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English Defense League

English Defence League (EDL)

The English Defence League (EDL) is the only organisation dedicated to stopping the Islamisation of England. Of course it has attracted a lot of the usual taqiyya (Islamic propaganda) from Muslims and their dhimmi allies. They are especially fond of playing the race card, accusing the EDL of being racists, Nazis etc.

The following post from a British Indian refutes these accusations:

I hate the term "Asian"

"Hi EDL,

I've been browsing your forum for a while now. At first I thought that the group was racist because of the media coverage and the trouble makers that turn up to your demonstrations. After reading through your posts it seems that most of you are quite level-headed and not racist.

I am a British Indian. I actually consider myself to be far more British than Indian, as my family and I are very westernised and integrated into the British culture.

One thing that absolutely makes my blood boil is the term "Asian." I hate it - I even have a feeling of stress and pain just thinking about it.

In the UK the term is generally used to refer to people from the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). The people from these countries look similar but their cultures are extremely different... and the main cause of this difference is - you guessed it - religion.

I can tell whether an "Asian" is a Sikh, Hindu or Muslim from their names, and whenever I see crimes reported in the media, 9 times out of 10 when an "Asian" is the culprit, it's actually a Muslim. What angers me is that all "Asians" are tarred with the same brush. Rather than people seeing that these problems are in the Muslim community alone, they assume that it in the "Asian community". THERE IS NO "ASIAN COMMUNITY"!! The groups are so different that it's ridiculous to use that terminology.

The way I think about it is that even though the English and the Nazis looked similar and shared genetic heritage, the difference is in their culture (their beliefs and behaviour). I feel as angry being tarred with the same brush as the Muslim community as an English person would be with the Nazis.

Muslims are HUGELY over represented in the prison population, whereas the other "Asian" groups are under represented - they commit less crime than is propotional for their numbers. The media reports of "Asian" paedophile gangs grooming young white girls in the north of England. The problem is caused by Muslims - it's never a gang of Sikhs or Hindus or Buddhists. Yet your average person in the pub wouldn't see a difference. (Incidentally, my mother was warned about these Muslims men when she was growing up in the 60s/70s, and my sister was in the 80s/90s... it's nothing new)

Hindus/Sikhs/Buddhists don't try to force their religion on others, and don't see other religions as inherently inferior. They don't think of others as "infidels". Muslims are the ones that refuse to integrate and try to force their backwards ideas on others.

Muslims have the highest rates of unemployment. Muslims have the lowest achievement levels in schools.

Where is the threat of terrorism from Hindus? Where are the gangs of Sikhs attacking whites? Where are the Hindu and Sikh drug dealers?

Muslims treat women like dirt. I'm the first to admit that some Hindus and Sikhs have backward views towards women, but it isn't even in the same galaxy as Muslims. Compare traditional Indian women's clothing to the burkha. The burkha dehumanises a woman but the sari is modest yet at the same time beautiful. There are fashion trends, designs and colours instead of a woman being made into a black mass.

It is almost ridiculous how groups of the same race, that arrived in this country at the same time, and from the exact same part of the world, have behaved so differently. For hundreds of years our ancestors defended India against Islamic invasion, and it saddens and angers me that I and others like me are judged as the same as the Muslims.

So, please, make one step to differentiating between the groups. I've read a few threads on this forum where people have talked about "Asians" who are criminals, or trying to change British laws or British culture and customs. Instead of using the term "Asian," use the actual group that they're from. Sometimes it will be a Sikh or a Hindu but 9 times out of ten it won't be. It will be a Muslim."


I’m A Far Right Israel Loving, Gay Flag Waving Nazi

A Post by Brian of London

Sunday 24th October saw a rather remarkable event occur in London. Between two and three hundred, predominantly non-Jewish, people gathered in London, marched to the Israeli Embassy and, in a surprising twist, shouted their support for the continued existence of Israel as a Jewish state in the heart of the Middle East.

The march and rally outside the Embassy was organised by the English Defence League (EDL) and included an address by Rabbi Shifren, the “surfing Rabbi” from California. He was invited by the EDL’s Jewish Division with the full backing of the main EDL leadership.

I’m going to come right out and say it: I support the EDL. I started looking at the EDL forums and talking to people who I knew back in the UK who were sympathetic to the EDL a few months ago. I now post extensively on their forums and have talked with many, many members. This support of the aims of the EDL puts me at odds with, at last count:

* the British Board of Deputies (supposedly the official voice of British Jewry);
* the Community Security Trust (CST) who defend synagogues and other Jewish events from attack;
* Searchlight Magazine;
* The Jewish Chronicle, the “paper of record” for British Jews;
* Harry’s Place;
* CIF Watch;
* Many other pro-Israel, left wing blogs I don’t know about;
* The Guardian;
* The Independent;
* The BBC;
* Sky;
* Basically all the media;
* The British Police;
* The British Government;
* And many, many more!

So what do all these people and groups think of the EDL? Jennifer Lipman of the Jewish Chronicle had this to say after attending yesterday’s demo:

Make no mistake. These people are not moderates, they are extremists. One I spoke to denied being from a violent organisation, but admitted to me that he would be willing to fight “if that’s what it takes”. Looking at the EDL yesterday, I have no doubt.

And of course, every report about the EDL is not fit to print unless they’re described as:

Jewish Chronicle: far right organisation the English Defence League (EDL)

JPost: Rabbi Nachum Shifren attends far-right group’s London protest outside Israeli Embassy
What is Far Right?

I could go on… you get the picture. Actually no you don’t. Most of the case against the EDL rests on nothing more than the fact that some of the leaders and founders of the EDL were once in the BNP and that anyone can take a flag, write EDL on it and stand in front of it doing a Nazi salute. That’s the depth of the research considered appropriate to bandy about terms like “Far Right”. I’m sorry all of you astute journals, you’ll have to do better. How about going out and meeting these people? They are not proscribed terrorists so you can do that, they won’t hurt you.

But what the hell does far right mean? The EDL were flying many gay flags at their rally yesterday, is that far right? The motto is Black and White Unite, is that far right? There are prominent Hindu, Jewish and Sikh members, is that far right? What a pile of crap: it’s not a right left issue.

What is the EDL?

The EDL is a single issue campaign and pressure group. The single issue is combatting the growing influence of Islam on the lives of NON Muslims on the streets of England. That’s it. Members are from all political persuasions, right, left, pink whatever. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a believer in state control or lassie faire economics: do you think it’s right for the local swimming pool be closed to all except Muslim men at certain times of the day?

The stories that pop up on the EDL’s forums every day are shocking (and I’m not talking about there speeling :-) ). They’re from people who’ve lived in areas all their lives but now feel like foreigners in their own towns. These are not elites, they’re hard working people trying to get by and watching the social fabric of their towns disintegrate.

They get on the net, and discover that Islam is not the cuddly, friendly, “religion of peace” the media try to convince them. That chimes with what they see outside their door, it turns a light on in their brains and they start to understand why bearded men wave signs calling returning troops “Baby Killers” on the streets of England and go unchallenged by the Police. “Behead those who insult Islam” – nice.

They start to see how the “special ones” are given completely different treatment by the police, lest someone get “offended”. When the EDL ask to march they’re nearly always denied. When Muslims execute a march through London proclaiming their allegiance to Hamas and Hezbollah it goes ahead. “Bomb, Bomb Israel” is fine, “Who the Fuck is Allah?” is a problem. Why the different treatment?

If the EDL has real Nazis in its ranks they will be ejected. If people infiltrate and give Nazi salutes (as one member of Unite Against Fascism has already been in court and convicted for) they will be found and rooted out. And, though I have no personal knowledge, I wouldn’t want to be those people after they’re found by some of the rougher elements of the EDL.
Who Are The Real Fascists?

At the rally on Sunday members of UAF tried to pour water on the PA system: the first rule of fascism is to stop your opponents from being heard. Who are the real fascists? Not once have the media covered the content of EDL speeches in full. The reason? They’re not racist or Nazi: they just tell the truth about Islam. Go read the speech in support of Israel given by Kev Carroll outside the Israeli embassy and come back and tell me what’s racist or wrong (hint, followers of Islam are black, brown, white, pink, red, green and all manner of hue).
The Two Problems for Jews

But here are the twin problems for Jews. The old idea of keeping your head down, not making any waves won’t work for ever. Political Islam was founded by Mohammed with an act of aggresive immigration that had the deliberate aim of conquering a city. This act, known as the Hijra, is not just central to the story of Islam, it’s the point from which Islam numbers its whole date system! Year 0 for Christianity: a birth. Year 0 for Islam: political take over by force of numbers. The story didn’t end well for the Jews in Medina, just ask any that live there now. Oh, wait, you can’t, they’re all dead! This is happening TODAY all over Europe.

The second part of the problem is the entrenched and immutable root core of Jew hatred in the Koran and within whole edifice of Islam. I’m not going to provide evidence here, it’s so easy to find and getting harder to hide by the day. Go pick up Andy Bostom’s book on the subject, but you better do weights first, it’s a very heavy book. And if I have to hear one more mindless fool trot out rubbish about a golden age of Jews living under Islam I’ll scream “GO READ WHAT THE RAMBAM REALLY SAID ABOUT ISLAM” or read Bat Ye’or’s histories of dhimmi peoples.

So what should Jews in the UK do. Trust the CST and their Nazi hunting buddies to protect them? How well is that working out for the once thriving communities in the East End of London?
Class Warfare and Snobbery

At the root of the amazing hatred of the EDL is plain, simple class warfare and snobbery. The EDL don’t look like the kind of people you could share a £5 latte with. If you invited them round to dinner they might not know which fork to use first. God forbid you’d talk to a few and discover that they have gay children who they love, or black and mixed race nieces and nephews through mixed marriages that they have no problem with. But what you can’t stand is that they’ve read the Koran, or at least Robert Spencer’s excellent books on it. Maybe their kids have been abused at school and called Kaffir in their Muslim majority schools. No, you don’t want to hear this, you want to hunker down in Golders Green and hope it blows over without any help from you.

Well the government is not listening to polite talk or blog posts. But when the EDL threaten to turn up on the doorstep of any council in England that doesn’t call Christmas, Christmas what the hell is wrong with that. Yes: England is a Christian country. Jews can live with that, we never asked anyone to change. It’s only one special brand of political immigrants who don’t want to change, and want all to bow down before them.
The EDL are not the problem.

The EDL supports Israel for a reason that not even most of Israel properly acknowledges yet. Israel’s fight is not about land or occupation or anything else but the continued and perpetual drive for Islam to rule the world. And for Islam to have once held Israel and then lost it to the most vile creatures on God’s earth is the bitterest pill that Islam will never swallow.

I’m sorry British Jews, if the EDL fail in the UK, you better have bought your bolt hole in Israel already because property is getting damned expensive here and the Russians and French have all the nice spots on the beach.

Gay respect for the EDL

This is a thank you note from an old poof to the lads and lasses of the EDL. I watched the videos and the excellent photos of the demo supporting Israel in front of the Israeli Embassy October 24, and I noticed that the gay and lesbian element was represented by rainbow flags, pink triangles, and a pink Union Jack denouncing homophobia.

A lot of people have noted that yesterday's demo was perhaps the first time a mainly non-Jewish crowd showed up to voice their support for Israel. By the same token, it is interesting to note that an overwhelmingly straight crowd included rainbow flags and gay symbols.

I KNOW that the vast majority of EDL members are straight. And I am not so innocent as to believe that everyone in the EDL is 100% comfortable around gay people. I am sure there are some homophobes amng you. If you are one of them, and if you can rise above that to accept gay and lesbian people in your organization, then I respect and admire you even more. Because your toleration of gay members proves that you are genuinely devoted to our western concepts of freedom and respect for individual rights. My hat is off to you.

In the eighteenth century, the author Voltaire stated: "I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it." This statement, which is incomprehensible to Islam, is the esssence of our western concept of freedom and individual rights.

"I don't like fcukin' poofs but they have a right to exist and be happy in a free country" is in my opinion just as noble a sentiment as that expressed by Voltaire.

Under Islam and Sharia law, gays are executed, lashed, imprisoned or "honour killed" by their families of by jail guards bribed by the family. The gay presence at the Israeli Embassy demo was very appropriate because Israel is a beacon of freedom in a sea of homophobia. Palestinian gays regularly flee to Israel for freedom and for their very survival.

I am sick and tired of being told by bleeding hearts that the murderous homophobia in Islam is a just a charming part of their culture that we have to respect.

If I am ever in London, I hope to meet some EDL lads and lasses and buy them a beer.

Not a Trace of Racism: An Outsider's Look at the EDL
(LONDON, October 25, 2010) The English Defence League is racist, fascist and violent – in brief, something the cat dragged in and which must be crushed by any means necessary if England is to remain free and democratic. This is what the British media have been telling the public ever since the EDL first made its appearance in the town of Luton 18 months ago, and armed with this knowledge I went to England to see for myself.

I was in for a big surprise for I could find no evidence that would support any of these accusations.

Quite the contrary: The leaders and rank and file that I met in London, Wolverhampton, Luton and Bolton (a fair cross-section of the national membership, one should think) are multi-ethnic. They are black and white, English, Irish (interestingly, both Catholic and Protestant), Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jewish and probably a few other denominations and nationalities. Homosexuals are welcome and have even formed their own "division" in London – as have the Jews.

Rabbi Shifren supports the English Defence League
These special divisions may not have a lot of members but they exist and the EDL leadership would clearly like to see them grow.

The most important national leader, Tommy Robinson, who told this reporter that the Sikhs are the "most English of the English", demonstrated this absence of racism.

When the media and the political and cultural elites accuse the EDL of racism, they must thinking of something else, namely that the organisation is adamantly opposed to the growing Islamisation of England. But Islam is an ideology and a political practice, not a race, as several members were keen to point out.

A working-class movement
The EDL is entirely working-class in outlook and demeanour and proudly so. Their sole political objective appears to be the defence of English – sometimes referred to as Christian – culture against Islamic encroachment. They despise the current British left but mainly because it is being subservient to Islamic interests. They have no trust in the official political leaders, who they consider to be sell-outs.

One is reminded of George Orwell's observation:

If there is any hope at all, it has to come from the proles.

Nobody this reporter spoke to – leaders as well as rank and file – has any sympathy with English Nazis or with The British National Party, which they consider racist in the traditional sense of the term. Adherents of totalitarian or racialist ideologies are unceremoniously evicted.

EDL against Jew-hatred and religious fascism
It is very difficult to judge the size of the national following. I heard various figures – 30,000 was mentioned – but as far as I can tell, no records are kept.

Perhaps there is a tendency to exaggerate. The leader of the East London division said that the EDL has only 180 activists in the capital. The organisation's main strength appears to be in the Midlands and the North of the country.

Leaders by example
The EDL leadership can most fairly be described as charismatic. The leaders are those who can think and speak and have proved their mettle in concrete action.

That is undoubtedly the only form of organisation possible at this stage. The EDL is utterly vulnerable to infiltration by police agents and others who would like nothing better than to derail it and make it engage in self-destructive, violent and illegal activities that can then be used as a pretext for a clamp down.

It is already eminently clear that the authorities are using and will use any trick in the book to squash the EDL including police harassment and attempts by the Inland Revenue Service to financially ruin its leaders.

Tommy Robinson is currently under investigation for violent assault and money laundering – charges that he says are trumped up.

"We are a bit rough", Robinson recently admitted to a gathering of his followers in London. But as far as this reporter could tell, nowhere near as rough as the so-called "antifascists" that try to foment violence every time the EDL stages a demonstration – and certainly not compared to the Muslim thugs that have long ruled by violence in so many English cities.

The EDL can best be described as a working-class "band of brothers" determined to preserve their way of life. They are not intellectuals and may know little about the details of English history but they have a deep sense of what that history is about. Any outsider with ill motives trying to impose himself will stand out like a sore thumb.

The EDL leadership and rank and file clearly know all they need to know about Islam. This reporter was particularly impressed by their ability to connect a general analysis of Islamic ideology and modus operandi with street wisdom ­– or expressed differently: to see the deep implications of any deference to Islamic cultural demands – such as the building of mega-mosques or the introduction of "medieval toilets" for Muslims in supermarkets.

They also have a keen sense that Muslim street crime should be seen as part of a wider strategy to undermine English society.

EDL members on a run-down estate in Luton characterised Muslim drug dealing as a "chemical jihad". After gangs of Muslims have started pushing their wares on white youngsters, every bloke on the estate has a friend who is hooked on heroin.

A female pub owner from the neighbourhood agrees. "They come here most every night right across the street and sell their heroin. The police know all about it but don't lift a finger."

The organisation can undoubtedly use a few intellectuals as analysts, experts, legal advisors, office personnel and the like but if it gives up its working-class leadership and permits well-meaning intellectuals to call the shots, it will become a vastly different type of organisation.

One must seriously doubt whether the EDL can survive in its present form. Leaders and activists are wearing themselves out with all the work they are trying to accomplish and one gets the impression that their missuses are not happy. On top of that they have to earn a living in their civilian trades. Unless the EDL gets sufficiently organised to pay its officers a living salary and hires some office personnel to help them out, the end will be in sight.

Given the size of the ground-level support the EDL is undoubtedly enjoying, it should not be impossible to generate funds for a more professional organisation. One of the London leaders told this reporter that many of his mates at work agree with him but dare not cross the line to openly commit themselves. But they could certainly pay a few quid a week to support the cause. That has been done before in numerous battles around the world.

Historically 99 out of 100 peoples' movements have come to naught – with their leaders in jail and their supporters dispirited.

There is no doubt that everything will be done to crush the EDL because the British government must be aware that if the EDL survives, it will force the authorities to openly choose sides: Islam or England.

If, however, the EDL can survive, stay the course and maintain its strength for just a few years, the battle will have been won.

Muslims wage narcotics jihad against English Youth
Like a virus, the primary object of Islam is to spread itself. To jihadists, the growth and spread of Islam is the highest goal which take precedence over everything else. The Muslim Brotherhood's mission statement is to wage a "kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

One of the means of doing this is by pushing heroin to the hated non-Muslims ('najis kuffars' as they call us). Jihadists control the heroin trade in Britain and many other European countries, and it serves to further the growth of Islam in four ways:

(1) To disrupt and sabotage kuffar society by encouraging drug-addict criminality.
(2) To kill kuffars. According to Islamic theology the jihadists are doing nothing wrong by killing non-Muslims, as normal ethical standards only apply within the Ummah - the brotherhood of Muslims. Allah approves of the rape, pillage and slaughter of non-Muslims.
(3) To fund jihad. Much of the earnings of the heroin trade is used to fund terrorism.
(4) To ensnare addicted kuffar children into a net of paedophilic prostitution, which raises money, keeps the soldiers of Allah sexually satisfied, and wreaks further havoc on the host society with alledgedly lethal results for the children.

The British police have been infiltrated by corrupt Muslims who protect the drug-dealers and pedophile rings. Like pedophilia, drug dealing is an Islamic community activity

The heroin trade epitomises the parasitic existence of jihadists in the West, that their value to our societies is considerably lower than worthless. More at

EDL Forum

EDL forms Jewish Division

You owe it to your children and grandchildren to understand Islam. Use Everything you need to know about Islam as a handy reference.


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EDL and Jews join in support of Israel

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Gay support for EDL:

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Good analysis

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I support the EDL in all it's aims and strategy, I am looking forward to the day to officially 'join' and be looked on as a member;
I will do anything and I do mean anything to stop islamization of Britain so, in the meantime I will watch and post comments and spread the truth about the political islam posing as a religion,

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Oh look, another sucker duped by Zionist propaganda.

NB2D said...

Does the United Sates of America have an equivalent to the EDL? We as a country are so naive that we seem to have bought into the Islam propaganda of a religion of peace and tolerance. The politically correct culture in America is totally dominated by giving the Muslim a free pass. Our media and government never hesitate to kiss muslim/islam butt to be sure they are never offended by reporting reality. CAIR has been able to dominate national discourse by playing the victim and racist card at every opportunity. Even our President is suspect. We don't seem to have the will to secure our borders and have seen a mass migration of God knows who. You would think after 911 we would have been more viligiant. Not so. Our President is fostering social engineering to ensure future votes by doing all possible to legalize illegal aliens. Our Americans have become so timid that we are afraid to speak out in fear of being branded as a right wing Christian out of touch with reality. We need a real leader who is not afraid to speak the truth and reality much like the rest of the world.

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I am from Nepal and I support the EDL. I also understand the feelings of pain of Hindu brothers who are put in the same category as the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis. The Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis are different from us:

-Sri Lankans

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all muslims are shits.....enough said

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EDL = idiots frightened of Muslamic Ray Guns

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fuck islam (international sociey of liar and motherfuckers)remove this filthy creatures from europe, exterminate there from the world!!

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the thing I really don't understand about the EDL is why you keep playing into the establishments hands,rather than going into areas conflict with muslims is inevitable why not target the real problem..the scum politicians homes,make their lives a misery like they do for the rest of us