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Beslan - Child rape, torture, enforced urine drinking, sexual sadism and Islamic ritual murder

Of course every culture produces rapists and child molesters, but in non-Muslim societies these are usually isolated loners. In contrast, Muslim rapists and pedophiles are well-organised and these predators often hunt their prey in rape-gangs in a tradition of Muslim razzia going back to the 'prophet'. The reason for this cultural difference is that pedophilia and rape are abhorrent in civilised societies, but are socially acceptable to Muslim communities because the perps are dutifully following Mohammed's example - and Mohammed is the 'Perfect Man' . Kuffar women and children (uncovered meat) are there for the taking.

From the days of Prophet Muhammad, sexual terror has been an integral part of Islamic Jihad. The siege of the Beslan School by Islamic Jihadis in 2004 was no exception.

Child-rape, as well as being a permitted means of satisfying the jihadists' religiously repressed lusts, also degrades, violates and humiliates the hated 'najis kafir' children and their parents, thus asserting the supremacy of Islam and Muslims. Forcing them to drink urine reinforces their filthy 'najis' status , as does feeding their minced up flesh to other unwitting kafirs.

Don't mention the M-word
"Five years ago Muslim extremists invaded a school in Beslan, Russia. These Muslim terrorists held over a thousand people, most of them children, hostage. For three days these Muslim terrorists killed and tortured countless victims. The ways in which they were treated I will abbreviate . Children were shot for crying. Teachers and parents were shot for trying to calm the hostages. Young girls were gang raped. Young girls were raped with gun barrels and other objects. Many young girls did not survive these rapes. Children were forced to drink their own urine before being executed. The list of inhuman acts committed by these Muslim animals is as nothing I have ever heard before.

Now to the reason I have titled this “Muslims had nothing to do with Beslan massacre”.

Today I wanted to post something in the memory of the poor souls murdered in Beslan, so I started looking for a nice story already written and spell checked that I might copy and paste here. What I found disturbed me. Both BBC and SKY NEWS have stories about the five years after the event in Beslan. Neither story mentions Muslims or Islam. The British news is perverting history by not mentioning the identities of the attackers. It’s hard to believe that with Beslan on my mind today that I could find something in the news that would cause me disgust.

Beslan: They knifed babies, they raped girls
"THE full horror of the Russian school atrocity began to emerge yesterday as traumatised children told horrific tales of stabbed babies and brutal rapes. It has also emerged that scores of the 323 who died - including many children - had been shot in the back. While despairing soldiers and rescue workers moved among the growing pile of body bags, it was revealed that an 18-month-old baby had been repeatedly stabbed by a black-clad terrorist who had run out of ammunition.

Other survivors told how screaming teenage girls were dragged into rooms adjoining the gymnasium where they were being held and raped by their Chechen captors who chillingly made a video film of their appalling exploits. They said children were forced to drink their own urine and eat the petals off the flowers they had brought their teachers after nearly three days without food or water in the stifling hot gym. Their stories came as Russian officials warned that the final death toll of the siege of Middle School No 1 at Beslan in North Ossetia - in which up to 1,200 people were held captive - was likely to be more than 400.

Allah Akhbar!
"According to The New York Times, when the terrorists took over the Russian elementary school, they shouted "Allahu akbar" (Allah is Great). [...] They would make several sips of urine and then would stop and cry because their lips were chapped and the urine stung their skin." Indira Dzetskelova, the mother of one of the child hostages in Beslan , Russia , reports that "several 15-year-old girls were raped by terrorists." Her daughter "heard their terrible cries and screams when those monsters took them away." Her traumatised daughter Dzerase sobbed as she added: "When the assault started, some of us were running out through the school dining room. "The terrorists started to shoot from the roof, then one of them ran into the dining room and started to shoot from the window. "I saw kids and women falling to the ground. And I saw that vermin's face. I saw his smile as he killed my friends." Diana Gadzhieva, 14, was held with her sister Akinba, aged 11. She told how the rebels executed all the adult men in a room upstairs. "We saw groups of men hostages going out and never coming back." Other survivors told how screaming teenage girls were dragged into rooms adjoining the gymnasium where they were being held and raped by their Chechen captors. Witnesses reported that a black-clad terrorist who had run out of ammunition had repeatedly stabbed even an 18-month-old baby.

Do NOT mention the M-word!
"For the last several days, news outlets such as the BBC and some domestic networks and papers have downplayed any outside involvement in the recent masacre in Beslan. Even though initial reports clearly stated that 10 of the homicide terrorists involved were Arab nationals of one nationality or another, the Beeb insisted that witness could not remember ever seeing an Arab murderer-rapist in with the rest of the captors.
As far as these sources were concerned, this was an entirely domestic problem, entirely the fault of Putin and Russia.
Of course, not only was this a simplistic view of the masacre, it was completely inaccurate.
Russian officials said authorities have determined that 10 of the 32 suicide attackers who took over a high school in Beslan in North Ossetia last week were nationals from several Arab countries. Most of the attackers were Chechens and Ingush who had been trained at Al Qaida camps in Afghanistan. According to the World Tribune, the head of the Chechen "insurgency", Shamil Basayev received funding from the Sauds for years, and utilized these funds for the employment of hundreds of homicide bombers and other terrorists for use within Chechnya and other former Soviet republics. But no. Not according to the Beeb. No Arabs here. Move along, nothing to see here.

On one "happy" note:
All of the captors were said to have been killed, but three accomplices were arrested, Middle East Newsline reported. And those accomplices? From the photo I saw of one of them on the Reuters/AP photowire, he's scared shitless. He should be. Russia has no Gitmo, no high-priced and unscrupulous lawyers bidding for the opportunity to make names for themselves by falling all over each other in an attempt to represent terrorists, no 9th Circuit protecting the rights of murderers over innocents. He should be terrified. Better yet, he should be dead.

Beslan jihad funded by wealthy Arabs in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States
"The Beslan child slaughter shows just how far radical Islamists will go in their conquest of the civilized world to impose Islam. Often funded by wealthy Arabs in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, the US government refuses to deal with them for political reasons while the leftist-liberal press plays political correctness.

This is war, both cultural and religious. The enemy has melded a violent medieval religion with modern fascism and communism. It is aimed at everybody, secular or religious, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus. They are joined by an equally evil ideology that sympathizes at least with the aims of radical Islam in destroying the West: radical Leftists. In reality both are the same in practical terms.

Both oppose democracy and individual freedom for various brands of forced collectivism and an end to capitalism. Islam wants to destroy Christianity and Judaism, both particularly hated by Leftists. Both want to destroy America, the world's most successful capitalist nation and the most religious of the major western nations. Muslims want to impose Islam, while Leftists want to impose the pseudo-religion of Marxism.

Both want to destroy Israel, seen as an American outpost. For years we ignored the savages Israel deals with every day. Now it isn't just Jerusalem or Tel-aviv, it's Russian schools, subways, and hospitals, Spanish trains, American office towers, Buddhist statues, Turkish banks and Synagogues, Iraqi schools, mosques, and grocery stores, Australian vacationers in Bali, and even a Dutch film director murdered in the streets.

Beslan terrorists supported by 'British' muslims
"A member of the group responsible for the Beslan school massacre last month is a British citizen who attended the infamous Finsbury Park mosque in north London, The Observer can reveal. Two other members of the group, loyal to Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, are also believed to have been active in the UK until less than three years ago. They are suspected of taking part in the raid on the school in which 300 people, half of them children, died. Russian security sources described Kamel Rabat Bouralha, 46 years old and the oldest of the three, as a 'key aide' of Basayev, who has a £5.5 million price on his head. Basayev has boasted of training the men who took control of the school and wired it with explosives. Investigators believe that the three men, all Algerian-born, travelled to Chechnya from London to take part in fighting there in 2001.

Russian investigators are thought to have now identified most of the 33 men who occupied the school in Beslan last month. They include two Algerians in their mid-30s called Osman Larussi and Yacine Benalia. Both are thought to have been based in London until recently. Like Bouralha, they too are believed to have attended Finsbury Park mosque and to have joined the network of groups loyal to Basayev on arrival in Chechnya. General Ilya Shabalkin said that Bouralha had been detained while attempting to leave Russia for medical treatment in Azerbaijan. 'He says he is innocent, but there is strong evidence of his involvement in a grave crime,' Shabalkin said. Senior sources at Scotland Yard are investigating the Russian information. Former associates in London confirmed that Bouralha had been a frequent visitor at Finsbury Park mosque from around 2000.

Beslan images

American Beslans planned.
They may be planning multiple simultaneous attacks on American schools...

The depths of Islamic depravity
"On September 1, 2004, terrorists stormed a school in Beslan, Russia, and perpetrated one of the most heinous terror attacks in history. Though many people may have heard of this attack, it is very likely that most do not know what really happened there. The reality is so dark that few dare speak of what went on.

There are predators in wait lurking everywhere searching for unsuspecting victims. If a person has a proclivity or a secret desire, that inclination can easily come out if an opportunity arises. And that is what happened at Beslan. The terrorists immediately killed the men because they wanted no resistance for their plans. Then, when they saw the helpless girls in front of them, the temptation became too much. Their perverse dreams came true.

Beslan was clearly a sexual homicide/sexual suicide. That is, the offenders wanted more than simple terrorism. Some of the terrorists at Beslan were hired guns who did not plan on dying that day. They had not thought things through and did not realize that the Russians would not let them out alive.
Then, once they were inside, and the realization dawned on them, plans changed.

Things had deteriorated when the media reported that there were only 354 victims. Wanting to have a dramatic impact, the terrorists exploded with anger. There were 1200 victims, and the Russians were trying to down play the incident. The terrorists said they would have to eliminate victims to fit with what the media had reported. Their demeanor worsened, and they got really mean.

It was then that they began raping the girls. They wanted sex as they killed, and this is sexual homicide. A sex killer gets excited when he thinks about forcing himself inside an unwilling victim, but the rape itself does not produce the ultimate excitement. It is the rape followed by the killing that is arousing. This is what happened at Beslan.

One by one, females were targeted. The sex killers looked for the perfect victims, and after zeroing in, they grabbed and disrobed the little girls in the middle of the gym. There were muffled cries as the girls were humiliated in front of everyone. They were stripped, raped, and sodomized by several men. Not content to simply rape, the terrorists used their guns and other objects to penetrate the screaming victims while the other hostages were forced to watch. And the terrorists laughed. They laughed as they violated the children and made them bleed. What few people know is that some of the girls died as a result of being raped with objects. The internal damage was so severe that without immediate medical attention, the girls bled to death. Those who managed to survive required extensive reconstructive surgery and painful recoveries.

But raping the girls was not enough for the deviants who had entered the school. The terrorists beat the other children. In fact, beatings took place regularly, and as they pummeled the little ones, the terrorists smiled and laughed. It was said that they would strike a child and then watch the child cringe. When the youngsters recoiled, their captors laughed. This says the offenders enjoyed inflicting the suffering. They wanted their victims to suffer. Such behavior is sadistic. Bringing others pain brings the sadist pleasure. And the terrorists tortured the victims in many ways.

Along with causing paralyzing fear, the terrorists had an ally in the weather. It was extremely hot outside, but the school had no working air conditioner. As the heat raged, the hostages begged for water, and at first, some was given. Time crept on, and the terrorists became increasingly cruel. They drank in front of the hostages and mocked the children who were crying out for water. Things got so bad that the victims were forced to drink their own urine. In some cases, the hostages poured urine over one another in a feeble attempt to keep cool. Seeing the suffering enhanced the joy of the perpetrators. In a twisted, ghoulish game, the terrorists put water in front of the children who were desperately thirsty and told them if they reached for the water, they would be killed.

Still, this horror wasn’t enough for the hostage takers. Raping, beating, torturing, and mocking were just not evil enough. Thus, to further frighten the victims, one terrorist stated “we came here to die.” Russian Tagirovich Khuchbarov was called the “colonel.” When the children asked for water or to use the restroom, he simply stated “I’m not your uncle, I’m a terrorist … I came here to kill." Up until this point, the hostages most likely believed they could survive, but then…hearing these words…it meant they were to die too. This surely would have made the victims scream in their minds. If they cried out loud, they risked being beaten or shot.

As a crowd gathered outside the school, several terrorists goaded the townspeople. It was said that they “took delight” in egging the crowd on. They fired shots. They taunted. And again, they laughed. This psychopathic, sadistic behavior continued into the night as they ordered hostages to throw naked dead bodies out to the west yard. Yet, the Russian government did not want to negotiate with these offenders. Russian officials knew what they were dealing with: men intent on murder. However, in any hostage event, negotiations are necessary, but negotiations at Beslan were very difficult. When offered food, the terrorists refused because they feared poisoning. They had learned from Nord Ost and other terrorist standoffs. They would not make the same mistakes at Beslan.

Knowing that the elite Alpha and Vympel (Russia Special forces) would be called, the terrorists made it clear that if gas was used or electricity shut off, they would kill hostages immediately. The offenders had studied prior attacks and Russian counteroffensive techniques. So, they knew that Russia would stop at nothing to end the siege. With this knowledge, the terrorists had brought amphetamines with them to help stave off fatigue. This made them more wild and unpredictable. At one point, the terrorists allowed some hostages to leave. They told some mothers that they could get out with their babies and leave behind an older child or stay with both children. Those who left a child behind will certainly be tormented for the rest of their lives. At least one child who had been left behind survived the ordeal. One can only imagine that she could develop feelings of anger and maybe even hatred for the parent who abandoned her with psychopathic sexual sadists.


Islamic Gang Rape and Pedophilia as a 'Community Activity'
Of course every culture produces rapists and child molesters, but in non-Muslim societies these are usually isolated loners. In contrast, Muslim rapists and pedophiles are well-organised and these predators often hunt their prey in rape-gangs in a tradition of Muslim razzia going back to the 'prophet'.

Muslim Raped Christian Toddler for Refusal to Convert to Islam
Two and a half years old, raped and left to die by the roadside for the crime of being Christian in Pakistan. The Muslim rapist was never prosecuted as rape is a legitimate weapon of jihad.

Man boy sex (Pederasty) in Islam
In Muslim societies women are kept covered in burkhas, so the prettiest things that most unmarried Muslim men ever see are beardless pre-pubescent boys. Beardless boys are not regarded as male, so sex with them is not considered as homosexuality as it is between adult men.

Bacha bazi feminizes these boys in order to degrade them. By forcing them to perform in women's clothes and by raping them, this tradition not only seeks to humiliate these boys for the pleasure of wealthy men, but also to reinforce the idea that women are inferior and for a boy to have feminine affectations is degrading for him.

Muslim pedophile gangs prey on British Children
Pedophilia is socially acceptable in Islam because 'the perfect man' Mohammed was a pedophile. In addition, pedophile attacks on 'kuffar' (non-Muslim) children are seen as a legitimate form of jihad, inflicting humiliation and demoralisation on the children and their parents.

Mufa' Khathat - cleaning up the mess after thighing Ayesha
Mohammed married Ayesha when she was six but could not 'consummate' until she was nine. In the meantime he 'thighed' her then made her wash his semen off his clothes - a fact that is well documented in Islamic scriptures.

Charlene Downes: Child Allegedly Pimped, Raped, Murdered by Islamic Pedophile Gang then minced into burgers and fed to kuffars
Abduction and rape of young 'kuffar' (non-Muslim) children by Islamic Pedophile gangs is commonplace in areas near Muslim ghettoes in Britain. Many of these children simply dissappear never to be seen again. Police investigations are met with a wall of silence from the Muslim community. However the gruesome fate of Charlene Downes sheds some light on this aspect of Islamic cultural enrichment.

Inbreeding, Incest and Cousin Marriage in Islam
Young girls are sold as sex-slaves to older cousins and uncles to ensure that the bride purchse transaction money remains within the family.

Islamic Child Sexual Abuse: Muslim Pedophilia
Women are kept in purdah, and must be accompanied by a male relative whenever they leave the house. Wealthy older men acquire the youngest brides (often young cousins), with polygamy ensuring that young women are always in short supply for impoverished young men.

Islam is powered by Muslim sexual repression
Proponents of wars and terrorism in the name of Islam often exploited the frustration of sexually deprived young males and tantalised them with the prospect of captured women as ‘war booty’ if they succeeded. If they died, 72 lovely virgins in paradise as ‘houris’ would be provided to them which makes these boys ready to die for it, as suicide bombers.

95% of Pakistani Truckers have sex with Boys
Young boys are prostituted and abused in The Land of The Pure

Muslim sex criminals are above the law
Muslim pedophile gangs are immune from prosecution as police do not want to risk damaging 'community cohesion'.

Hypermasculine Muslims - Islam and hypermasculinity
and domineering, Islam is a brutal, hypermasculine, barbarian, tribal warrior cult that glories in murder, mutilation, rape, genocide, terrorism, destruction and anarchy. Women, girls and all the feminine aspects human nature are chattelised and subjugated. Weakness is despised and seen as ripe for predation. A woman or girl is to be owned, not treated as an equal. If she punctures the fragile inflated ego of her owner, then she must be killed to restore the man's 'honour' among his peers. Kuffar women and children are war booty.

Islam is bullying, swaggering, predatory, wife-beating thuggery, which is the destroyer of all that is beautiful, spiritual, gentle, innocent and vulnerable.


Historyscoper said...

See how deep the rabbit hole goes by studying Islam's hairy online history free with the Historyscoper at

Cassandra (USA) said...

I knew they were the filthiest beasts ever created and your explicit examples would get through even to the American Congressional sellouts to money.

Trencherbone, good job. You tell the truth.

Cassandra USA

muslim said...

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Zenster said...

Like the 9-11 atrocity, the Beslan horror must be thrust in Islam's face right up to the very last day of its existence on earth.

Imagine how much more peaceful our world would be without Islam.

Anonymous said...

Right on Zenster...the world would be more peaceful and safer for children. We need to make them answer for all this! This is not religon..this is legal abuse and where are all the human rights people? They are bowing at Allah's feet of course, all in the name of political correctness.

Anonymous said...

they are trying to do more than that in usa..they do not care about peopl,s feelings , who lost their beloved relatives on 9/11 . by trying to build a mosque in that area .. god knows what is going to happen in that mosque , and why they are insisting to have that location . and who is financing the project , you think that we should trust them ? they are taking advatage of our freedom ,our constitution and our mayor ...who does not realise the size of the disaster by allowing that house of horror to be erected in that very important financial area..he should ask the people in england and france about what is happening to their countries now ...if the imam realy means peace , why he does not find another place far away from ground zero , and better to be far away from even manhattan least for our security ..and mind releif ...

Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, this is the most horrible thing I ever read!
Thanks for letting us know about this Trencherbone!

You have a great blog, and I"m following you now.

Anonymous said...

"The most horrible thing I ever read." The fact is Americans in Vietnam did this sort of thing on a vast scale. So did Jews in the USSR - on an ever vaster scale.

Anonymous said...

In any unenlightened tribal culture practising centuries of consanguineous breeding the cumulative effect of regressive, genetic defects grows exponentially in both depth and breadth. This growth eventually mutates into that slippery slope which terminates in an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

As this is very much the case with Islam today it is axiomatic that the accompanying loss of hybrid vigour must, at a very primitive level, initiate an instinctive rape response in the Holy Warriors; a desperate attempt to refresh that now terminally polluted gene pool known as the Umma.

Furthermore, the culturally institutionalised infliction of violence and pain by the demented ‘Slaves of God’ in the course of their unknowing pursuit of a better genetic future is but a physical manifestation of a subliminal recognition that their parlous condition is self-inflicted.

That a growing percentile of our peoples are coming now to recognise the peril they are in and are speaking out more forcefully against the enemy within is significant. It is the product of our own subliminal recognition, recognition that Islam’s openly declared determination to drag us into their cess pit of theocratic slavery rather than join with us in a future bright for all is the only response open to the limited intellect of a belief system wholly populated by the retarded.

In the final analysis, once we in the West come to acknowledge these realities, we may find sufficient moral willpower, most particularly in the interests of our own survival, to either expel this diseased sub-culture, find and administer a cure for the disease or, if we can do neither of those things, then swiftly put them all of their terrible misery.

Seneca III

Anonymous said...

"The Beslan school crisis three years ago, in which hundreds of Russian schoolchildren were held hostage, tortured, raped, and murdered by Islamic terrorists, was not the summit of Al Qaeda’s ambitions for actions against the kuffar. Horrific as it was, the Wahhabists would like to do much more extensive harm to the infidel. No one doubts Osama bin Laden’s intention to inflict even larger damage on the Great Satan, and that he considers our children to be legitimate — and appropriate — targets. He has said that he asked and received permission from Muslim theologians to murder up to two million American children, in what he considers to be a just reprisal for the supposed damage done to Muslim children by the United States....

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON — The FBI has issued an "informational bulletin" to state and local officials saying to watch out for people tied to extremist groups trying to earn licenses to drive school buses.

The Associated Press reports that members of the unnamed extremist groups have succeeded in gaining the drivers licenses, but a Department of Homeland Security official told FOX News that "at this time there is no evidence that any of these individuals have got these jobs, or got hold of school buses."

"There is no plot. There is no threat. And parents and children can feel perfectly safe," FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told FOXNews.....,2933,259168,00.html

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Islam must be crushed and disposed of--forever! It is worse than a gutter religion; it is a decietful justification for murder.

Bomb Mecca; bomb all mosques, then go after all Muslims and terrorists operating under the cloak of Islam.

The world will be a better place without them.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely foul, greatly depraved and disturbing on so many levels.

Man's inhumanity to man has been around since the dawn of time. However--what most people fail to realize is more enlightened men can bring another man to justice and punish them. The most dangerous aspect about the ideology called Islam is the fact that it's "followers" truly believe their "god" is instructing and encouraging them to engage in heinous actions such as reflected during the Beslan massacre. How does one bring an evil god to justice? The history of this medieval, violent cult must be exposed for what it is: Demonic.

Anonymous said...

I do not mean to bagatellise the horrific acts of the hostage takers in any way, shape or form, what they did was unforgivable, but I would like to add some nuance to the facts of the case -

very few of them were actually Chechen. It is true however that the attack was supposedly led (by proxy) by a Chechen warlord, but the actual hostage takers were predominantly Ingush (a neighboring Caucasian people).

They were led by Vladimir Kolkhov, a Ukranian, (who supposedly converted to Islam during the time he was in prison for rape).

Many of the terrorists were recently released from FSB prisons.

After they had captured the school they supposedly demanded independence for Chechnya (that being their goal). During the trials, however, one of the captured terrorists declared that the school was picked on purpose, as they wanted to cause sectarian violence in the area between muslim population and the predominantly christian orthodox Ossetians (an Iranian people).

Again, just offering some facts, not trying to excuse anyone. Whoever did it or for whatever reason won't change the horrific deeds.

In the interest of always looking at both sides of the stories - the same kind of stories (or even more gruelsome) can be found about Russians who have also been known to enjoy this kind of "fun" (from the Chechen wars to earlier history) with their (female child) captors...

bunbun4life200 said...

Somebody tell me why muslims always say EVERYthing is a lie? And at 'anonymous on January 10th just before me. SHUT the HELL and FUCK UP!! Nobody wants to hear your crap!! They were muslims, and the Chechnyan muslims seem to be particularly savage. I dont care if they hired mercenaries to work for them on this JOB. Every video I've ever seen of muslims killing russians, or jews, or whomever, they are LAUGHING, JOKING, SMOKING CIGARETTES. And they are the rapingest people on earth. and NO, nobody wants to hear what some Russians did BACK IN HISTORY. We all know women get raped during war (thanks guys) But what these men did was beyond brutal and your pathetic LOOK AT BOTH SIDES. THERE IS NO OTHER SIDE. THESE MEN KIDNAPPED, RAPED, TORTURED A LOT OF LITTLE KIDS, STABBED BABIES TO DEATH, AND LAUGHED WHILE THEY DID IT. PLS DO TELL, WHAT OTHER SIDE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BE INTERESTED IN LOOKING AT. THIS ISN'T DEBATE CLASS IN HIGH SCHOOL, this is real life. You have got to be some kind of liberal twat or a muslim. No one else would DARE say 'IN THE INTEREST OF ALWAYS LOOKING AT BOTH SIDES' You do that for serial killers too? Oh they viciously murdered kids by raping them with knives, but, let's look at THEIR side. PFFFFFFT


Anonymous said...

fuck you all and israel

bunbun4life200 said...

ooooh ANONYMOUS what the fuck does israel have to do with anything. Screw you ANONYMOUS pissrag.

Anonymous said...

We still have our guns in the USA.

If these Jihadis are stupid enough to attack our kids like that, I can assure you some of our citizens will find the families of these Jihadis - wherever they live in the world - and, well... let's just say they'll have that ticket to Allah a lot sooner than expected. Their children can be put into orphanages, fed and clothed and loved so well that they will grow to love Jews and Christians and disdain Islam.

Many Americans are fed up with the current US administration allowing Jihadis and illegal immigrants to even enter the USA. Unlike other nations, we've extended great kindness to citizens of other countries for the past 60 years, however, we are tired of the dis-respect and of having our resources depleted by unwanted illegals.

US Citizens are not going to tolerate anything like what happened in Russia. The Russian govt should have moved in immediately.

Jihadis are barbaric, uncultured, inhumane, third world homicidal individuals whose souls are so twisted with hatred, that they infect one another and humanity with their presence. Better to kill them all and help make the world a better, more forgiving, more loving, more tolerant place to co-exist.

Anonymous said...

I thought Whoopie Goldberg and Joey Baher were out of their whore slut minds to get up and walk out on Bill O' Rilley on "the View". Whoopie Goldbergs past as a slut whore that did everyone would get her stoned and Joey Baher is shacking up with a Jew! What the hell are those stupid stupid women thinking?

Anonymous said...

One problem with the article is: its sources and references are obviously biased, facts and subjective comments are mixed up and cannot be told apart.
The facts point to this: there was no rape or sexual innuendo during the hostage crisis. The children were stripped by the adult hostages as they were denied water and the gym, practically a giant greenhouse, got hot enough for children and adults alike to faint from heat and dehydration.
On day one, the jihadis killed four of their own (including the two women jihadis with the suicide belts), allegedly as they objected to holding children hostage. They separated and executed around 25 men, deemed fit enough to be a threat. They executed one men they used as a translator in front of all the hostages (including his wife and son) to show they meant business.
On the second day, they stopped providing water to the hostages. The hostages had to resort to drinking their own urine. Footage of the end of the rescue shows clearly how parched the hostages were: some of them when given water, drank it and immediately threw up. That's dehydration almost to the point when your kidneys shut down.
The fools had botched up laying the bombs and one went off accidentally on its own a little past 1pm on the third day. The bomb blast killed scores of hostages, the roof caving in killed even more. Some hostages got out through the wrecked wall and the blown off windows. The fools thought they were being stormed and started firing. The families (most of them armed with hunting rifles) outside thought they were killing the hostages. The families stormed, the army followed and there was hell to pay. The cowards lined the windows with children.
When the scene cleared, around 400 Ossetians were dead. With the jihadis, one escaped, one was arrested and the others were dead.
Two years later, Basayev, the man who ordered the hit was bending over to inspect a mine, while newly delivered mines were being transferred between trucks. The mines were delivered through Turkey and Georgia; the deadly cargo was granted safe passage by both countries on request from the Russian Federation's FSB. The FSB had turned the seller and hidden remote control detonators in the mines. The drone that was tracking the trucks sent the signal. They found Basayev's prosthetic leg in the epicenter and his head and torso a mile away from the site.
These jihadis were Soviet educated men, hardly the barbaric, uncultured (whatever that means) men most jihadis turn out to be but they were inhumane than most. That is what makes them worse.
It's a fact that Russia treats the Chechens worse than the Israelis treat the Palestinians, I'm sure a lot of Chechen kids died as "collateral damage". Still, none of this would explain how one can call oneself a human and still, target children.
One more point: the Ossetians (or Alanians as they call themselves) are not Russians but an ethnic Caucasus nation, as Chechens are.

Clearlytoomuch said...

Clearly the post plays on human emotions to stir feelings but sadly in certain parts of the world things like this have happened think Rwanda.

Anonymous said...

"Islam wants to destroy Christianity and Judaism, both particularly hated by Leftists. "

I haven't heard of leftists being anti-Judaism, but I know that leftists don't like fundamentalist Christianity, because fundamentalist Christians try to politically control the United States (stifle abortion, try to bring back school prayer, anti-homosexual stuff, etc.)

If fundamentalist Christians want to be liked by leftist Americans, they should agree to stop preventing gay people from marrying, etc.

The only reason why leftists in America sympathize with Muslims is because a. American Muslims are fairly assimilated and b. American Muslims do not have the political power that American Christians have.

Anonymous said...

"Many Americans are fed up with the current US administration allowing Jihadis and illegal immigrants to even enter the USA. "

1. American companies want illegals to be in this country, and uneducated native-born Americans can do nothing to stop it because uneducated native-born Americans would drag down our country via higher salaries and other costs. But this has no relevance to Beslan.

2. What widespread evidence is there of the US purposefully allowing "jihadis" to enter?

salubrius said...

In 1942 Ayatollah Ruholleh Khomeini mocked the notion that Islam is a religion of peace:

“…Islam’s jihad is a struggle against idolatry, sexual deviation, plunder, repression and cruelty. The war waged by [non-Islamic] conquerors, however, aims at promoting lust and animal pleasures. They care not if whole countries are wiped out and many families left homeless. But those who study jihad will understand why Islam wants to conquer the whole world. All the countries conquered by Islam or to be conquered in the future will be marked for everlasting salvation. For they shall live under [God's Law] . . . .

“Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those [who say this] are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Does this mean that Muslims should sit back until they are devoured by [the unbelievers]? Islam says: Kill them [the non-Muslims], put them to the sword and scatter [their armies]. Does this mean sitting back until [non Muslims] overcome us? Islam says: Kill in the service of Allah those who may want to kill you! Does this mean that we should surrender to [the enemy]? Islam says: Whatever good there is exists that to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to paradise, which can be opened only for holy warriors!” [11]
Brand, The Third Wave, ,

Anonymous said...

@26 August 2010 07:47

"In any unenlightened tribal culture practising centuries of consanguineous breeding the cumulative effect of regressive, genetic defects grows exponentially in both depth and breadth. This growth eventually mutates into that slippery slope which terminates in an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

As this is very much the case with Islam today it is axiomatic that the accompanying loss of hybrid vigour must, at a very primitive level, initiate an instinctive rape response in the Holy Warriors; a desperate attempt to refresh that now terminally polluted gene pool known as the Umma."

"initiate an instinctive rape response in the Holy Warriors; a desperate attempt to refresh that now terminally polluted gene pool known as the Umma"

Fatwa of 28 October 2011

Koopa Troopa said...

In 1945, Jewish com'pol and russians officers let muslim soviets raping little girls in Germany. Now, the sons of this muslims rape russians little girls...

mmm said...

as if there werent any judish christian animals out there.islam doesnt tell us to do so our prophet mohamad neither .so please if a bunch of fukking terrorist do such ugly things dont offend islam to be the all kind of relidions there are fukking lunatics and good people so BACK UP ON OUR PROPHET MOHAMED.with all the respect to jesus christ my prophet also.

mmm said...

ok how bout abou gharib christian people treating muslims like animals.well in both religions we will find sick people so please stop offending our prophet mohamed.we never said or any muslim said juda or jesus told their folks to do so.i am a proud muslim prophet mohamed i adore hes a man of peace as much as jesus was. BACK UP ON ISLAM

Anonymous said...

It would be more effective to just wipe them out, seriously one act of aggression, zero tolerance.

We should get the KKK and let them and the Muslims kill each other off.

Anonymous said...

The above comments by "MMM" are obviously from a retarded moron who knows nothing about other faiths, they're nothing like these monsters.

Shibabrata said...

Why many of the hostage takers were actually freed from Russian prison ??Why in spite of having all the clues Putin did not stop the attack? Putin is one stinky dictator who conned you and killed your own brothers and sisters to get more power.

Shibabrata said...

Why many of the hostage takers were actually freed from Russian prison ??Why in spite of having all the clues Putin did not stop the attack? Putin is one stinky dictator who conned you and killed your own brothers and sisters to get more power.

Amy Alex said...

Islam teaches peace, prosperity and love, it does not spread negativity so you can batter understand it by getting research on it why millions of people are becoming Muslim you have to study it and good news for newly born Muslim that holiday planners is offering Cheap Umrah Packages go and book your package before all seats reserves.

Anonymous said...

Ill kill all islamic man one day n convert the woman n children into buddhist:)

Mary John said...

Nice info and history


Buddhist Circuit Tour | Gandhi Circuit

Anonymous said...

Im a muslim n i was almost raped by one. The thing is, its tge person's fault not the religion
Theres all types of people out there and its sad but we cant di anything about it
I was assulted three times once eacha t the age of 8 12 and 18 and i blame those people
Not the religion. If you study islam from accurate and proper sources you will find out the true meaning
Theres two types of people when it comes to this. Good and bad. Not muslim or chritians etc

Anonymous said...

Mohamed was a peadophile, & islam a cult.prove otherwise

Anonymous said...

Study the Quran for a better understanding

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