legitimizes and encourages predatory attacks on infidels.

This kind of spontaneous, opportunistic jihad is exemplified by the 'Street Jihad' attacks in Europe, and Islamic gang rapes such as that of Lara Logan.

Most religions have a restraining influence on anti-social behavior, but Islam has precisely the opposite effect due to deliberate destruction of the conscience.

Islam incites and excuses crime against infidels. Because of their arrogant sense of supremacy and automatic entitlement, Muslims regard infidels not as fellow human beings, but as walking opportunities for plunder , parasitism and rape.

Islam is not a religion. It is an international criminal conspiracy like the Mafia .

Why we must stop legitimizing Muslim grievances
'There is no surer path to Muslim violence than through the legitimization of Muslim grievance. And once you accept the legitimacy of the grievance, then you are also bound to accept the legitimacy of the violence that follows.

Violence begins with grievance. Grievance is the pretext for violence and the narrative for the violence. Liberals make a fetish of separating the grievance from the violence, emphasizing constructive means of resolving the grievance. But what do you do when the grievance and the violence are inseparable?

Grievance is the stories that Muslims tell themselves to justify their violence. To explain why they kill children and why they murder the innocent. The list of grievances is an endless as the violence. Every act of violence carries its own narrative. The endless Muslim conflicts throughout the world all carry their burden of history. But it isn't a history that can be resolved with a tolerance session... More


Jeff said...

I wish I could get $8,000.00 for refusing to shake somebody's hand. But I guess I would have to be a Muslim in order to receive such extravagant benefits.


Anonymous said...

What profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul??
Embrace the loving Christ Jesus and be saved from this dark and crazy world.

Ann-Marie said...

And then he took his money and travelled back to his country on vacation!

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would want to shake a Muslims hand?

Anonymous said...

with a muslim agent in the white house, we'd best get busy to save ourselves....

Anonymous said...

Get to work Sweden trust me when I tell you that you need to get rid of that cancer. Fuck those sand niggers, take a page out of America and discriminate them like we do. You will be better off without those lunatics in your beautiful country. America fuck yeah.

Adam said...

regarding your comment, Allah knows all things, and yes he does know who will pass and who fail the test BUT the reason we are here is so that on the day of judgement we will be witnesses against or for ourselves depending on our level of sincerity, humbleness and righteousness. Not to mention our deeds good and bad.

Yes, he could have just put us where our final destination is without sending us here, but such is the mercy of Allah that he will let mankind stay on earth for an appointed time and then sentence them when the prescribed period comes to pass i.e death then ressurection.

Furthermore, i dont know about christian doctrine regarding this matter but muslims know that God is not in this universe. Nor is he bound by the laws thereof (space and time, matter, life, death, age, gender etc) and neither is he in a rush, for he is most patient and ever living.

We beleive God is Above all things and He Alone with no partners is All Seeing & All Hearing so He does not need to be right infront of us to hear us or see us.

I hope you now understand a little better. If you would like to debate with me then please feel free to send me a message on my youtube page (2umone)

Anonymous said...

ummmmmm you see muslim intolerence
why are people such haters against muslims
what did we do to you guys
we are people like you
jus with different beliefs
p.s islam is based on peace and submission

K. Barry said...

Ok, if you are people just like us..why aren't you speaking out against this violence and intolerance?

I am Catholic, if people in my religion were doing things in the name of Chist, like some Muslims are doing in the name of Allah, I would be out raged against them. I could not defent them. I think Americans are very tolerant, but when no one speaks up against these injustices, you all get tarred with the same brush. Just the fact that you signed Anonymous tells me volumes.

johnbaker said...

ok ive been reading this page now..i find this blog very very offensive ive got to say..i am a british (white) catholic..i have been born and bred in britain..i have lived in cornwall all my life alongside other christians, muslims, jews , hindus and sikhs..i think it is disgusting how this page incites racial hatred against muslims i mean how can you be any better than the 'muslims' you apparantly report about..i mean you go an insult someone see how they like it..i have very close friends who are muslims..not extremists..the extremists are the people who created this blog..i mean seriously do you have nothing better to do..on a lighter note i have got to say if we are all going to live in peace and harmony you cant be going around branding all muslims as extremists or terrorists i mean that is disgusting within itself..there has got to be a minority of muslims who are twisted..as in every other religion or creed..i have read the quran and i know alot about islam..tbh the stuff i read on this blog is total bulls***..you people are completely ignorant to believe this..every religion has its rapists and murderers but that does not mean islam incites this in any way shape or form..like i said i have many muslim friends and i find this utterly disgusting and vile..how can you brand muslims like this..sure carry on reporting about the 'atrocities' muslims commit but people have got to understand 'how reliable is this'..'am i being brainwashed?' but if you are going to tell about what muslims apparantly do to the jews and christians well you tell us about the rapes and murders that are happening in iraq, afghanistan, palestine, and everywhere else in the world by 'non-muslims' i have been to iraq and palestine(i am a reporter) i have seen first hand..with my own eyes..what the american/jewish soldiers have done to muslims..i have seen a 3 year old muslim child get raped and shot by a (white) american soldier..now tell me he was a muslim..its people like you who are helping these people..i hear you ask why this was not reported well as i asked the television company i work for(not bbc) whether they would report it they refused and as i fought for people to hear about what really happens in a war..i was laid-off..just like that..no questions asked..so i tell you my friend..go to those places and see for yourself..or carry on sitting at your computer and making up stories

Ann-Marie said...

johnbaker, why don't I believe one word you write?!

Anonymous said...

If America is such a problem why do muslims live here?? Why is it illegal and you probably will get murdered or put in jail for worshipping Jesus Christ in their country but nothing will happen to them in our (America) country. Shouldnt they receive the same treatment as they would do to us? Why do women there get beat or stoned to death for having an argument with her husband and even the police allow it?! Oh...I 4got muslim is a peaceful and kind religious way. Even though America is starting to 4get Jesus our country is still blessed because we serve a real God that provided for us, as you can see, if you don't like America then LEAVE and take your man made prophet, Allah, with you! I'm not against you but I am against your evil teachings (Koran) in our country follow our rules and when were in yours we'll do the same.

Anonymous said...

Mr Baker. You do not have 'a right not to be offended'. 'If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out!', or better still - read a different blog. I understand you feel bitter over your lack of employment, Serge Trifkovic also probably misses his wage from the BBC.

And I have no idea what motivated our ruling parasite class into its horrible attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan, I suspect they did it to somehow enrich themselves or their friends. Not many on this blog would support those actions, I would guess.

The blog tries to point out that the central character of the religion of peace and tolerance was anything but peacful or tolerant. He had single mothers stoned to death, had men tortured to extract money, had entire villages enslaved, or (for boys and men of 13 or older) murdered. He had a son divorce his wife so that he could marry her.
And of course a child bride. In short he was a vicious warlord, and those who can refer to the original Arabic sources, such as Robert Spencer, document it. The biographic detail is, of course, absent in the Koran. I have the Dawood edition, and find it repetitive and obscure.

The central character of this religion was no 'gentle Jesus meek and mild'. And yet this is what the main stream media and the state education system would have English people believe. BBC bite size forces untruths into the heads of our children with the now compulsory religious education syllabus.

A Psychopath may be inert unless emboldened by religious/cultural calling, how many normal young men went on to be monsters in the Cheka or the SS?, had they lacked the excuse would they have murdered so many, or at all?.

Most muslims are not the criminals described here, and are trying to make an honest living (at least, it's true of the university educated middle class ones who I know). But the religion is incompatible with western Christian values, and the enormous fecundity of its followers and expansionary pressure will lead to terrible trouble down the line. Opening the borders to unlimited immigration will cause the ultimate destruction of our nation and its character.

Perhaps that is what the parasite class wanted.

But why name a blog after a coal seam?.

Anonymous said...

Mr Baker, you do not have a right not to be offended. If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out!. That is the western post enlightenment approach. I guess you feel bitter about your job loss, no doubt Serge Trifkovik also misses his BBC paycheck.

I have no idea why the parasite class sent our young men to fight and die in Iraq, presumably they thought it would enrich their friends (or themselves). I doubt if many blog readers support these wars.

Would the Cheka or SS men have committed the horrors that they did if they were not furthering their mad leftwing religion/ ideology with truly evil central figure, be it Saloth Sar, Nobleman Ulyanov, Mao or Hitler?.

Christians who rape, torture, stone to death or murder are not following the example of gentle Jesus meek and mild, and must use perverse logic to make Christian rationalisations of their crimes.

I too have had a go at reading the Dawood version of the Koran, and found it repetitive and obscure. But the real problem is the man at the centre of the religion, a man who (it is documented in unimpeachable sources) had entire villages enslaved, raped and (for boys of 13 or over) murdered. A man who had a poetess stabbed in her bed besides her sleeping children for being mocked in verse, a man who had a single mother stoned to death, a man who had a man tortured to extract money, a man who married a child. And it is all there in his biography, as related by Arabic scholars such as Robert Spencer ( a dead man walking), and not in the Koran.

It is not just another religion, like Judaism or Christianity. Though our masters would brainwash our kids with the national curiculum religious syllabus nonsense that says it is so.

And that is IMO why muslim psychopaths (present but latent in other communities) seem to pop up so regularly. They are following an example.

Name a troublefree country with a substantial muslim component. What will the demographics do to the character of England over the next 50 years?.

Immigration and enormous fecundity will cause terrible friction in England, and her character will be destroyed. Perhaps that is what the parasite class want.

Why name a blog after a coal seam?

Anonymous said...

And today in Sweden:



notice how mealy mouthed the PC mainstream media is in identifying the suicide murderer 'hate criminal'?. People pick up their opinions from these Frankfurt school puppets, Walter Lippman was right.

For those who want a deeper and historic perspective, try:

Oriana Fallaci "The Force of Reason"
ISBN 100847827534
pub www.Rizzoliusa.com

Anonymous said...

Notice how the first half of the BBC report makes no mention of the hate criminals identity or motivation, and the second half is a litany of the supposed anti muslim crimes of Sweden in the third world.
This is almost a charicature of the BBCs biased, left wing dhimmi reporting. It is also true of ITV. Consider Mehdi Hassan, channel 4 news editor and political editor of the new statesman. Look for you tube clips of his speeches - his openly expressed personal opinion is apparently that non muslims are people of no intelligence. And that we surely are, if we swallow the propaganda and apolagism pouring from the MSM on the religion of peace and tolerance.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Muslim are intolerant in their country. I still do not understand why we accept them in our country: rape, murder, etc is normal for them.

Just read the story about how many death for a sake of 12 cartoons:


Come on! It is incredible! They even threat people like south park IN AMERICA.

I do not have any problem with muslim AS THEY LIVE IN THEIR COUNTRY

Anonymous said...

Religion Poisons everything!!! ANY RELIGION. Poor girl..

Anonymous said...

Mr Baker.

You say you live in cornwall, which is probably the most un-multicultural county in England with 99% of the population being white christian. So how can you say you live amongst muslims? Try living in the northern towns of Bradford,Blackburn,Oldham etc and only then will you understand what this parasitic creed is all about. You are a muppet Mr Baker!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Mr. Baker, I think it's time we accepted that every religion has good and bad people, which doesn't at all mean, that the religion teaches intolerance, or cruelty or hate. I have read the Koran myself. Islam doesn't at all teach any kind of cruelty. I agree, that there are a lot of Muslims who don't understand their religion themselves, and as a result bring shame to their very own religion, which spreads hatred. Though they are a minority, and I know a lot of Muslims who are very peace loving and good people. This article shows intolerance, and is no less than the oter people who spread hate. It is very true, that if a minority of Muslims spread cruelty, not knowing its wrong, then their is a minority of Jewish/Christians or any other religion as well, spreading the same hate. There are Christians, Jews etc. who rape Muslim women, abuse children. It's not condemned, let alone condemning it, it is not even reported. It's the bitter reality. Not every person is the same, and they're humans just like others. They do condemn what is wrong, when they know it.

Anonymous said...

yes im a white american christian however, no i have no issue at all with members of other religions barring only one thing

that they (or we) take no life (other than their own i suppose) unless as an action to protect their life or the live of another... not because of religion

that they attempt no effort to subject others to religious conversion by force or threat of death

as to rape, any and every rapist should be killed, immediatley (if incontrovertible scientific proof exists)

if i happened acrost a woman being raped in public and was packing heat (being a concealed carry permit holder), i promise you that would be one criminal who would be reporting directly to whatever God he/she did believe in

however, i also carry a pocket knife, i could not in good concience walk away and allow such a thing to continue

the muslims in the particular instance of this story all deserve death, they deserve to have their family shamed, i wish their families no harm however, should the day come their own wives or daughter were raped, i would remind them of their perversion and that they deserved it (the former rapist, not his family member ofcourse)... it would be sad, but i hope he would consider it his own fault and the retribution for his former offense

heck, you dont even have to believe in a god to think that perhaps doing good things might be resulted in good reward, as bad can bring bad

in the end, yes there are good and bad in every religion, however, in nearly no other religion do u find written evidence of the allowance to kill other people for not believing in 'the prophet'

i find it hard to believe that such a religion as would practice forced conversions or death could propogate itself any other way

muslim countries are beutiful, muslim architecture is beutiful, muslim prayer singing is beutiful, but muslim religion itself and its barbaric present-day acceptance of killing infidels for non-belief... despicable

ive seen beheadings on TV... ive never seen a TV channel dedicated to christianity which aired the murder of a bagged hostage by sword... heck, if u dont the person that muc, feel free to drive them to the airport and kick them out of your country but please... dont try to tell the world your religion is about peace, dont try to cover up these facts by pointing finger at other religions

its true christians have commited grevious offenses and always will, however no christian was ever told by the new testiment to kill any member of another religious faith (or none) for non-conversion to the muslim faith

atleast christianity had the common sense and human decenc to leave such barbarisms in the middle ages... the muslim faith however cannot

Anonymous said...

i should add that i mentoned new testament because i mentioned christianity

christianity requirest christ (christ-ianity) and his teachings (under which the religion now operates) didnt occur until the new testament

ps... as a christian... if i saw a christian raping a muslim... well lets just say that if they didnt die from trauma, blood loss, or destroyed internals, they may still die from lead poisoning

sadly, i just search for any story where christians have raped muslims, no reponses other than the 16.6M returned, of which the entire first page (and just to be sure also the second page) all with many many many instances of muslim raping christians girls ... (one was even apparatnly a baby)

still looking for the muslim peace ive heard so much about

Anonymous said...

to bad she didnt throw her shoe at him in court...

ive seen a muslim do that on tv too