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Mufa' Khathat - cleaning up the mess after thighing Aisha

The 'Prophet' Mohammed was a dirty old pervert - old enough
to be Aisha's grandfather when he did Mufa'khathat to her.

Thighing of children

Mohammed married Ayesha when she was six, but as she was too small to consumate, he practised the sacred rite of Mufa' Khathat (otherwise known as 'thighing') whereby he rubbed himself between the tops of her thighs, but did not enter, until she was nine.

When he climaxed at the end of his thighing sessions, he came all over his clothes, so he gave little Ayesha the job of washing them.

"Rub a dub dub, put my clothes in a tub"

From Bukhari

Narrated Sulaiman bin Yasar:
I asked 'Aisha about the clothes soiled with semen. She replied, "I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah's Apostle and he would go for the prayer while water spots were still visible. "

Narrated 'Amr bin Maimun:
I heard Sulaiman bin Yasar talking about the clothes soiled with semen. He said that 'Aisha had said, "I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah's Apostle and he would go for the prayers while water spots were still visible on them.

Narrated 'Aisha:
I used to wash the semen off the clothes of the Prophet and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them.

What a nice job for a little girl!

Following the Perfect example from the Perfect Man
Now since Mohammed is 'the perfect man' and role model for all Muslims, he set a precedent which allows all Muslim men to perform Mufa'Khathat on children younger than nine, and to have full sex from nine onwards.

Ayatollah Khomeini, generally regarded as one of the leading Muslims of the twentieth century, wrote "A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl's sister."

Being a devout man who practised what be preached, the Ayatollah had a 'fling' with a four year old girl, as related in 'Hal Ataaka Hadeeth ur-Raafidah?' by the late Sheikh Abu Mus'abaz-Zarqaawi:

"When it was time to sleep, the guests had all left, except for the inhabitants of the house. Al-Khomeini laid his eyes on a young girl who, despite being only four or five years of age, was very beautiful.

So, the Imam requested from her father, Sayyid Sahib, that he spend the night with her in order to enjoy her. Her father happily agreed, and Imam al-Khomeini spent the night with the girl in his arms, and we could hear her crying and screaming.'”

Brave women's rights campaigner Madam Ghada denounces thighing (towards end of interview)

Girls can be married “even if they are in the cradle.”
Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, a prominent cleric and member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, just issued a fatwa asserting that there is no minimum age for marriage, and that girls can be married “even if they are in the cradle.”

The point of the Saudi fatwa, however, is not that girls as young as 9 can have sex, based on Muhammad’s example, but rather that there is no age limit whatsoever; the only question open to consideration is whether the girl is physically capable of handling her husband/rapist. Fawzan documents this point by quoting Ibn Batal’s authoritative exegesis of Sahih Bukhari:

The ulema [Islam’s interpreters] have agreed that it is permissible for fathers to marry off their small daughters, even if they are in the cradle. But it is not permissible for their husbands to have sex with them unless they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men. And their capability in this regard varies based on their nature and capacity. Aisha was 6 when she married the prophet, but he had sex with her when she was 9 [i.e., when she was deemed capable].

Fawzan concludes his fatwa with a warning: “It behooves those who call for setting a minimum age for marriage to fear Allah and not contradict his Sharia, or try to legislate things Allah did not permit. For laws are Allah’s province; and legislation is his excusive right, to be shared by none other. And among these are the rules governing marriage.”

Fawzan, of course, is not the first to insist on the legitimacy of pedophilia in Islam. Even the former grand mufti of Saudi Arabia supported “child-marriage,” since “the Koran and Sunna document it.”

Nor is this just some theoretical, theological point; the lives of many young girls are being destroyed because of this ruling. Recall, for instance, the 13-year-old girl who died while her much older husband was copulating with her (it was later revealed that, due to her reluctance, he was tying her up and “raping” her — as if there were another way to describe sex with children); or the 12-year-old who died giving birth to a stillborn; or the 10-year-old who made headlines by hiding out from her 80-year-old “husband.” ... more



Islamic Gang Rape and Pedophilia as a 'Community Activity'
Of course every culture produces rapists and child molesters, but in non-Muslim societies these are usually isolated loners. In contrast, Muslim rapists and pedophiles are well-organised and these predators often hunt their prey in rape-gangs in a tradition of Muslim razzia going back to the 'prophet'.

Muslim Raped Christian Toddler for Refusal to Convert to Islam
Two and a half years old, raped and left to die by the roadside for the crime of being Christian in Pakistan. The Muslim rapist was never prosecuted as rape is a legitimate weapon of jihad.

Beslan - Child rape, torture, enforced urophagia and murder in the name of Islam
Young girls were gang raped. Young girls were raped with gun barrels and other objects. Many young girls did not survive these rapes. Children were forced to drink their own urine before being executed.

Man boy sex (Pederasty) in Islam
In Muslim societies women are kept covered in burkhas, so the prettiest things that most unmarried Muslim men ever see are beardless pre-pubescent boys. Beardless boys are not regarded as male, so sex with them is not considered as homosexuality as it is between adult men.

Bacha bazi feminizes these boys in order to degrade them. By forcing them to perform in women's clothes and by raping them, this tradition not only seeks to humiliate these boys for the pleasure of wealthy men, but also to reinforce the idea that women are inferior and for a boy to have feminine affectations is degrading for him.

Muslim pedophile gangs prey on British Children
Pedophilia is socially acceptable in Islam because 'the perfect man' Mohammed was a pedophile. In addition, pedophile attacks on 'kuffar' (non-Muslim) children are seen as a legitimate form of jihad, inflicting humiliation and demoralisation on the children and their parents.

Inbreeding, Incest and Cousin Marriage in Islam
Young girls are sold as sex-slaves to older cousins and uncles to ensure that the bride purchse transaction money remains within the family.

Islamic Child Sexual Abuse: Muslim Pedophilia
Women are kept in purdah, and must be accompanied by a male relative whenever they leave the house. Wealthy older men acquire the youngest brides (often young cousins), with polygamy ensuring that young women are always in short supply for impoverished young men.

Islam is powered by Muslim sexual repression
Proponents of wars and terrorism in the name of Islam often exploited the frustration of sexually deprived young males and tantalised them with the prospect of captured women as ‘war booty’ if they succeeded. If they died, 72 lovely virgins in paradise as ‘houris’ would be provided to them which makes these boys ready to die for it, as suicide bombers.

95% of Pakistani Truckers have sex with Boys
Young boys are prostituted and abused in The Land of The Pure

Muslim sex criminals are above the law
Muslim pedophile gangs are immune from prosecution as police do not want to risk damaging 'community cohesion'.

Hypermasculine Muslims - Islam and hypermasculinity
and domineering, Islam is a brutal, hypermasculine, barbarian, tribal warrior cult that glories in murder, mutilation, rape, genocide, terrorism, destruction and anarchy. Women, girls and all the feminine aspects human nature are chattelised and subjugated. Weakness is despised and seen as ripe for predation. A woman or girl is to be owned, not treated as an equal. If she punctures the fragile inflated ego of her owner, then she must be killed to restore the man's 'honour' among his peers. Kuffar women and children are war booty.

Islam is bullying, swaggering, predatory, wife-beating thuggery, which is the destroyer of all that is beautiful, spiritual, gentle, innocent and vulnerable.


Luís Cardoso said...

Keep up the good work exposing islam's perfidiousness.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Oh God! How revolting this shit-sack really was. Thank you for exposing this pedophiliac 'holy prophet'

Anonymous said...

Brilliant video about the paedophile Mohammed - watch it before it's banned

Jeff said...

I posted your article here, as well as your Jan. 30th article, on my Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Brave women's rights campaigner denounces thighing (towards end of interview)

Anonymous said...

see esp comments

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice how we are reading more and more about many Western men who are converting to Islam? Many reasons are that these men are incapable of meeting and establishing normal relationships with Western women. These men can't compete. So, when they learn that in Islam, all the rules are stacked in their favor when it comes to women and men's role over women legally, it's like a dream come true. Now think about how many women you have read about who have converted to Islam unless usually they were marrying a Moslem man? I have also read about Western women who converted to Islam as single women because they felt they would have a better chance of getting married and having children. Western culture, with their emphasis on physical perfection and retaining youthfulness, is partly to blame. I would rather remain single and childless than convert to Islam. But it has meant that I live with a lower lifestyle. Western world wake up. Combine the stories about Islamic medical profesionals out to harm us and then think about Obama's big push to get his medical reform passed. Maybe there is legislation in his bill that requires a certain amount of Islamic medical professionals to be employed to receive funding. Who has actually read the legislation. Medical treatment is only a small part of the bill. Quit trusting the people in congress. The don't have our best interest at heart. Gives an entire new meaning to "death panels" after reading the news here.

gypsy genie said...

What can one possibly say????

PisslamWatcher said...

Most of the articles in this site are highly informative. The narrative about various truths and facts about the religion of body pieces is straightforward, creative and highly engaging to go through. The sense of humour mix is so effective and outstanding that it some what relieves the reader who will be shocked to go through the dirty and gory facts of Islam. After going through articles of this kind, I am convinced about five facts.

1. Islam is not a religion. A mafia manual drawn up by a sick and pervert criminal took the shape of a religion on account of the immense benefits it bestows for crimes and criminal conduct.

2. The cult practices are highly suitable to men who relish and enjoy violence and crime. Women are treated a shade above animals and sexual repression is the key to whip up and maintain the violent frame of mind.

3. It is next to impossible to digest the dirty sickness of the cult if rational and truth seeking questions are asked based on elementary sense of what is good or bad. It is for this reason all born followers will first become indoctrinated by the brainwashed elders in to brain dead morons and thereafter they will not find any difficulty in following dirty and sick cult practices as divine ordered way of life.

4. The natural scope for pedophilia, violence and crime will make it as number one attraction to criminals of other religions. This is the reason as to why criminals serving in prisons find this cult so attractive and join in numbers.

5. This is the dangerous threat of all. The scope to marry off girls at very young age sets up the stage for population explosion. Absence of other pursuits and joys of life in a slavish cult of subjugation forces the married in to a fertile factory of human production. Only a total war or extraordinary food shortage can halt this explosive growth. In all probability, they will breed like rabbits and over run the world within 50 to 100 years. This is the way they are going to mighty please their satanic God.

Anonymous said...

U guys always make fun of islam rite? U never knew the truth about islam. If u learn Islam, u will find out that Islam is a beautiful religion.
Islam never make fun of others religion.. So why r u guys hate islam so much?? and insult us, muslimS?

Anonymous said...

Islam, the religion of peace

yeah, right

"When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them."

Really beautiful religion. Most of it consists of hate, violence and intolerance against others.

I am ateist. I belive most religions to be ludicrous. Islam however is outright dangerous.

Anonymous said...

hey you let God's curse be upon all you who put this picture here and who gives his or her support about this picture.if you don't have any theme to talk about then talk about your own child abusing/raping priests.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong, that what you wrote about Muhammed a.s., is not true. Islam is very beautihul religion. I am muslim, and i dont hate anyone.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a curse on the Earth

Anonymous said...


Who ever write this lies about Prophet' Mohammed! peace appon him. You are unedicated person who see thinks in the dark said and living in the darkness with full of bad luck life stayle, You 'r Nothing but just a useless crap on this planet. Whay dont u just belive on what ever u want to beleave. And have respect to others religions is that hard for u? U little pic of crap. Belive it or not.The meaning of Islam is peace, Islam is a true religion. To be Islam is to obey Allah rule n1. Which can succed the person in live and death. Islam teachers u how to respect eacher, how to love one anther, how to share one anther. Everything in Islam is good. Read and Learn about Islam before saying bad or good.

Anonymous said...

If it were true that Moslems respected or revered the Blessed Virgin Mary, why don't they speak of her EVER? and then treat moslem women as possesions to be used, abused and thrown out, instead of their cherished mates?!...Lord Jesus Christ said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, noone goes to the Father but through Me" states very clearly all others would be the anti-christs, false prophets...God alone can see the HEART of each person, we can only see the outside and outward actions..but as to the children being molested,...well, they'll find out, too late for them what awaits them, since Lord Jesus stated "and if anyone "scandalizes" any one of these LITTLE ONES, it would be better that he had never been born and that a great millstone be tied around his neck and be thrown to the bottom of the a little joke from a minister, when the suicide-martyrs die, they won't be receiving 72 virgins, but a 72-year-old virgin...God is love and this seems like a very large cult built on lies and hate, not love...St. Gabriel Archangel appeared to Blessed Virgin Maria and to "prophet Mohammed" giving 2 different messages? come on!! only ONE can be true as God would not lie and give 2 different contradictory messages...."Jesus, Maria and Joseph, I love you, Save souls, Save the consecrated! Amen..., signed rosamaria

Yahya Snow said...

The lie about thighing is refuted here:

Taqiyyabuster said...

So how do you refute the stuff in Bukhari about little Ayesha having to clean Mo's clothes after he'd come? Is Bukhari a Christian fabrication?

And what about Madame Ghada's denunciation?

Anonymous said...

It's all horrible ... but you will find the same violence and hatred and intolerance in ALL organized religion .... look to the writings, texts, and ACTIONS ofALL. For instance ... how can a debate involving religious leaders and pedophiles NOT include the Catholic Church???

Ingrid said...

How can you Muslims still honour, much less worship the God that Mohammed spoke for, knowing his life? These are facts! From your own sources, you disagree with your own Islamic sources? How can you live? With yourselves, knowing your complicity in these crimes you defend? Agreeing with this religion after you are made aware of the horrible facts about your demon prophet Mohammed (let's be honest about him, whoever did what he did is demonic, completely Satanic - no sweet sounding words he ever spoke will not make him benign in the least). You need to take a stand, Muslims. Now is your chance to make a difference in this world, renounce his evil, speak up or get out of Islam and then, reject his evil. And if you are confused, thinking, maybe Allah is good, and Mohammed is a false prophet. No, Allah is a real spirit, he is who inspired Mohammed, no good spirit can inspire the demonic acts and thoughts that Mohammed had. Allah is not good after what he said he stands for. Look at the fruits. Your people are miserable. They are sickened in mind and in spirit. They are in darkness. They are taught twisted lies. The religion of Islam ruins people. Get your families and get out. Do it safely, we don't want you to be killed by some family members. But get at least those who are young and defenseless and get out, completely. Go into hiding if you are in the West, another city, and do not allow the authorities to send in Muslim mediators, that we see has been deadly. Do not trust anyone who is working with Muslim social service employees. They will not be for your safety. Only go to ex-Muslims for help if need be, they will know who best can help and advise you of your options. Do not submit to cruel treatment or brutality. You do not deserve that.

Ingrid said...

That is not true, anonymous. No other religion is based on a murderer, raper, sadistic torturer who also raped little girls. The Catholic Church is not based on Biblical tenets. It is just a huge church, do not mix that concept up with being necessarily Biblical. So what you said was wrong. There is none of this evil sexual victimization in the Bible. Evil individuals only. But the Bible is against all of this.

Anonymous said...

I'm muslim but I'm ashamed at these baby fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Firstly muslims have turned heaven into a whore house with your 72 virgins, shame on all of you. Secondly how can you follow a religion with such beliefs? Mohammad is nothing but a peadophile and a killer. Christianity teaches love, respect and self worth, kindness thats what jesus taught, your so called prophet teaches killing, slavery and looks down upon women like they are nothing. How can you possibly believe in that?

Mahound said...

Anwar Shaikh the former muslim wrote many book critical of islam.Read them at

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So Jesus had MARY MAGDALENE.... wov... i bet she gave virgin birth too

Yusuf Muhammed said...

I dont know why you Christians have a problem with Prophet Muhammed marrying a 9 year old (he was engaged at 6 and she stayed at her parents house until she was 9)...when in actuall lot aggree that having sex with ur own mum, sister, aunt etc is ok....does the Bible not talk about incest?....if u dont know the answer...i will tell wich is wrong having sex with ur own wife (wich is lawful for u) or have sex with ur aunt, sister mother 9 she was 8 boys were mature...and the difference between a boys maturity and a girl is 2 or 3 years...

anyway forget that...does the bible not speak about rape...did god in the bible not command the prophet to go to a city...have sex with virgins and kill or those babies and those that are married or had sex before....
read it...i got all my evidence
read this whole chaper..its in the bible...its in the old testiment...u cant refuse it coz jesus said he came to fulfill not to u have to believe it...

Anonymous said...

so what does this prove? it just says that the propeht had semen on his clothes, it does not say he had sex with cannot prove this.

bunch of LIARS

Anonymous said...

Aisha was nine lunar years old. A lunar year is only about 355 days. That's ten days less than a year in the modern calendar of 365 days. That means Aisha, if she just turned nine lunar years old when Muhammad consummated the marriage, was 9 times 10 days short of 9 years old according to the modern calendar. In other words, she was what we in the West mean by eight years, nine months old. If, however, the marriage was consummated right in the middle of her ninth lunar year, then she was what we with our modern calendars mean by a girl 9 years, three months old.

As to the claim that she was physically mature at eight or nine years old, canonical hadiths show her playing with dolls when she was living in Muhammad's house. The same hadiths say that playing with dolls is only allowed for prepubescent girls, because for adults it is considered idolatry, the big sin.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the Qur'an speaks of the waiting period for remarriage of girls who have not yet menstruated. The waiting period only applies where a marriage was consummated. Thus the Qur'an itself assumes marriage and consummation with pre-pubescent girls, and speaks of the waiting period for them between divorce and remarriage.

I don't know if Muhammad "thighing" Aisha prior to consummation is substantiated in any core Islamic texts. How do we know that the hadiths the blogger cited -- of Aisha cleaning semen off clothes -- refer to the pre-consummation period, from age 6 to age 9? How do we know that those hadiths have anything to do with thighing? One hears of thighing periodically, and I'd like to see some substantiating documents, but perhaps the relevant ones are untranslated from the Arabic, because I've never seen them.

Anonymous said...

The Christian bible actually speaks against all sexual immorality. Perhaps those Muslims who speak against the bible should read it for themselves and see what it really tells us before posting lies. Our Lord does not encourage his people to have sexual relations with family. In fact it clearly states that such relations are sinful! Also pedophelia, sexual attraction to children, is just wrong and sick!!! It doesn't matter if the child has been given to someone as a wife!!!!!! It's still so wrong to have any sexual relations with a child! Also at no point in the bible, did God instruct his people to rape!!!!! That again is a lie. Read the bible as see yourself what happened. God destroyed a city because of the evilness and sexual immorality within it. Soddam and Gomorrah. God hates all evil.

Yes , true christians who are married, have sex with their Partners as God meant it to be....... But not with a child!!!!!! That is evil.

The point of the post is to state that sex with a child is sick and matter who you are.

CGW said...

pisslam is a sick, evil cult. "allah" is not a god at all but is Satan in reality; that's why he endorses so much evil in the ko-ran. muhammed was his demon messenger. He now rots in Hell alongside his evil master.

Anonymous said...

May you rot in hell for eternity, for all you have said on the prophet(saw) and islam. Muhammad was a reminder to the non-believers. If you will not accept that there is only one god and that muhammad(saw) was his messenger then at least don't write disgusting, defamatory things about the prophet(saw) and islam. Cursed you are fool. May god punish you for all eternity in the depths of hell!

Anonymous said...

If you believe that these writings about Mohammad are defamatory, prove it!
Use the Koran and Hadiths to refute these claims.

Anonymous said...

Yes, instead of cursing the writers of this article, refute it with facts and writings from your Koran and Hadiths!

The usual muslim response to these is to curse and threaten the writers because they are unable to refute it.

Anonymous said...

If the muslims are taking over parts of many of the countries of Europe in an attempt to provide themselves with 'sharia safe zones' what is to say the any of them speak the truth about this? Was it not caught on some of the Earth Google Maps where muslim men in Iran were preforming beastiality? Pedophilia is not uncommon amoung this group and neither is inbreeding which is rampant in Pakistan. Using young boys for sex is homosexual pedophilia---anyone ever notice how muslims deny anything that is said against them but take pride in anything blown up, murdered or shot down? Travesty in terms of ignoring the truth and proclaiming 'thighing' as anything other than moral less male supremacy over females and young children-----lets not forget the little beasties too. Here's to you Kohlmani and your perks brought to the light of the educated and informed public.

Anonymous said...

Muslims say that it is wrong to worship Jesus, and say "Jesus is a slave of Allah."

However, read John 9:39-45. Jesus accepted worship from a formerly blind man He had healed, and didn't rebuke him for it.

If Muslims want to say that the Quran trumps the Bible, then fine. Nonetheless, they shouldn't hypocritically claim to believe in the Gospels, when they (the Gospels) clearly say that Jesus was God in human form.

At least the Jews don't claim to believe in the New Testament. Muslims claim to believe in both the Torah (Old Testament) and the Gospels (New Testament), yet Muslim theocracies like Saudi Arabia and Iran will confiscate and destroy Bibles if they are intercepted entering those countries.

Anonymous said...

15th September 2011 Anonymous,

Plz do ur research again
I rele dont know much about Islam in general but I am a Muslim and the first thing we learn about the revealed books is that there were many before the Quran(including Bible) however they were all corrupted with the passage of time

Only the Quran remains in its original form as Allah Himself promised to protect it

Traeh said...

Question: how do we know those hadiths of Aisha cleaning semen off Muhammad's clothes are from the period when she was 6 to 9 years old, before the consummation?

adarc said...

Anyone who allows their child or any child to be hurt in the name of ANY god or prophet is beyond redemption.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see how people only believed one sided story.
Some are called muslim, but are strayed.

Anonymous said...

I still haven't validated these claims of thighing. Though I'm aware of his relationship with Aisha.

What I have a problem with is the assumption that the author is a christian. The author can also be Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Atheist or if insanely wacky a Scientologist.

Another thing, this is questioning the morality of Muhammad and NOT all muslims. So islamatrolls, stop getting your panties in a bunch.

Anonymous said...

The most stupid blog i've come across yet!

Anonymous said...

A FATWA has nothing to do with what the Prophet did. This is the personal opinion of a scholar, in this case Ayatollah Rohollah Khomeini, a SHIA(5 % of Muslims). Shia's hate Aisha and say disgusting things about her. There is NO Quranic ayat nor Hadith(even weak) to support this claim. If you don't believe me look it up, you won't find it. This is only legal in the eyes of SHIA Iranians.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. The rest of the world should stand up before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the practice of Mufuckdat owes its origin to Judaism.

Now, I don’t expect anyone to believe me right off (so go ahead and Google it), but I read somewhere in the Thalmud (Jewish Hole-y book) that it’s AOK for Jews to consummate marriage with a girl child who has reached the ripe old age of three years and one day, i.e., the Jewish “age of maturity”; that, after the screaming subsides (of ecstasy, of course), and a short (very short) period of healing, she becomes (voila!!) a Born Again Virgin.

Therein are also prescribed some more interesting Jewish rituals like, for instance, the direct, mouth-to-pecker sucking of blood oozing out of a freshly circumcised penis – a privilege reserved exclusively for the presiding fellating Rabbi…. (Check it out on YouTube).

Now, about this Mufuckdat ritual, I heard from some almost reliable rumormongers that “Thighing” is common Jihadi practice among radical Islamic militants. I heard stories where, after they capture Islam Bashers and other infidels that deliberately disseminate falsehood about Allah, Islam, the Holy Prophet, and his family, the Faithful Mujahidin line up and take turns “Thighing” the blaspheming infidel prisoners – over and over and over … and, since they’re such lousy shots, if they happen to miss the mark (i.e., the thighs), “Oh, Weelll ..”! All this merrymaking precedes the grand finale head-chopping adieu.

After many long, brow-beating years of dedicated perseverance, this hole-y practice now stands perfected thanks to the peters at St. Peter where the Hole-y Fathers are so full of love that you don’t mind if they spill some on you.

Anonymous said...

As supported by HAdith mentioned by blogger, I only understood that Aisha washed cloths which was ridden with semen and/or fluids. From the Hadith as mentioned by blogger, nothing can understand the so called "Mufakhathat" or Thighing. If you are s@xtually active, then some fluids and/or semen will drop at other parts of your body and/or on cloths surrounding you. That's why in every religion, it is recommended to take bath after intercourse. We also clean our semen ridden cloths/body parts and it is absolutely natural. My question to every body is "Are you sure that semen/fluids are not contaminating your body part/cloths during intercourse? Only a hippocrate can answer "NO". Then why are you guys doing so much hue and cry about washing a cloths? Why are you guys are attaching a Imaginary things with cloth washing to bash Islam?

Anonymous said...

As supported by HAdith mentioned by blogger, I only understood that Aisha washed cloths which was ridden with semen and/or fluids. From the Hadith as mentioned by blogger, nothing can understand the so called "Mufakhathat" or Thighing. If you are s@xtually active, then some fluids and/or semen will drop at other parts of your body and/or on cloths surrounding you. That's why in every religion, it is recommended to take bath after intercourse. We also clean our semen ridden cloths/body parts and it is absolutely natural. My question to every body is "Are you sure that semen/fluids are not contaminating your body part/cloths during intercourse? Only a hippocrate can answer "NO". Then why are you guys doing so much hue and cry about washing a cloths? Why are you guys are attaching a Imaginary things with cloth washing to bash Islam?

Anonymous said...

when ever you people think that is was right act by your prophet to ask 6 yrs old aisha to wash his dirty cloths with semens, think about your baby sisters, daughters. can you imagin to put your babies at the place of aisha to do such things. be human, not animal.

skunkeye79 said...

all religions should be criticised for there misogyny, racism,pedophilia,oppression,segregation,murder,hate and intolerance ! all the major religions try to influence through policy and politics and parenting!. until we live in a world that truly uses secular education and parenting to teach our children to use science,reason,rationalism and critical thinking as their tools to grow as individuals. let them be what ever they choose to be,not through indoctrination but through real learning and the understanding of science we have now in the year 2013!!!!! ignorance is a choice in the age of information and people like myself who describe themselves as humanists will be on the right side of history. we are good because we want to be good and not because any book or flying pie in the sky tells us to be!!! The other main difference is our war with religion is one we shall win with reason and never violence and that's what separates the truly good people in this shitty world we live in!!! peace and reason shall prevail!!!

Anonymous said...

To skunkeye79.
Humanism caused 100.000.000 of deaths in 20th century. Nazism, Comunism, facism were possible because the humanism ideology - is this to be of "reason"? The humanist Dawkins only talks shit in his books, a lot of frauds easily scanned, and he wants us to believe he is for reason. DON'T be STUPID! Humanism is far too much more dangerous and assassin than any religion - history has shown it.
There are people of reason in religions much more than humanists, examples? Alvin Platinga, Willian Lane Craig, Ahmed Deedat.
Humanism promises the better future and delivers totalitarism, censorship, misery and death - you should be ashamed to be an humanist.

Dede Suparyanti said...

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Anonymous said...

thighing lol whatever will u zionists scums come up with next

Anonymous said...

The context of the hadîth is given in Sahîh Muslim. A man had stayed one night at `A’ishah’s residence. The next morning, her servant saw him washing his clothing, so she went to `A’ishah and informed her of it. `A’ishah sent back a message asking the man why he was washing his clothes. He sent back to her a message saying that he had seen in a dream what a sleeper sees. She sent back to him saying: “It would have been enough for you, if you saw it on your clothing, to simply wash the spot. If you did not see it, it would have been enough to sprinkle water around it, for I would simply rub it off the clothes of Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) and he would pray in them.”

Its legal implications:

The hadîth brings up the question of whether semen is a pure or impure substance. This is a famous point of disagreement among scholars who are divided into two opinions.

The first opinion is that semen is impure and must be removed from a person’s clothing and body before that person can pray. This is the verdict of the Mâlikî and Hanafî schools of thought. It is also one of Ahmad b. Hanbal’s opinions and the preferred view of al-Shawkânî.

Those who say that semen is an impure substance offer the following evidence and arguments to support their case:

1. They cite the hadîth that mention washing semen off of clothing as well as the hadîth that mention rubbing or scratching it off. This includes the hadîth under discussion. It also includes the following hadîth where `A’ishah said: “Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) used to wash the semen off of his clothes. Then he would go for prayer wearing the same clothes while I could still see on them the residue of his washing.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim]

They argue that washing is unnecessary except when there has been contamination by something impure. The fact that he used to wash the semen from his clothing is evidence that it is impure. The same can be said for rubbing and scraping it off. It still shows that the semen has to be removed. If an impure substance is removed from something by whatever means, that thing becomes pure.

3. The hadîth gives us an example of how a wife should care for her husband. We see how `A’ishah paid attention to small, personal matters like cleaning off the spots from her husband's clothing. She did not disdain doing such things.

Marik Ishtar said... this explains the real hadith the hadith u posted is fake and made from ur own words u lying bastard burn in hel;l whoeer posted this here shows the real hadith u raping sluts

Anonymous said...

I rarely post comments, this religion needs to be exterminated. This is satanic and the pedophile Mohammad is of Satan. I will spit on any Muslim I see and think they should all be incinerated.

Anonymous said...

Earth will not be worth living if islam continues 50-100 more years.

Why do you say people are insulting if you are not able to rationally express your views

Can you please explain why do you kiss the "stone" that looks like....

If 3+ billion people have same
view about islam, will you call every one insulting islam?

Waiting for your rational answer.

Your converted ex-brother...

Anonymous said...

I was muslim.
Don't try to defend islam...
I too studied in madresa just like you...

Mow i hate islam and became budhist.

Anonymous said...

Stop this nonsense.
Everything in Islam is good. Why?

Cause thats what we have been taught since we were kids!!!!???

Nurali Lakhani said...

After reading all this I have become absolutely sure in my belief that Religion and their so called holy books are the main reason for human misery and happiness,it will continue to be so till the last human being becomes NON BELIEVER

Anonymous said...

Islam is beautiful? Raping boys and girls is beautiful? Killing anyone that does not subscribe to Islam is beautiful? Islam is a satanic cult. There is nothing beautiful about it. Its a religion for savages and all Muslims are destined for hell.

Anonymous said...

Religion of peace? Yeah, ok... ISIS, Taliban, al Qaeda, etc etc. Peace my ass. A bunch of sexually frustrated dudes that are permitted to indulge in fucking boys cause their religion forbids men from even looking at women. Islam encourages and permits men to commit the most horrific acts known to the civilized world. Best of luck in hell assholes cause there is no heaven for you. perhaps you will find 72 virgin goats you can bang in hell.

Anonymous said...

Because the Catholic Church denounces pedophiles. Islam promotes it douche bag.

Anonymous said...

Bravo. Well said!!!

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